Film director Victor Ginsburg: biography, filmography and interesting facts

Viktor L. Ginzburg is a talented director and screenwriter, whose name has always entered the history of cinema. For the first time, he attracted attention due to the scandalous Neskuchny Sad tape. Ginsburg is better known as the creator of the painting “Generation P”, the plot of which is borrowed from the eponymous bestseller Pelevin. What can you tell about this amazing man who is not afraid to shock his viewers?

Victor Ginsburg: the beginning of the road

The director, who made himself known through the film “Generation P”, was born in Moscow, it happened on April 6, 1959. Victor Ginzburg - a man who was lucky enough to be born in a creative family. The famous pianist and teacher of the Moscow Conservatory Grigory Ginsburg is his grandfather. As a child, the boy got used to celebrity society, because there were a lot of stars in the house on Bryusov Lane.

Viktor Ginsburg

Victor was barely 15 when his family moved to the United States.Even then, he began to think about how to connect his life with the world of cinema. The young man continued his education at the New School of Social Research, began to engage in the creation of clips. In this field Ginzburg is very successful. His clients included Belinda Carlisle, Lou Reed, Pat Benatar and the Gorky Park band, as well as other famous musicians. Basically, the director worked with those with whom he had friendly relations. One of his commercials, shot for Bob Pfeiffer, got into heavy rotation on MTV. It was a sad story about a young girl who suffers from drug addiction and is not able to get rid of her.

Unique style

Victor Ginzburg didn’t just create clips, the beginning director managed to endow each of his creations with uniqueness. The young man gave preference to shocking realism, was drawn to the bare truth and tried to bring it to the audience. He was never afraid to overdo it, always remained true to himself.

Viktor Ginsburg Director

In Russia, Ginzburg’s first works are little known, but he managed to declare himself in the States earlier than in our country. The first wave of popularity overtook Victor thanks to a futuristic short film that tells about the lives of victims of cerebral palsy and allows you to look at the world through their eyes.Of course, she brought only a passing glory to the beginning director.

Directorial debut

Victor Ginzburg never sat without work. In 1991, a young man created a series of episodes telling about the sexual revolution in our country. These videos were ordered to him by HBO. While working on them, Victor realized that he could reveal the topic proposed to him more deeply. So the first feature film of the director was born. He himself called this work a kind of return to his native country, which he left at the age of 15 years.

viktor ginsburg movies

"Neskuchny garden" - this is the name of the documentary tape. The film tells about the Moscow underground, representing a study of life in modern Russia. She is still considered the most provocative offspring of the director. "Neskuchny garden" constantly shocks the audience, shocking ancient rites, erotic dances and scenes of lesbian love.

Not all critics praised this tape. In negative reviews, the film was called speculative, imbued with cynicism. However, this did not prevent Ginzburg from acquiring the first fans who liked his unique approach to creating cinema.

Star movie

Of course, it’s not because of Neskuchny Sad that film director Viktor Ginzburg became a star. The attention of the master was attracted by the book “Generation P,” written by his namesake Pelevin. The story about the generation of our compatriots, whose youth came in the nineties, seemed entertaining to the director.

viktor ginsburg filmography

About six years it took Victor to rework the product. The result of his work, he sent the writer Pelevin, after which he allowed him to take up the screen version. Another four years took shooting the film. Ginsburg was unable to find sponsors for his new project, he had to independently search for money. However, the difficulties did not make the director, screenwriter and producer give up the great idea, which he did not have to regret. The film was awarded the status of the most cash tape of the spring-summer of 2011.After the Russian hire, the film participated in a dozen of the largest international film festivals.

About filming

Victor Ginzburg, whose films are considered in this article, is distinguished by its rare meticulousness. It is because of this quality that the “Generation P” painting could never find its audience. While working on the set, an extremely tense atmosphere reigned.This was due to the master's desire to delve into every detail. Victor believed that all the work must be done in five plus, he demanded this from the actors. Forty doubles were often done until Ginzburg was not satisfied with the result.

Viktor Ginsburg biography

In April 2011, Viktor Ginzburg presented his suffered brainchild to the audience court. His filmography acquired a tape, thanks to which he became a star. The key roles were played by Vladimir Yepifantsev, Mikhail Efremov, Sergey Shnurov and Andrey Panin.


As one would expect, the picture “Generation P” was liked not by all critics. There were those who reproached the director for excessive deviation from the text, distraction from the main and concentration on the secondary. Others, on the contrary, noted how well Pelevin's famous novel was transferred to the screens.

Film director Viktor Ginsburg

Victor himself has no doubt that he was able to remove the atmospheric picture, and also to convey the main idea of ​​the creator of the work. He somewhat changed the sequence of key events, endowed the hero with his own will. Working on a story without a classic plot was not easy, but the director managed to cope with this task.

New story

Of course, Victor Ginzburg is not going to stop at this.The director, who is delighted with Pelevin's work, acquired the rights to the screen version of another writer’s creation. We are talking about the painting «Empire V», the output of which is expected to be expected this year.

So far, not much is known about the fantastic tape, as the details should be a surprise to the audience. The focus will be a young loader Roman Shtorkin, whose life suddenly changes. The main character turns into a vampire and is honored with the title of Rama II. Now, Roman must learn to survive in his new condition, so he needs to master the sciences that any bloodsucker must master. It is known that Pavel Tabakov will embody the image of the key character. The film is a kind of parody of corporate culture.

Personal life

Of course, fans are not only interested in what films Victor Ginzburg made. The biography of the star indicates that he has been legally married for several years. The choice of the director was an American woman named Gina, whose professional activities are also connected with the world of cinema.

“Generation P” is the only picture in which Gina Ginzburg is known to Russian viewers. The director's wife worked with him for several years on the script.Victor himself has no doubt that the key to a strong marriage is the existence of common interests. The wife is the first person with whom he consults in everything related to creative activity. Victor and Gina’s children aren't, but they’ll have enough of each other’s company.

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