From down jacket climbs down - what to do? Clothing repair

No matter what quality a thing is and no matter how much it costs, there is always the risk that something will happen to it or that it will deteriorate, be it summer or winter outerwear. If from down jacket climbs down, not everyone knows what to do with him. You can find a lot of tips and recommendations on this issue, but you need to figure out which of them are effective, and which will only spoil the product even more.from down jacket climbs down what to do

How and why to care for things

You should always take good care of your things:

  • pay attention to their condition;
  • at the first signs of problems immediately solve them;
  • to give them to professional cleaning;
  • do not regret finances for special means to care for things.

All these procedures must be performed so that the clothes retain their original appearance as long as possible. If things just hang in the closet, not paying attention to their condition and appearance, then very soon they will come in an unsuitable state.

Wardrobe items, like people, can “grow old” prematurely. And the next shopping will cost much more than regular care for clothes already purchased.

How to choose a down jacket

Before making any recommendations, it is worth noting the fact that no one is immune from buying a defective product. But still the risk is minimal if you buy a down jacket in the company store. It is best to give preference to brands that specialize in clothing for tourism and ski equipment.

If the down is climbing from the down jacket, and the period established by law for the return has not expired, and the sales receipt for the purchased products has not been lost, then the item can be returned or exchanged for another. If you buy clothes on the market, then it is unlikely to return it.climbs down outside of down jacket

Choosing a quality down jacket, it is best to opt for the major manufacturers specializing in the production of winter goods. They have extensive experience, advanced technologies and internal quality control - all of these factors reduce the risks of acquiring low-quality clothing to a minimum.

It must be remembered that in addition to many advantages, down also has a disadvantage - this insulation is verycapricious. Therefore, you can think about a decent alternative, for example, about high-quality synthetic insulation.

Can you call it a marriage

If you notice that the down is climbing from a down jacket, this is a marriage, which is the main sign that the product is of poor quality. Most often, this phenomenon can be observed on inexpensive products imported from China. Such clothes are sold in the markets. Having decided to change the lining in such a down jacket, you must first think carefully, because the services of the studio and the purchase of high-quality fabric for replacement can cost more than the thing itself.

Climbing down from the jacket down: how to fix

With high probability we can say that in this case the shelf life of things is coming to an end. Of course, you can try to solve this problem, but there are no guarantees.

To begin with, using a sticky roller, remove loose fluff from the front side. After this, the clothes are given some time to “rest in bed”. There are people who advise to dunk a down jacket in a solution of water and glue, their ratio should be 1:30.

This option is very risky. Theoretically, such a solution can seal the contents of the jacket and pile down into lumps or slow down the process of falling out, but you should forget about the convenience of wearing.Not the fact that after such a procedure, the jacket will warm and the appearance of her will remain the same.

If the fuzz climbs out of the seams of the down jacket, then, of course, you can try to treat them with some adhesive solution, but often this procedure brings not so much benefit as harm.creeps down from the down jacket from the inside

What to do if you climb down from the down jacket from the inside

Often, fluff begins to climb out of a jacket if:

  • mistakes were made when washing the product;
  • the item has been in dry cleaning;

If a short period of time has passed since the purchase, then the product should be tried to be returned or exchanged for another (better quality), since such a marriage is the result of using a low-quality lining or filler.

It is also worth expressing your claim if the item was damaged during chemical processing. There is a high probability that compensation will be paid.

Almost any down-padded coat will eventually upset its owner with such a problem. The easiest way is to take the item into a clothes repair to replace the lining.

How to change the lining

You can try to replace the lining yourself only if you have a clear understanding of what you are doing and confidence in your own abilities. To do it yourself is quite difficult, but it is possible:

  • First of all, it is necessary to undercut the threads holding the lining fabric;
  • the lining should be removed, and all the down contained inside should be collected in a bag (it should be done very carefully, since the feathers are very light and scatter from the slightest breath of wind);from the seams of the down jacket climbs down
  • Spread the entire lining into individual parts;
  • each part must be cut on the fabric, retreating the seam allowances of 1 cm;
  • A new lining needs to be sewn back, starting from the sleeves, gradually filling the jacket with fluff.

