Fire tower (Kostroma): the ancient symbol of the modern city

One of the main architectural symbols of Kostroma is that the fire station, amazing in its originality and beauty, looks more like an ancient theater than such a significant object. For almost two hundred years, it has been decorating the city and, until recently, served for its intended purpose. It was only in 2005 that the authorities decided to transfer the unique building to the local museum. Fire tower (Kostroma) is located on Susaninskaya Square, formerly called Yekaterinoslav. Walking through the ancient city, it is difficult to pass by this unusual tower

How did the fire tower appeared in the city of Kostroma?

The history of Kostroma is directly related to fires. Over its centuries-old history, the city has completely burned out 14 times. Locals had to rebuild it again. That is why there was an urgent need to build in the city such a structure as a fire tower. Kostroma had to confront the fire.

Kalanch was built by order of the governor KI Baumgarten from 1823 to 1825. The author of the project was the provincial architect Fursov, who creatively approached the task of the authorities and proposed such an original project. The governor himself wished that the tower was not only a useful object capable of resisting the devastating fires, but also decorating the main square of the city.

Unique structure

The building of the fire tower was made in the style of late classicism. It is decorated with a gable with six white columns. A double-headed eagle is placed in its center. An octagonal tower is built over the quadrangular building, in which there is an observation platform, where a vigilant fireman should have served and observed whether a trickle of smoke appeared somewhere. In order for the employee to have a full view, a balcony was erected around the guardhouse.

Only the rebuilt building immediately became a local landmark. When in 1834 Emperor Nicholas I arrived in Kostroma on a business trip, he admired the building of the fire tower. The monarch said: “I don’t have that in St. Petersburg!”. Then the fire tower in Kostroma received the status of the best provincial tower.Fire Tower of Kostroma Museum

From the history of fire tower

In 1860, the main building was supplemented by two wings. They housed a fire station, living rooms for staff and premises that contained horse-drawn vehicles. Also there were stored stocks of water and equipment.

In the 80s of the XIX century the building underwent some architectural changes. The guard tower was significantly simplified. However, in the middle of the 20th century, reconstruction was carried out, and the former appearance of the building was restored. The fire tower in Kostroma, the old photos of which have now become the property of the local museum-reserve, has again acquired the original look, conceived by the architect Fursov. In its building until the beginning of the XXI century there was an active fire department.

fire tower in Kostroma old photos

Monument Museum

Today, the fire tower (Kostroma) is one of the five buildings of the head complex of the Kostroma Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve, and is also included in the 16 branches of the regional museum. Here you can get information about excursions and exhibitions held in the city.

Those who want to book a tour of the city or region, as well as buy tickets for any exhibition held in the museum, can go here for tickets. Fire tower (Kostroma) is now the excursion department.And here is an interesting and unique museum. Analogs he can not find in any corner of the planet. Kostroma fire tower on photo

Fire Museum

In the city, which has been burned to the ground many times and rebuilt, there is the Fire Department Museum. The building in which it is located, in 2005, became a fire tower (Kostroma). The museum is open to all comers. Both adults and children come here, firefighters from all over the country and even from abroad come.

Employees equipped here an extensive exposition of the artifacts accumulated in the depot. In the museum you can see fire trucks of different years, which at one time went on the call. An interesting exposition, representing the costumes of fighters with fire from different eras. You can trace the evolution from the very first costumes to modern ones. In the Museum of Firefighters, everyone who wants to has the opportunity to look at old fire extinguishers and water pumps that helped firefighters once put out the fire. Here are also presented dioramas on which fire pictures are recreated. Looking at them, you feel as if you are walking on the ashes of the house that just burnt down. The original decoration of the museum are children's drawings and crafts on the fire theme.

What can you learn by going on a tour?

Guides acquaint visitors with the historical facts about the city fires, which in the history of Kostroma were 14, the history of the construction of a kalanch, talk about how the noble profession of firefighters appeared and developed in Russia, how to behave during a fire to save their lives and help those who are in a similar situation.

This is definitely worth a look to find out what the ancient city of Kostroma is famous for. Fire tower (in the photo below you can see how it looks now) will become, undoubtedly, an interesting place for both children and adults. The fire tower for many years is a symbol of Kostroma. Her image is printed on souvenirs along with other sights of the city. So when can you visit this amazing place?fire tower Kostroma mode of operation

Fire tower (Kostroma): mode of operation

The fire tower is open from 11 am to 7 pm every day. Cashier closes at 18:30. The ticket price is symbolic - 70 rubles. Children under 7 can enter for free. For photographing, you need to pay another 30 rubles.

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