Group "Brains": the composition of the group and features

The search for new sound for all performers means a lot. The famous Ukrainian performer Potap is not the first year on stage. He is a multi-faceted creative person inclined to experiment. One of them was the group "Brains". The composition of the group is chosen so that the musicians complement each other. It gathered a talented hitmaker, a good songwriter and one of the best singers in the CIS. We will understand who is who in this team.

History of creation

group brains group

The founder of the group was Alexey Potapenko or Potap, as his fans know. He has already become famous, speaking with Nastya Kamensky. At some point, the musician realized that he wanted to try something new. He gathered the team, headed it and became a producer. Already in September 2014, the group declared its existence with the composition “Ayabo”.

Listeners attracted their unusual style of the group "Brains". The composition of the group allowed to make a mix of ethnic and electronic music, which the performers themselves called “ethnoshaurma”.The video for the first track in the first few days was watched by thousands of people, and it was a real success. The team became interesting for listeners in Russia and Ukraine.

Alexey Potapenko

Alexey Potapenko

Alexey is the most famous participant. At the time when the group was created, he already had fans in Ukraine and nearby countries. The musician was born in 1981 in Kiev. He began to study music at the age of nine. He developed his talent, listened to songs of popular artists and tried his hand.

The first experience of Alexey was the rap group of the university. Later he met Nastya Kamensky, who for a long time became his stage partner. For more than 10 years their duet has been at the top of the charts of music channels and radio stations in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

In 2012, Potap opened its own label MOZGI Production. In addition to regular tours, he began to create scenarios of holidays, their conduct. In addition, he earned writing scripts clips, advertising. On the basis of the production center, the Mozgi group emerged, which is the company's most successful project.

Potap has a stable personal life, although various rumors have been circulating about it for more than a year.Despite assurances from the media, he doesn’t have an affair with Nastya Kamensky. He has been married for many years, raising two children. Spouse Irina accompanies the musician on tour and is engaged in administrative work.

Vadim Fedorov

mozgi group

There are two more members in the group: Vadim Fedorov and Alexey Zavgorodniy. They complement Potap well, as they are good performers with a lot of experience. Vadim was born in Zaporozhye in 1980. His father was a vocal teacher, so he immediately revealed the talent of Vadim. Mom was engaged in housekeeping and strongly supported her men.

Vadim's first stage experience was performances in restaurants, and later he became a member of the Sogger group. This group was very popular in Zaporozhye, but Kiev failed to conquer. During the years of his residence in the capital, Vadim managed to work with many well-known Ukrainian teams. In 2008, under the uncle of Uncle Vadya, he participated in the recording of Potap's album. Later (in 2014) the “Brains” group took him as a singing romance. The composition of the group since its inception has remained unchanged.

Alexey Zavgorodniy

Fedorov Vadim and Alexey Zavgorodniy

Alexey bears the stage name Positive. He was born in Kiev in 1989.Like the rest of the participants, he showed love for music since childhood. He considered Michael Jackson to be an example for himself. With 11 years dreamed of conquering the world of show business. Later he began to follow Potap's career, regularly attend his concerts and write his own songs.

One day, along with a friend Alexey plucked up courage and showed the prepared material to Potap. Tom did not like the songs, but he saw the potential in the young men. He invited them to participate in the youth group "Newscourse", but the team did not last long. Alexey continued to work with Potap in his project “Time and Glass”. This group became very popular among listeners, in 2015 the composition “Name 505” topped the top lines of charts of several countries at once.

Despite participation in the Mozgi project, Alexey is not going to leave “Time and Glass”. He will work in two teams at once, all the more so as Potap as a producer will help to build the schedules of performances and recordings correctly. According to him, both projects, and especially the Brains group, cannot do without a talented dreamer Alexey. The composition of the group would not be fully described if we did not mention three more permanent members: DJ Bloodless, dancers Ruslan Storozhik and Eduard Kameneev.

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