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Surely each of us at least once heard about the rules of the combination of products. The tables, specially developed by nutritionists, which are based on numerous theories of separate nutrition, are popular in every corner of the globe. The idea to divide all food products present in the human diet by compatibility, originated in the head of Dr. Herbert Shelton after many years of observation and research in the field of natural hygiene and healthy lifestyles.

The fact is that different products that enter our body, under the action of certain enzymes can be digested and absorbed in different ways. By analyzing the information collected over many years, the doctor was able to convince his patients that different conditions require different conditions for their optimal processing. Shelton became the founder of the system of a certain combination of foods with proper nutrition. The tables, which take into account the harmonious neighborhood of consumed dishes and products developed by the American doctor, made a real revolution in dietetics.Until now, professional circles are debating on the correctness and necessity of the recommended methodology.

the right combination of products for weight loss table

The essence of the separate power

As early as the 1930s, a book published by Dr. G. Shelton appeared on the shelves of bookstores in America. It offered uniform recommendations on healthy nutrition for all people. The works of the founder of the innovation system in the diet have made a resonant impact on public opinion: this technique has a lot of admirers and opponents.

The essence of the ideas of separate nutrition, prescribed in these editions, is based on the fact that for the proper digestion of a particular food, completely different conditions are needed. The theory of Herbert Shelton still has not lost its relevance. Until now, published methods, recommendations and tables of combinations of foods for weight loss are no less popular.

Judgments about the selectivity of the body

According to the famous hygienist, the gastric juice secreted by the digestive system of the same person each time can be different in composition.To process a product, the body decides for itself what composition it needs. If products enter the stomach, for digestion of which different indices of gastric juice are needed, a certain amount of food is simply not processed. Undigested products, moving through the intestinal system, rot and deteriorate, poisoning our body and delivering a lot of unpleasant moments. To avoid this, it is necessary to adhere to some rules of the combination of food.

Tables developed by a renowned hygienist, in which the permissible ingredients of the daily diet are summarized, also show the products and their combinations that should be avoided. This concept is popular today: many adherents of a healthy lifestyle consider the method developed by an American specialist to be an axiom of preserving beauty, youth and health.

Herbert Shelton Product Combination Table

Recommendations from Herbert Shelton

The table of the combination of foods that can be safely consumed at one time eliminates the simultaneous eating of acidic and carbohydrate-containing foods. According to him, products containing protein,in no case can not eat with fatty foods. It is also forbidden to use sugar and starch at the same time.

Product Name

Optimal combination

Low-fat varieties of animal meat, poultry and fish, offal

Will be perfectly combined with fresh vegetables (preferably in the form of salads), as well as fruits that do not contain starch (cucumbers, asparagus, bell peppers, green beans, spinach, zucchini, etc.)

Dairy products and products from cottage cheese

Here you can use any fresh, boiled or canned vegetables, except potatoes. Fresh and dried sweet fruits, berries. Any nuts

Products prepared on the basis of cereals and legumes

Any starchy vegetables, excluding potatoes. Fresh vegetables that do not contain starch, as well as green vegetables. Some fermented milk products and vegetable oils can be a good addition.

Animal oils

Any types of baked goods, cereals, tomatoes, sour fruits and any vegetables

Vegetable oils

Dishes from any cereal and legumes, bread and bakery products, various types of fruits with a sour taste and all kinds of vegetables

Sour Fruits

Oils of animal or vegetable origin, dairy products, vegetables that contain no starch, green vegetables and nuts

Sweet fresh and dried fruit

Vegetables that contain no starch, any dairy products

Melon watermelon

It is used as a separate dish, not compatible with anything.

Bakery products

Animal and vegetable oils, vegetables

Dishes from cereals and legumes

Animal and vegetable oils, various fruits and vegetables


Oils of animal and vegetable origin, other vegetables

Vegetables that contain no starch

Low-fat varieties of animal meat, poultry and fish, bakery products, dishes from cereals and legumes, dairy products, other vegetables, regardless of starch content, sweet fresh and dried fruits

Dairy products

Perfectly complement dishes from cereals and legumes, combined with bakery products, all kinds of dried, frozen and fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs, nuts and other dairy products


Not compatible with anything

Any kind of nuts

Can be used with vegetable oils, sour fruits and vegetables, dairy products


Will be excellently combined with vegetables that contain no starch.

combination of slimming products table

Spicy herbs on the table

Combinations of foods that a person uses in their diet may often not be entirely helpful. In the history of mankind, the fact that some seasonings can reduce their negative impact has long been known. The use of certain spices can even enhance the positive effects on the body, for example:

table the correct combination of products

Spice combinations

The table with products recommended by Dr. Shelton is often complemented by research by another famous doctor, the surgeon William Howard Hay. The diet according to its method essentially boils down to the complete exclusion from the diet of sugar-containing products, alcohol, products made on the basis of white flour, as well as products that have undergone deep processing and are saturated with preservatives and various additives.

