Are Philippine healers healers or scammers?

News of miraculous healing without long ordeals in hospitals and doctors are increasingly coming from different parts of the world. The former terminally ill share their experiences and experiences, as well as advertise the Filipino healers, appeal to which improved their health and prolonged life. Interest in them is fueled by tourists, journalists, researchers, academics. They try to understand what is happening and reveal the secret of their healing. Who is healer? This will be discussed further.

Who are they?

By virtue of alternative medicine, shamans, healers have always believed. From time to time, interest in them weakened and grew. This phenomenon is easily explained by the fact that the desperate to heal by traditional medicine appeal to healers (this is how the word healer is translated from English). Who are the healers? Unlike clairvoyants and similar “healers”, they use scientific knowledge, but they carry out all procedures with their hands, without using technical devices, devices and anesthetic substances. Analyzes and diagnostics are not carried out.

All traditional healers are divided into five categories. The first are treated with herbs and infusions. The latter introduce the patient to meditation and heal by prayers. Still others perform operations without a scalpel. The fourth group uses magic and is similar to psychics. Fifth - practicing regular massage. It is the treatment of injuries by the Philippine healers that has become known all over the world and is of great interest.

Some history and facts.

About Filipino doctors, healers have long known. Since the 30s of the last century, information about them began to spread throughout the world. She came to our country much later.

The most famous Filipino healer surgeon was Eleuterio Terte. His first operation took place in 1926. Instead of a scalpel, he used a knife. He performed operations with his bare hands, leaving no scars on his body. How he did it - still nobody knows.

Terte helped not only the local population, but also the US military. Soon the director Ormond arrived in the Philippines. He was able to film the process of the operation and make a film, which was then shown in many countries. So Eleuterio became famous.

Since then, the activity of the Philippine doctor has attracted the attention of scientists.Their opinions were divided: some believed that such operations could be performed only with trained and dexterous hands, others recognized the presence of mystics.

Professor of Physics Steller, who had been observing the medical procedure for a long time, rejected this version. He proved that the actions of the healer are not much different from the standard set of movements of an ordinary surgeon.

Later, Japanese professor of medicine Isamu Kimura joined the study. He did a blood test for patients before and after surgery. The study found that the composition of postoperative blood had clots of inorganic origin. The physician suggested that the disease materialized into lumps and left the body in this form. The healer himself confirmed his words: Eleuterio said that this is how ailment transforms into bad energy and leaves the human body.

Scientists presented their research in articles, which led to the worldwide fame of Terte. Lines of patients, journalists, scientists, and just curious onlookers began to line up to him. Entrepreneurial compatriots began to use the popularity of the healer to boost the economy and founded the business industry.Now on the Philippine Islands you can find a lot of suggestions from surgeons healers. Unfortunately, not all of them are real healers. Among them are a lot of scammers who enjoy the confidence of people, instilling in them thoughts of recovery under the influence of hypnosis.

Philippine Healer

Opinion of journalists on the activities of healers

Journalists also decided to tell the whole truth about the Filipino healers. They tried to describe the life and work of healers on the basis of their observation and communication experience. Some of them lived in the houses of healers and attended all operations. They believe that healers have a gift that has not been studied much and is not amenable to scientific explanation. Journalists have seen how, after a normal hand massage, healers easily penetrate into the person and remove the affected parts of the organs from there. Patients during the operation do not feel anything. Perhaps they are under hypnosis, the action of some narcotic substances and drugs, or the power of auto-suggestion works in very gullible and susceptible people.

In addition to enthusiastic essays and stories about miraculous healings, journalists show the other side of the coin.In their articles, they talk about the lack of basic hygiene and sanitary conditions: traditional healers can wipe their hands on the same towel, not wash their hands after each patient, and perform operations in the open air.

Reporters contacted some of the healed in order to find out if there was a blood infection or if the patient received a new disease that could be transmitted to him. Strangely enough, but the former patients did not find anything like that in themselves. Moreover, they felt much better. The exception was made by the people who have got to charlatans: their condition has considerably worsened.

Statistics say that about ninety percent of the healers' patients turned to ordinary doctors for help on returning from the islands, since the treatment from Filipino healers did not help them, and in some people the condition only worsened. Five percent of the patients were really healed of serious ailments, and five - of a small indisposition, which could be cured with improvised means.

The story of Healer Alex Orbito: the experience of healing

The articles of the famous Baku journalist Sharif Azadov tell about one of the famous healers - Alex Orbito. The journalist talked a lot with Alex, spending the whole day with him.

