Grill pan "Tefal": description, specifications, reviews

Grill pan "Tefal" - a modern device for fast cooking vegetables, fish and meat. Special ribbed non-stick bottom allows you to make almost any grilled dishes in a regular kitchen. During frying, the pan forms characteristic strips on the food. The dishes look original and appetizing.

Pan features

The main feature of grill pans is ribbed bottom. This design of the griddle simulates the grill and allows you to cook low-fat and juicy dishes from fish, meat and vegetables. In a grill pan, products touch only ribbed parts. Thanks to this, the dishes are cooked half under the influence of steam, and half fried by hot metal. As a result, products retain much more beneficial properties that are usually lost during traditional frying. By type of processing, a frying pan-grill can be compared to an oven.

Frying pan "Tefal" (grill) 26 cm allows you to cook diet meals, which is important for people with diseases of the digestive system and fans of a healthy lifestyle. While frying in such a pan, much less oil is consumed, respectively, the caloric content of ready meals is lower.

grill tefal pan


Grill pan "Tefal" made by special technology using high-quality materials. Cooking in such dishes is safe for health.

Thanks to the special non-stick coating, the products are evenly roasted and do not burn. And most importantly - the griddle from "Tefal" requires very little fat.

The pan has a heat indicator - a red circle in the center with black rings. When the surface is warming up properly, the indicator turns evenly red. This means that you can start frying.

Other features of the pan:

  1. Durable coating. The surface of the pan is resistant to mechanical damage. It is easy to clean and, if properly used, it retains its original appearance for a long time.
  2. The convenient big handle from heat-resistant plastic.
  3. Aluminum alloy body.
  4. The pan can be used on a ceramic, gas, electric and induction stove.

Tefal grill pan 26 cm

Advantages of Tefal Pan

Unlike traditional types of dishes for frying, the grill pan "Tefal" has many advantages:

  1. During frying on a ribbed pan, the products almost do not come into contact with the metal surface. This means that they do not form a fried crust harmful to health. In a grill pan, the juices released from the products flow into the spaces between the ribs and evaporate.
  2. Teflon coating promotes uniform heating of the pan. It keeps the necessary temperature for a long time, which allows to process products of high quality.
  3. In the pan-grill dishes do not overdry. Fish and meat remain juicy, even after a long roast.
  4. Minimum oil consumption. Before frying, it is enough to lubricate the surface with a small amount of vegetable oil.
  5. The ability to cook multiple foods at the same time. The most common grilled dish is meat steak and vegetables.
  6. Grill pan can be used for cooking diet meals.
  7. Easy to care.To clean this pan, it is enough to wash it with a soft sponge dipped in soapy warm water.
  8. Dishes cooked on a grill pan look original thanks to dark stripes.

grill pan tefal reviews

Deficiencies of the device

Despite all the advantages, the Tefal grill pan has some drawbacks:

  1. Smoke may occur during frying. Therefore, when using this pan, it is recommended to open the window or turn on the hood.
  2. Grill pan sold without a lid. When frying large pieces of meat or fish, splashes of fat and juice are formed, which spread to the stove and nearby furniture.
  3. The fragility of coverage. The non-stick layer breaks down over time, which makes the pan unsuitable for use.

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Sensoria Grill Pan

This griddle from Tefal is distinguished by its innovative non-stick coating on a titanium base - Titanium Pro. The Thermo-Spot heating control indicator simplifies cooking.

Grill pan "Tefal-Sensory" has such features:

  • quick warm-up;
  • even cooking at the edges of the pan;
  • the ability to use in the oven;
  • improved non-stick coating;
  • original design;
  • extra strong bottom;
  • small weight;
  • one-piece with body handle;
  • non-stick coating on the outside.

The body of the pan is made of aluminum. It is light and easy to use.

The frying pan is suitable for frying on all types of cooking surfaces.

frying pan grill tefal sensorium

Grill pan "Tefal-Nature"

The Natura pan has some other characteristics. It is made from recycled aluminum. The thick bottom of the pan contributes to the rapid distribution of heat over the entire surface.

The pan is made in the shape of a rectangle and goes well with a modern kitchen design. The large handle is 40% made of natural wood and covered with fire-resistant material. The outer side is made in chocolate color.

In the center is a heat indicator that changes color at 180 degrees. For this type of pan, the manufacturer used Prometal Pro coating.

How to fry in a pan

Mainly grilled chicken, fish, meat, vegetables. Hard cheeses are tasty. To make products well fried, it is important to understand how to cook on a Tefal grill pan:

  • Before the frying pan should be heated well, and after laying out the products to reduce the heat;
  • use the minimum amount of oil or refuse it altogether;
  • it is better to grease a frying pan with a brush dipped in oil;
  • salt products preferably before frying;
  • Turn vegetables and meat with special tongs or a wooden spatula.
  • Do not rush to turn the products from one side to the other, otherwise they will not form dark stripes and the effect of the grill will be invisible.

After each use, the grill pan should be washed and wiped dry with a soft kitchen towel.

grill pan tefal nature


Housewives and experienced cooks like grill pan "Tefal". Reviews are only positive. Many women have called the pan an ideal invention for home cooking tasty and healthy food.

According to customers, frying in the grill pan is quick and easy to fry. Dishes do not stick and are not inferior in taste to dishes cooked on an ordinary open grill.

The owners of the pan noted the high quality of the coating. It just keep it clean.

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