However, healthy food does not always have good taste. Therefore, in their recommendations, famous founders of such methods often recommend using all sorts of spices.In addition, the amazing ability of some herbal supplements to reduce the negative effects of certain products is also used in a combination of slimming products. The table of main spices, which are most often used in the preparation of healthy food, has the following form:

Names of spices recommended in the Shelton system

Products that combine

Allspice, red or black

For cooking meat dishes, as well as grilled dishes

Allspice, white and spicy chili

For cooking fish dishes


For cooking meat, fish and poultry dishes, various stews and salads


For cooking fish dishes, vegetable salads

Bay leaf

For cooking fish dishes


For cooking meat, fish and poultry dishes, as well as dishes cooked on the grill


For cooking meat, stews and grilled dishes


For cooking fish dishes and grilled vegetable stews. This spice is used in the preparation of various teas, juices and other beverages.


For cooking fish dishes, stews


For cooking fish dishes, stews


For cooking with grill, vegetable stews, used in the preparation of various teas, juices and other beverages.


For cooking meat and game dishes, fish dishes and stews


For cooking poultry and grilled dishes


For cooking poultry, game and meat dishes


For cooking poultry and meat dishes, fish and vegetable dishes


For cooking poultry dishes

The thyme

For cooking poultry dishes

Nutmeg and its color

For cooking meat dishes, as well as dishes cooked on the grill, all kinds of stews


For cooking poultry and grilled dishes


For cooking poultry and grilled dishes


For the preparation of meat dishes, as well as dishes cooked on the grill, various stews, in the preparation of various teas, juices and other drinks


Used in the preparation of various teas, juices and other beverages.

According to these methods, with proper nutrition (a table of a combination of products for weight loss - a vivid example), the use of vanilla, orange peel, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, is excludedAnise and allspice in various types of baking, especially confectionery.

food combinations table

Follower Reviews

Until now, nutritionists around the world argue about the correctness and rationality of the Shelton technique of the correct combination of products. The tables, however, are actively used in the compilation of the daily menu by many people who want to stay in good physical shape. According to the responses of followers and followers of Shelton, while fulfilling all his recommendations, their state of health improved significantly - the sensations of heaviness in the stomach and heartburn disappeared, those extra pounds went away, a feeling of lightness and comfort appeared. Cheerfulness and good mood remain with them throughout the day.

Separate food: expert opinion

Nevertheless, in professional circles, not all nutritionists support the idea of ​​separate nutrition. Moreover, many experts believe Shelton’s claims are completely inaccurate and are skeptical of his system. The fact is that when trying to rationally explain his methodology, an American expert showed complete ignorance in matters of anatomy and gastroenterology.

Arguments of doctors

Despite the popularity of the proposed concept of the right combination of products for healthy nutrition (tables and various recommendations), the doctor did not take into account the fact that people for centuries used mixed formulations of food. The human body has long adapted to traditional food and adequately performs homeostasis functions.

the right combination of foods for a healthy diet table

According to the doctors, the enzymes and the acidic environment of the gastric juice only prepare the eaten product for further processing. The main process of digestion of food containing proteins and carbohydrates is carried out in the small intestine.

Features of the digestive system

Moreover, nature has conceived a phased entry of food eaten from the stomach into the further digestive system. Here, the food eaten and prepared for further digestion passes through the so-called pyloric sphincter. This part of the digestive system plays the role of a kind of dispenser. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the work of an organ depends on the difference in the pH of the stomach and duodenum. Ideally, as soon as the food prepared by gastric juice approaches the pyloric sphincter, the muscle relaxes and skips some of its volume.But once the environment of the duodenum becomes acidic, the sphincter closes. Further, the food mass is exposed to alkalis and bile produced by the pancreas. Having become alkaline, the processed mass moves further along the intestinal system, and the pyloric sphincter launches a new batch of oxidized food from the stomach.

Thus, there can be no talk of any kind of separate digestion: in the duodenum both proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates are processed simultaneously. Therefore, the combination of products with proper nutrition (tables that caused so much noise and have been discussed for quite a long time) absolutely does not matter for the adequate functioning of the human gastrointestinal tract. It is a fact that has long been studied by medicine, which proves the incompetence of Shelton and his only approximate understanding of the workings of the human gastrointestinal tract.

product combination table

The benefits of separate power

However, the developed concept still has an indisputable plus. Separate consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates really helps to reduce the consumption of heavy food for the body.Many high-calorie ingredients are now replaced with lighter and lower-calorie, and due to the correct combination of products for weight loss (the table is shown above), there is a reduction in weight. It is on the basis of this fact that many nutritionists recommend special diets.

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