Healer's morning began with reciting prayers and saturating the psychic centers with the energy that he spent during the operation. He worked not every day and only about an hour. He took only adults, he treated children with the help of manipulations, as he was afraid that his strength and experience were not enough. Alex admitted that he had received his gift from his father, who was also a healer. Orbito began practicing at sixteen, when he discovered his abilities.

Patients Alex Orbito took in his operating room. It consisted of two rooms of different area, separated by a glass partition. Patients and all who wished to see the operation could be present in the large room, and the sacrament itself took place in the small room. At first, all those present in chorus read psalms. Then a healer appeared, and everyone fell silent. He took the Bible in his hands and read it for a long time. After the necessary attitude, he approached his “medicines” - jars with oily liquids and cotton swabs - and “sanctified” them. Usually the healer was helped by two nurses. By the way, they have no uniform: they carried out the operation in ordinary clothes.

Alex Orbito rinsed his hands in one of the fluids and proceeded to the treatment.By simply massaging and pressing on various parts of the body, his hands penetrated inside and extracted hernias, pieces of meat, lumps that tormented patients. Blood appeared, but it was not so much: it looked like a thin pink stream (as from a small cut). Operations lasted no more than a minute. Patients did not experience any discomfort: their faces reflected calm and calmness.

Treatment with alternative medicine, Alex Orbito explained simply. He worked on mental centers with the help of his energy and restored their performance, removing all unnecessary and “repairing” breakdowns in their structure. He did not sew fabrics and vessels, but soldered with positive energy. It took a lot of our own strength, so before the operation, the healer prayed and tuned in for a long time. At that time, he did not talk to anyone. After the operation, the healer filled his energy balance for a long time.

Healer Alex Orbito

Stories of Russian doctors visiting healers

There are more and more people who want to try the action of Filipino magic on themselves. Among them are even notorious skeptics who want to dispel the myth of miraculous healing.As a rule, these are medical specialists who decided to turn to healers.

Mikhail Lazarevich Gershanovich, MD and professor, a convinced materialist, went to the healer in order to test his work from within and remove the basalioma that had tormented him on his left eye. The medicine man tried for a long time to remove the tumor, but he failed. After some time, she began to grow, and the professor had to urgently operate on her already in her hometown.

Observing the work of many healers, Mikhail Lazarevich discovered that the same people act as nurses and assistants in operations. In addition, almost all healers work as artisans in their spare time.

Another doctor, Stanislav Suldin, decided to combine rest on the Philippine Islands with the removal of stones from the gallbladder, and turned to a healer. He performed the operation and assured that there were no more problems. But on his return home, the doctor did an operation to remove gallstones.

Sergey Savushkin, a surgeon, has long strolled around the clinics, trying to eliminate the consequences of the accident. In the Philippines, his lameness was cured in three minutes, fully restoring his foot.

Features of Philippine medicine and religion

Many ask the question: "Do the people of the Philippines themselves turn to healers for help?" The fact is that most of the population lives in poverty: many do not even own their own homes. They cannot afford expensive medical care, so healers are the only way for them to stay healthy and alive.

The government is calm about the activities of healers, realizing that these specialists assume all the responsibilities of providing medical care to the poor. The administration does not need to provide this category of citizens with medicines and insurance. Moreover, healers are classified as psychosurgeons, as they affect the mentality of patients, combining the physical and the mental. This philosophy is close to Philippine medicine, so clergy is not prohibited.

The Philippine Catholic Church has recognized Chilera as a manifestation of a divine miracle. She gave her consent for healing.But being a healer, in her opinion, is very difficult: God takes strength and health from a healer in exchange for this gift and the opportunity to heal.

What diseases should be addressed to healers

According to the statistics and the opinion of many healed, healers successfully treat such diseases:

  • benign tumors;
  • infertility;
  • malignant tumors in the initial stages;
  • arthritis;
  • radiculitis;
  • rheumatism;
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • cuts and fractures.

Healers can:

  • clean the vessels;
  • remove stones from the kidneys and gall bladder;
  • correct posture;
  • eliminate cellulite and cosmetic defects;
  • get rid of phantom pains.
Philippine Healer

How to get to the healers and distinguish them from scammers

How to get to the Filipino healers? Today, getting a consultation or cure from a healer is quite simple: the Internet is replete with reviews, travel agencies offer special routes, and healers themselves advertise their services. All three methods are equally effective and will lead to a healer, but among this information you need to be able to find really worthwhile sentences and not “run into” charlatans.

