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Georgian wine became a kind of symbolhigh quality, compliance with the recipe and strict control. This makes the drink not just one of the most famous in the world, this approach provided the whole country with a reputation of a country of professional winemakers. In many respects it is provided by Georgia itself, which gave life to several varieties of grapes, among which there are those that are used in the blend of status and eminent types of alcohol. In addition, the mark is also worthy of the technology of production, much of which remains unchanged for several centuries. So, for example, some households still make wine and collect raw materials manually. Marani wine is a drink with a history that is stunning to taste and with a memorable aroma.

The origin of the brand and brand

marani wineTo date, the brand is in the top tenthe largest in the territory of Georgia. The industrial base is located in the Georgian city of Telavi. Raw materials are supplied exclusively from the national territory and pass strict quality control. In many respects the Georgian wine Marani gained recognition thanks to a rich palette of palates provided with quality grape berries that matured in the north of the country. The brand specializes not only in the supply of grape wine, the plant is equipped with machinery for distilling and storing brandy spirits, liqueurs, sparkling wines, tinctures.

The name "Marani" comes from an archaicThe names of private distilleries, which were located as an extension near the house. This homemade wine was valued for the uniqueness of the taste and the specificity that the drink acquired from its own additives in the recipe from the owners. The manufacturer claims unprecedented quality of the products, provided with proper control over all stages of alcohol production. Marani wine is under constant attention from the stage of planting the vine and ending with the shipment of the goods to the distributor. The company operates at the world level.

Specificity of production

Georgian wine maraniProducer of JSC "Telav wine cellar"declares that he adheres to the oldest formula and carefully monitors the observance of standards in production. The line counts with a dozen dry and semisweet red and white wines, cognac and low alcohol drinks. It is Marani wine that is the company's visiting card and so-called alcohol with potential. The drink is aged in French oak barrels supplied by a certified producer. The average period for stopping alcohol is 24 months. The line includes products with a blend of such microclimatic zones: Tsinandali, Vazisubani, Akhasheni, Mukuzani, Kvareli, Napereuli and Kinzmarauli, which gave the name to the specified types of alcohol. The oldest drinks boast of a blend consisting of 100% of the Saperavi grapes.

Taste Palette

Marani wine contains a bright and full flavor,characteristic of traditional varieties of alcohol in Georgia. The taste is dominated by ripe fruit notes with a hint of ripe plum and pomegranate. The fragrance contains floral trends, complementing the smell of French roasted oak and tobacco. Depending on the microclimatic zone, the fullness of the taste of alcohol also varies. In addition, the older the wine, the brighter its taste and fullness accent. For example, the more grapes grew up north, the brighter it will be in the stringent notes of dry wine, combined with the smells of woodlands and fruit trees. Southern, as well as young wine Marani offers the connoisseur a soft taste of berries with a subtle aftertaste and rich floral aroma.

Feed to the table and use in cooking

marani wine of KindzmarauliWine is served chilled to 16-18 degrees inAs accompaniment for the second change of dishes. In addition, the drink is considered suitable for digestive, that is, it can become a kind of "afterword", when the main meal has already been completed.

Marani Wine "Kindzmarauli" is one of therepresentatives of the vintage line of brand products. Such alcohol is served at friendly meetings as a distinctive dish with cheese and nuts. The drink has a strong taste and a somewhat unconventional strength of 16 degrees. Like other products of TM Marani, it belongs to the category of authentic subspecies of alcohol and its formulation is aged.

Wealth of choice

marani wine reviewsDespite the fact that the main product lineThe company assumes a specification on red wines, the brand also offers the buyer several other varieties of alcoholic beverages. White dry analogs differ conventionally with a small strength, not more than 13 degrees, and a light taste with a vanilla aftertaste. Wine of Marani Old, reviews of which speak of a stunning fruit accent in the palette, belongs to the category of flagships. Endurance of this variety passes for 36 months, and the cost exceeds the mark of $ 100.

Cost and threat of forgery

The average price category of the TM Marani line is notexceeds the mark of 90-100 dollars per bottle, as the producer speaks exclusively for the availability of good and quality alcohol. A small cost is due to the availability of raw materials and does not affect the quality of alcohol, at least about it say reviews about the wine Marani.

The company supplies its products to 27 countries of the world,which are often the object of manufacturing a surrogate. To distinguish the fake can be on the taste qualities, rich in ethyl aftertaste and acidity in the surrogate, the availability of a certificate and excise, as well as the authenticity of the packaging, which the manufacturer has observed unchanged for almost a century.

Benefit for health

old marani wine reviewsOn the benefits or harm of red wines for healthhuman arguments have been going on for a long time. As with virtually every drug, the use of this product is important. Georgian Marani wine offers the connoisseur a rich taste, a rich aroma and a guarantee of quality that can provide the consumer with confidence in the product and in the absence of harmful effects to the body, but only in the absence of abuse of the drink. Red wine has a beneficial effect on the acid balance in the stomach, stimulates the circulatory system, increases hemoglobin and improves the natural defense of the body.

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