Glass mosaic: the pros and cons

One of the most affordable and common types of mosaic is a mosaic of glass. Technologies of modern production can increase its strength. So, glass mosaic on this parameter can not yield to a stone. The color solution of the material is very diverse, so with its help it is not a problem to lay out panels of any complexity.

As a rule, glass mosaic is available in any size, but 12x12 mm is standard. The most common form for this finishing material are rectangles and squares. However, custom made mosaic and other forms. In addition, some use glass mosaic tiles from other materials, such as ceramics. Glass in such compositions is used as an interesting accent.

glass mosaic

Ornaments and drawings

What is the main difference between glass mosaic and ordinary ceramic tiles? The ability to create a drawing, an original ornament or an entire artistic image due to a wide range of color palettes.

More recently, the mosaic was considered one of the most important types of visual art.Due to what she has achieved such popularity and recognition? Glass mosaic is durable, so many of the masterpieces of antiquity have come down to us.

True, to build a semblance of artwork - so very large scale for the bath. Glass mosaic will look good in a simpler pattern. For example, you can make the walls with the help of ready-made blocks that have already been painted, or use the services of a professional who, having chosen the finished image, will be able to please your taste. This is a quite doable task, and the resulting picture will perfectly fit into the interior.

The square shape of the tiles is the most running. It is easy to calculate consumables, as well as easy to install.

Not less popular are rectangular chips. But diamonds, triangles, circles, hexagons and other forms are much less common.

glass mosaic on the grid

The original, but dim pattern, which can be assembled with the help of glass mosaic, will easily make the design of the walls unique and at the same time preserve the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that the bathroom needs.

A great way to change the room beyond recognition is a bright pattern with floral motifs that will cover most of the vertical surfaces. Such an interior is not only unique, but also personalized: it is a reflection of your own taste and aesthetic preferences.

Tips and tricks

  • Glass mosaic for kitchen and bathroom has a good alternative - ceramic tiles under the mosaic. The main advantages of this finish are lower cost and easy installation. You will save considerably, even if you plan to invite a professional.
  • If you combine several types of mosaic, you can get a very original picture. For example, ceramic and glass. Some manufacturers offer ready-made combined options. In addition, large stores of building materials are often satisfied with sales and promotions, where you can buy the remains of a beautiful and high-quality mosaic at a very nice price. They are perfect for you to create your author mix.
  • Sometimes it happens that a fully lined apron does not fit into your repair budget.Glass mosaic is an expensive pleasure. What can be done? For example, to decorate the background with ordinary ceramic tiles, diluting it with several mosaic decors. Just a couple of these highlights can decorate the kitchen and make the interior much more interesting.

tile glass mosaic

What are the advantages of glass mosaic?


The most important advantage of using glass mosaic is beauty, which is achieved through proper installation. You have a truly huge choice: you can give preference to a calm monochromatic pattern, or you can create your own using multi-colored tiles that can be organized in a simple or complex pattern. Some suppliers offer repetitive patterns that can be used to create complex images of plants or animals.


All glass tiles, except for the darkest, will reflect light instead of absorbing it. This will make the mosaic radiant. A similar effect cannot be achieved using other materials.

Environmental friendliness

Glass tile in production takes about half of the energy that is spent in order to make ceramic tiles of similar size.In addition, you can use recycled tiles made from recycled glass.

bath mosaic glass

Hygiene and cleanliness

Glass mosaic is resistant to mold, mildew and stains. You will always know that it is time to clean, because such a coating, as a rule, very quickly makes the dirt visible. The tiles are not porous, and are also resistant to the effects of chemistry, so there is no need to worry about the penetration of contaminants inside. In addition, the surface is easy to clean: just swipe it with a mop with warm water or just a damp cloth.


Glass tile, if it has passed strict standards for the quality of floor and wall coverings, must be durable and resistant to cracking from all sorts of influences, with the exception of sharp blows that are inflicted by a hard object, such as a hammer. A completely different question - scratches, which we consider in the flaws.

glass mosaic for the kitchen

Let's talk about what disadvantages glass mosaic has.


Glass mosaic on the grid is much more difficult to install compared to the same natural stone or ceramics. If you are not careful and careful, then glue can peek through the tile.It is better to hire a professional if you do not have enough experience in the installation. Find a master who specializes in glass mosaic. Of course, this can be expensive, but the cost of the material is much more, so installation errors should be avoided.

Cost of

One of the main disadvantages of this material is its high price. Of course, you can find offers for $ 30-40, but a truly attractive design will be closer to $ 90-120. In addition, duplicate samples can be much more expensive, which will be needed if something breaks during installation.


Textured finish is often used to create a good grip, but the glass surface is relatively smooth. Thus, it may pose a risk of slipping, especially in a humid environment. This can slightly compensate for the carpet lying on the surface of the tile.


Despite the high strength of glass mosaic, it is not uncommon for a heavy object to fall from a great height to cause cracks on its surface. For those who are used to walking barefoot on the floor, this can become dangerous. In addition, such repairs can be quite expensive.

apron glass mosaic


Glass mosaic is resistant to dirt and high durability, but it is very susceptible to scratches. Over time, they will accumulate on the walls and floor. It may even require a replacement coating. Another option is several types of paint designed to hide scratch damage.


Tile - glass mosaic is very expensive, it is difficult to install, in use it requires care and accuracy, and its repair can cost a pretty penny. However, if you do not have problems with money and you will not regret having done everything as correctly as possible, a mosaic of glass can create a beautiful coating of all possible.

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