Game "Planet of gems": passing levels. How to go through the game "Gem Planet"?

Today there are a lot of games with elementspuzzles that focus on the speed of reaction and the development of logical thinking. One of them is the "Planet of Gems". Passage of this application will not be difficult for "hardcore" gamers. However, if you have not played in a similar puzzle before, its resolution may cause certain difficulties. So how do you go through the "Planet of Gems"?

planet gems passing

A few words about the game

"Planet of gems" (we will describe its passagebelow) is a traditional game that acts like "gather three in a row". It does not contain scenes of violence, but rather provokes a positive interest in what is happening. The application has quite a presentable graphics and a bright musical accompaniment. At its passage each user receives valuable gold coins and precious points. And, of course, the more points you score, the higher your chances of success.

Each new level implies the fulfillment of micro-tasks, each of which is limited by requirements and time.

In the application there is also the main character - a small andpretty girl Jimmy. She looks like a charming native with kind and big eyes. It is with this heroine that you will create an ideal world. In total, the game has 290 levels, each of which becomes more complicated by the principle of a spiral: first tasks are easier, then they become more complicated.

Passage of game Gem Planet

How to play?

Passage of the game "The Planet of Gems" is impossiblewithout knowing what to do in such a bright and beautiful application. The essence of the game is as follows: you need to correctly rearrange the colored stones in such a way that you get three identical shapes in color. With the right move, identical stones "burn", and the player receives the promised reward. You can collect stones both horizontally and vertically.

In addition to the colored gems that are necessaryfold "in a row", in the annex are provided and additional "chips". They help "burn" more figures, remove unnecessary stones with the help of lightning and facilitate the passage of the game "Planet of gems". For example, here there is a colored circle resembling a colorful lollipop. It is compatible with all figures regardless of their color, and also allows you to move the stones straight in flight (i.e., when they fall when "burning" the neighboring ones).

Also there are a variety of bonus balls,helping to bring your victory closer. Each of them has its own peculiarities. For example, a figurine depicting a fire can immediately break up not three but five cells. A figurine with a pattern of cosmic infinity beats seven cells, and so on.

planet of gems 125 level

How to pass the first levels of the game?

If you do not know how to go through the game "Planetgems ", we'll tell you about it, but it's not so simple as it may seem at first glance.The passage is complicated by the various blocks that need to be broken with the help of" totem chips "(and it's quite difficult to earn them.) In addition, for example, the first level is time-consuming, fast reaction, attention and observation are necessary for rapid passage, for example, in the second level, you need to make only 10 moves, but there are already two totems with an air sign and .. Gnya Thanks to them, the minimum time you can kill more number of stones Recall that the totem of fire will turn when you break just 4 standing in a row of the same color stone Air Totem -. It is a reward for the preparation in a number equal to seven stones.

How to pass levels 1 to 10?

To go through levels 1 to 10, you need to firstto estimate the overall picture, to estimate the best possible moves. In doing so, it is worth it to add up the puzzle to affect the number of stones of the same color to the maximum. That is, not three, but at least 4-5 figures "burned" at a time. And if this is done correctly, then you can earn 350 points. This is how the game "Planet of Gems" (how to go through it without difficulty, we'll tell you later).

To enter the third and each subsequent levelyou need to spend one heart. Recall that from the first minutes of the game you are given 5 of these hearts, which are removed from the player with a breakdown of the levels. At this level, you need to collect 500 points in 15 moves. To do this, follow the instructions that appear in the pop-up clouds. For example, if you collect 5 identical figures in a row, then you get the totem of the cosmos. A column of 6 figures gives an opportunity to get a totem of water. And he, in turn, will help you to break 7 dice in random order. Here you can get a fire totem that breaks 5 cells at once.

planet gems passing level 80

At the fourth level, you need to get 500points in just 30 seconds. To do this, follow the prompts and get a few fire totems. At the fifth level, the task is to break all the cells. To do this, you need to create the right combinations of stones and use the totems of fire and space.

At the sixth and seventh level, the "Planet of Gems"(passing them involves breaking all the filled cells) you need to collect the totems of fire, water. There is already a universal colored stone, which is suitable for semi-precious stones of any color. At the eighth and ninth level, you are given the task of dropping meteorites to the end of the field. To do this, you need a fire and water totem, as well as your mindfulness.

How to pass levels from 11 to 19?

On the tenth and twelfth it is necessary simplybreak all the cells. On the eleventh, collect 750 points in 30 seconds. In either case, you will need a fire totem and a high reaction speed. In the twelfth level for victory you should make a combination of seven different colored stones and get a totem of air. With it, you can break up 13 cells at a time. In levels 14 and 16, you need to lower the meteorites to the end of the playing field. In the 15th and 18th levels, you need to completely clear the entire field of colored figures. In 19 - to score 1000 points in 30 seconds. All these levels can be passed in one breath, if you think in advance the sequence of composing a combination and apply the totems in time.

How to pass levels from 20 to 30?

A bit more complicated than the previous ones are the levels with 20by 30. This is not too complicated, but not very easy game modes in the application "Planet of gems". Passage of them is complicated by the emerging blocks. For example, it can be an ordinary cell that is broken at the first time, a double cell (it is destroyed only from the second time), a "box" (broken by a combination of cells), a "double box" (it can be broken only by a totem or a colored "chip"), "Triple box", an obstacle in the form of gray squares and depicting the symbol of the earth, fire, water elements, etc. At the same time, the "triple box" can be destroyed by three explosions of identical cells in color. The obstacle with the sign of the earth can be overcome with the help of a magic totem with a similar icon. Obstacles with signs of water, cosmos, fire and air are eliminated by the power of totems with identical pictures.

planet gems how to go

At the 20th, 24th, 27th and 29th levels, we are talking aboutmeteorites, which must be lowered to the very bottom. At 21, 22, 23, 25, 28 and 30 you need to break all the cells and clear the entire playing field. This will help bonuses and magic totems. And at level 26, it makes sense to collect 2500 eyes in just 45 seconds. To do this, again, you need to monitor the correctness of composing combinations and extract totems.

Complex levels in the game "Gem Planet" (passing)

Level 80 and all subsequent are considered morecomplicated than the previous ones. So, for example, it is on the 80th that some black holes appear, on which there are no chips and other obstacles, and the playing field itself narrows. Increases the distance between colored stones, which greatly complicates the search for possible combinations.

However, in it there is only one meteorite that you needlower it to the bottom, so when the combination is correctly selected and using the totem, the level is passed very quickly. Thus, in the game "Planet of gems" passage (level 80, and subsequent ones) will be easy, if you turn on logic and be attentive.

How to pass level 125?

An interesting level is also level 125. Here it is necessary to break all the cells completely and free the field. The task is not as simple as in other levels, because when you enter the field you see only 8 colored stones. But if you were previously interested in the game "Planet of Gems", level 125 (passing it requires you to be attentive) will be up to you. To do this, you only need to use a number of pop-up multicolor balls that easily eliminate unnecessary piles and free the playing field.

how to go game planet gems

In a word, you can win in the application. However, you need to pay attention to tips, figure out combinations and watch for new obstacles in the form of a blocking rope, pieces of ice, etc. In a complex approach to the game "Planet of Gems" (125 level), the passage will be simple.

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