Additionally, you can add feathers from the old pillow, they are suitable for such use, so the jacket will become even warmer. In this case, the main thing - do not overdo it.

In words, everything, of course, looks simple, but in reality it is hard work. Therefore, if you have never done anything like this, it is better to entrust the matter to a professional seamstress.

How to handle clothes so that the fluff does not climb

“If the down comes out of the down jacket, what to do and which means to use?” Is a question that interests many people. Professional tools for such purposes do not exist. There are only popular methods that do not guarantee the achievement of the desired result, and no one is insured against the consequences of their impact. The most expedient of them is the treatment of the surface of the product and the seams with varnish:

  • this way you can strengthen the seam without mechanical intervention;
  • varnish can be sprayed, and can be applied with a thin layer;
  • minus way - sticky surface;
  • If you overdo it with varnish, the down jacket will “stand”.

creeps down from down jacket is a marriage

There is another, less popular option. The recipe is simple: in 6 liters of water, 200 grams of PVA are diluted, in the resulting mixture the jacket is soaked for an hour, then the product is rinsed 3-4 times. In prinipe, with fluff there should not be any problems, however, it will become lumpy, and will no longer be evenly distributed throughout the product. Therefore, it is not known whether the product will warm in frosty weather.

Such effects will not make things more attractive, so to decide on such measures is only in extreme cases.

How to beat fluff

From down jacket climbs down. What do you do not know? There is a standard scheme for dealing with such a problem:

  1. The first thing you need to get rid of the fluff on the surface of clothing, using a sticky surface.
  2. Next, you can strengthen the seams with varnish.
  3. If you need additional measures, then the down jacket should be attributed to the repair of clothing for professional diagnosis and serious repair.
  4. If the jacket was purchased recently, you can try to exchange it or return

Owners of spoiled things can only hope that the problem will eventually be solved by itself, and the down jacket itself is better to be postponed for a while and see what happens next. However, it is better to prepare in advance for a hike in the studio or the acquisition of a new thing - these two options are most likely.

When the down comes out of the down jacket, only a professional master knows what to do exactly. You should not hope for the old ways using a solution of glue or varnish, because such procedures can harm your favorite clothes.from the new down jacket climbs down

Proper wash

Down clothing has many advantages, but there are drawbacks along with them. Washing, drying and repair of such things must be performed according to strict rules. If, after washing climbs down from the jacket, it means that the procedures were performed incorrectly. To prevent this from happening, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules and always adhere to them.

The most important rule is that jackets filled with down should not be washed with ordinary powder. Difficult stains may remain from it, moreover, such an impact degrades the quality of the insulation.

In order to properly wash a down jacket, you first need to purchase a liquid detergent for washing things with climatic membranes. They can be found in sportswear stores. The price of such funds is much higher than usual, but they are enough for several years.

If you want to save money, you can use the usual shampoo designed for dry hair. It is necessary to take into account one thing: this option is suitable only for hand washing. In this case, the product is hung on the hanger above the bath and is treated with a foam sponge with a special detergent. Finally, the foam is washed off with a shower jet.Clothing repair

When washing in a typewriter, a buttoned down jacket together with three tennis balls is lowered into the drum - they beat the fluff and do not allow it to pile up. You will need two detergent caps. Wash by setting the delicate mode and minimum spin.

How to fluff a down jacket after washing

And although it is said that high-quality fluff does not roll, the state of the product depends on the conditions under which washing and drying were performed. If these procedures were carried out correctly, then problems should not arise.If there are small lumps, beating them with hands is not difficult.

If the efforts did not bring the desired effect, then the filler will need to be fanned manually. The main rule is to wait until the product is completely dry. Further, it is necessary to shake and beat with your hands, like a feather pillow. Big lumps need to be broken with your fingers, and small ones will disperse themselves while wearing.

When the fluff climbs from the down jacket, what to do with it, we considered. Long life to your things!

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