Glucometer "Contour Plus": description, features and instructions

The level of sugar in the blood - one of the most importantindicators for patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Constant monitoring helps to avoid attacks of deterioration of well-being. Glucometer "Contour Plus" is one of the best in the ratio of "price - quality", able to store up to 250 tests in memory and costs about 700 rubles. The modern device is easy to use and has high accuracy of results.

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Description and construction

High quality of the meter "Contour Plus" anda long period of operation are guaranteed by German production. The device is assembled in Japan. Large digits of readings are displayed on the meter screen. Externally, the device resembles the steering wheel of the TV. The advantage of the device is clear control and large numbers, so that patients with poor eyesight, including elderly people, can monitor blood sugar levels.

The price of the glucometer "Contour Plus" makes the deviceaccessible to any patient. You can buy it in pharmacies for 700 rubles. The device has a long service life; the only thing that is required from the user - regular battery replacement. The process of collecting biological material is greatly simplified due to the fact that the device does not have a coded chip and an encoding system that previously complicated the replacement of lancets and strips for the "Contour Plus" meter.


The compact size of the meter allows you to carrythe device with itself and at any convenient time to measure blood sugar levels. The device has a port for the introduction of test strips, two keys and a large display, which displays all the information. In a set with the meter "Contour Plus" is supplied a case for storage of the device, lancets "Microlet", warranty from the manufacturer and instruction manual.

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Principle of the glucometer

In the instructions to the meter "Contour Plus" in detaildescribes the principle of the device. On the test strip, a drop of blood is applied from the puncture on the finger, after which the strip is loaded into a special port and a key is pressed to start the analysis and obtain the result. The level of sugar in the biological fluid is determined after 8 seconds, counted by the timer. All the results are reliable, the data on the meter display are printed in large print on the meter's display, so people with sight problems can use the device.

Blood sampling can be carried out not only fromfinger, but also from the wrist, hand or forearm. For the analysis, 1-2 drops of blood are sufficient - about 0.6 μl. Repeated examination is not necessary, since the results given by the "Contour Plus" meter are reliable and truthful. Thanks to the ergonomic body, the glucometer is comfortable in the hand, easy to use, and high accuracy of measurements allows you to monitor the level of glucose in the blood.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the meter

The device is reliable and long-lastingexploitation, has certain advantages and disadvantages. Glucometer "Contour Plus" is convenient in use, reliable, has compact dimensions, attractive design and unique technical characteristics. An electronic device of German manufacture, which guarantees high quality of assembly and reliability. The main advantage of the "Contour Plus" meter is its price and operating instructions, in which the principle of the device operation and the sampling process are described in great detail and intelligibly.


Advantages of the meter:

  • Long service life.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Reliability and accuracy of results.
  • Instruction manual in Russian.
  • Protective cover, protecting against mechanical damage and defects.
  • Ability to store 250 tests in memory.
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • A popular and well-known manufacturing company Bayer.
  • Speed ​​at work.
  • Positive feedback from users.

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Disadvantages of the glucometer is almost none, and allthey depend on the personal preferences of users. The main disadvantage is the long-term results, in connection with which other faster models are chosen, the determination of blood sugar level takes 2-3 seconds, not 8 seconds. Despite the fact that the glucometer is considered obsolete, many experts recommend its use.

User Reviews

No complaints and claims to the glucometer forthe users do not have a long service life. Reliable results are displayed on the device's display after 8 seconds after blood collection. The results of home tests performed with this device can be provided during examination to a specialist in a hospital. To transfer data, it is enough to use a special cable, through which the meter connects to the PC.

In his responses about the meter "Contour Plus"users note his long work as a defect: the analysis of biological materials is carried out in 8 seconds, which in some circumstances is too long. In this regard, many prefer glucometers of other models. For regular monitoring of the patient's condition and home use, this model is one of the best, because it has low cost, long life, reliability and reliability. Test strips for the glucometer "Contour Plus" can be purchased in almost any pharmacy, which is another plus.

Judging by the reviews, the meter "Contour Plus" - oneof the most reliable medical devices, allowing people suffering from diabetes to conduct regular diagnostics and monitor their health.

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Differences of glucometers "Contour Plus and" Contour TC "

According to the manufacturer's assurances in the first of themMulti-pulse technology is used, which guarantees high accuracy of results with an error within 15%. More than 95% of all measurements are carried out with minimal deviations: the results are verified using the reference method with a glucose analyzer.

In the test strips of the glucometer "Contour Plus"contains patented mediators, allowing to make measurements even at a low concentration of glucose in the extracted biological material. Many common substances that can affect the accuracy of the measurements do not have any effect on the enzyme FAD-ADH. The results are automatically corrected taking into account the hematocrit level in the range from 0 to 70%.

A drop of blood can be added to the test stripcase, if from the first time the volume of blood insufficient for analysis was taken. This technology received from the manufacturer the name "Second Chance".

glucometer circuit plus instruction

The glucometer operates in two modes - mostlyextended. In the first one you can get information about the blood glucose level for the last seven days, see the average blood sugar level for 14 days and the entire device memory - it contains about 480 records. The device works in this mode.

In advanced mode, you can view the levelglucose for the last 7 and 30 days. There are also options for marking "after meal" and "before eating", and the average results for such flags can be checked for the last 30 days. It is possible to set an alarm with a reminder about the need to measure the blood sugar level with the timing in an hour, a half, two and two and a half hours. Advanced mode also allows you to adjust personal settings for high and low glucose values.

The time of measurement of blood sugar in the models "Plus" and "TC" varies: 5 and 8 seconds, respectively. The difference is small, but for some users it becomes decisive.

glucometer contour plus its price and instruction

In comparison with the meter "Contour TS" wins"Contour Plus", as it has improved technical characteristics and increased functionality. Separately it is worth noting that the test strips for the two instruments are not interchangeable. All strips have a long shelf life and do not lose their performance.

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