Figurist Alexander Grachyov: biography and photos

Grachev Alexander Pavlovich - a famous figure skaterRussia, which paired with Elena Romanovskaya became the world champion among juniors in 2004, and in the youth championship in 2002 took the honorable third place. To date, he is a Russian master of sports of international class.

Biography: the beginning

Alexander Grachev was born on July 28, 1984 in the capital. In figure skating I got very early, at the age of four.

Doubles Skating

In total, there were two dance duets with Alexander Grachev. The first couple was with Elena Konstantinovna Romanovskaya. This wonderful couple lasted more than five years.

Alexander Grachev

The second pair for dancing on ice was created withAnastasia Alexandrovna Platonova, who before the figure skater Grachev after the injury received a ride with Andrei Maximishin. With a new partner on the ice Grachev, the girl worked for two seasons, but declaring her resignation, they still continue to train together.

Duet with Elena Romanovskaya

In a duet with Elena Romanovskaya Grachev Alexanderskated for several years. Their coaches were the wonderful masters of pair figure skating, Elena Kustarova and Svetlana Alekseeva. Such a creative duo was able to win several victories. So, they several times participated in the World Junior Championships.

In 2002, the couple of Alexander and Elena, in spite ofsomething that won the audience with its own charm and soulfulness of the dance, was able to take only the third place and get a bronze medal. But the duo did not intend to dwell on this. Already next year with the new program they participate in the same competition and again receive a bronze medal and an honorable third place.

Grachev Alexander

Only in 2004 the duo of Alexander Grachev andElena Romanovskaya won this junior championship and took the honorable first place. After that, followed and participation in the championship of Russia. But then, in 2006, they were able to take only the fourth place. But even this place in the championship allowed them to enter the Russian team, which performed in Turin at the Olympics. But the duo Grachev and Romanovskaya was a spare.

After the first, so complex and serious,performances in the "adult" world championships, where they stood in the table only in the twenty-third place, this duet of figure skating broke up. Elena Romanovskaya found her new partner in Canada, and Alexander Grachev did not perform for another year.

World Championship 2006

The turning point in the duo is Alexander Grachev andElena Romanovskaya became the World Championship in 2006. Always the skating union organizes such a championship annually, it is considered the most prestigious. Usually the skaters have their skills in different categories: single skating by both men and women, as well as figure skating and ice dancing.

Alexander Grachov, Moscow

In March 2006, the World Cup was held inthe Canadian city of Calgary, where twenty-four figure skaters were presented and twenty pairs showed their free program. Despite the fact that both the dance and the technique of dancing were beautiful, the pair was only twenty-third. From this moment between the Moscow figure skater Elena Romanovskaya and Alexander Grachev began a split.

Duet with Anastasia Platonova

Having missed one season, Alexander Grachyov, photowhich is presented in this article, found a new partner for pair figure skating. It was Anastasia Platonova. In a new composition, this duo also performed in 2008 at the Russian Championship. This time the couple Grachev and Platonova in the table of winners stood in fifth place. This season they did not participate anywhere else, but only just trained hard.

But in the next season of 2008-2009 thisa new and successful couple participated in the tournament "Finland Trophy", where they took the second place of honor and won silver medals. In the same season, they participated in the Grand Prix, where one of the stages fell only to the seventh place.

Alexander Grachev, skater

Actively participated this pair and in the championshipRussia in 2009, where they only confirmed their previous success, having won the fifth place. Then the successful duo decide to change the coach and go to Alexander Zhulin. Hoping to win, Alexander Grachov and Anastasia Platonova participate in the 2010 Russian championship. This duo is in seventh place in the table of victories. But their performance was so unfortunate that they decide to end their career in figure skating forever.

Russian Figure Skating Championships

In the championship of Russia in figure skating, thissuccessful couple performed several times, but the victory was never able to win. So, their first participation in this championship took place in 2008. Long experienced that, having entered the top ten strongest, they and could not take an honorable place on a pedestal of rewarding.

Alexander Grachov, photo

But the next year this lovely couple againapplied for participation in the championship of Russia. And again their arbitrary dance program was performed magnificently, although the technique of its performance was beautiful. But that's only by the number of points scored, they again were in fifth place in the rating table of victories of this championship.

The third time this couple performed at the Russian Championship in 2010, and this performance was already less successful. Disappointed, young and talented figure skaters decided to leave figure skating.

Alexander Grachyov and the Present

Despite the fact that in 2010 the dancethe couple Gracheva and Platonova said that she is leaving sports dances, but still they remain in demand. This duet is still together and pleases the audience and admirers of their work with original and unusual programs, among which stand out such numbers as "Lezginka" and other programs, where the Arab, Dagestan and Oriental motifs are clearly visible.

But even now this wonderful couple is waiting for proposalsand always actively participates in all programs, where they are invited. They are constantly in some new creative search. This is in all his interviews and says himself a talented figure skater Alexander Grachev. Moscow is still the place of their constant training. But increasingly Russian figure skaters began to think about coaching.

Alexander Grachev, a figure skater who knows andloves all of Russia, in one of his interviews said that they want to ride, but there is no opportunity for this yet. They see difficulties in the fact that they are not currently part of the Russian national team. But this does not mean that this wonderful duo has abandoned training. Every day they train, because their body, according to the athlete, can not be any different.

Grachev Alexander Pavlovich

Alexander Grachev is constantly on the ice. He is still unprofessionally engaged in training, but people go to him. Every day he is engaged in rolling. Most often come dancers and singles. But the famous figure skater dreams and that in the further to receive one more higher education which will not be connected with figure skating.

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