True healers are hard to find.Healers live in slums or on the outskirts. They have little contact even with the local population and do not like to talk about themselves. They do not charge for their services, leaving it to the clients themselves to decide how much they are willing to pay for healing. As soon as healers discover their ability to heal, they undergo serious spiritual and medical training, which takes dozens of years.

If the healer asked for money for his work, he arranged a bloody show with the extraction of a large amount of "waste" from human flesh, he prayed a little and worked a lot - this is a fraud.

Philippine Healer Treatment

Method one: independent search for healer

A good healer needs no advertising. But how can one find him living on the other side of the world? First you need to know where the proven healers live and work. These are mostly places that tourists prefer. One of these areas is considered Baguio. This is the northern part of the island of Luzon with amazing landscapes and mild climate: the combination of warm weather and cool wind make it unusual for tourists to live in comfort. This is where many Filipino healers are located. Unfortunately, most of them are charlatans.According to various calculations, only one out of ten healers found is a real healer.

It is possible to learn about healers only from the local population, preferably from completely different and unfamiliar people. To do this, you need to know the language of the inhabitants of the islands, otherwise they will not make contact. This is the only way to find healers involved in operational intervention.

Method two: special tours

Especially popular among tourists is the northern part of the island of Luzon. It is here that the healer industry is well developed. But tourists are also attracted by the mysticism associated with this place. It has been proven that many instruments of helicopters and ships fail while they are nearby. Locals explain this phenomenon by the presence of a large number of island spirits, who do not tolerate foreign interference in nature.

But all this does not prevent enterprising local residents from organizing tours to local healers. As a rule, these are innocuous suggestions related to cleansing the body with the help of drugs, positive energy or a wellness massage.

Philippine Healer

Method three: reviews on the Internet and advertising

It is no secret that the majority of patients turning to healers are easily inspired by people who believe in mysticism, otherworldly forces, magic. Their power of self-hypnosis is so great that even in the case of non-provision of help, they believe that they have become better after the treatment with a healer. Their opinion is unlikely to be objective.

Nevertheless, among those who tried the action of the Philippine miracle, there are those who can lead a desperate person to a real healer. Reviews about the Philippine healers contain information about the exact place of residence or healing of the healer. Patients describe in detail what happened to them. Mostly these responses are positive. People provide information about the disease before the trip and after surgery in the form of documents, photographs. Reviews are complemented by the positive opinion of the people accompanying them.

Many well-known healers have opened their own clinics, and advertising of their activities can be easily found in the media. Jun Labo, one of them, is still practicing since the mid-90s.

Filipino healers

Philippine healers in Moscow

The healer Vergilio Gutierrez, who now lives on the island of Cebu, received the greatest fame in Russia.He came to our country and taught the most worthy students his craft. Since then, many healers have begun to visit Russia, not only to transfer their experience, but also to treat other people. Some of them live here, continuing to heal by their traditional methods. Vergilio himself comes to Moscow every year and practices.

About twenty years ago, the Association of Filipino Healers was organized in our country, which is now headed by the famous psychic Rushel Blavo. Healers live mainly in Moscow, conducting seminars and passing the knowledge of alternative medicine to ordinary people. Manual therapy and treatment with stones, plots, and herbs are especially popular. These tools are similar to the well-known methods of traditional alternative medicine, therefore they are fully accepted by the Russian population.

The second famous place in Moscow where you can meet healers is the House of Doctor Vedov. An experienced Russian surgeon himself performed about four hundred operations without a scalpel and annually hosts nine of the best healers of the islands.

Many healers reside in other cities of Russia: Tyumen, Tambov, Yekaterinburg, Tomsk.They practice their practice and sometimes come to Moscow for the exchange of experience and healing.

Filipino healers

So is it worth contacting healers?

This question is definitely difficult to answer. First, in treatment with unconventional drugs one must believe, without leaving even a shadow of doubt. In fact, it is not so difficult. The worldview of Filipinos and Russians is similar in some issues: both nations believe that there is a world of spirits, otherworldly forces and energy that can heal or destroy. Russian people often turn to witches, healers and witches.

Secondly, hand treatment has a positive effect only on those who are already familiar with such methods and have experienced them. These are various types of massage, yoga, psychological gymnastics and practice.

Thirdly, such qualities as self-hypnosis and susceptibility to hypnosis play a big role. They help set up the body for healing.

If all three factors coincide, then, on condition that the healer is addressed, the probability of recovery from the illness is very high.

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