Healing balm "Tenis Altai"

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Tensil Altai"Ten of Altai" is a unique healing balm, created on the basis of natural ingredients. It effectively helps in the fight against a wide variety of diseases. This tool is a unique source of vital energy and strength. It helps in the short term to relieve pain and fatigue, and with longer use - to give the joy of health. The secret of the high health properties of this balm lies in the name itself. Ten force: ten miraculous ingredients collected in one of the cleanest places on the planet that form a powerful healing impulse.

The composition of the balm

Balm tensil Altai

The composition of such a remedy, as "Decilstil Altai", includes birch fungus, Altai badger fat, milk Thistle oil, succinic acid, mummy, propolis, walnut oil, pollen and Ural honey. All listed ingredients are completely natural and are contained in strictly defined proportions.When creating this tincture, a group of scientists carefully, step by step, calculated the optimal formula for health. Conducted special studies aimed at studying the efficacy of each of the components. It is impossible to replace any of the ingredients with something else or change its proportions, because of this, the entire effectiveness of this balm may suffer.

Indications for use

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Balsam Tenis Altai has a positive effect on the nervous system, helps relieve fatigue, normalize sleep, recuperate after a stroke, normalize the cardiovascular system, cleanse and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase their elasticity and elasticity, and effectively protect the heart . The components that make up the tincture prevent the development of thrombophlebitis, ischemic disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, angina pectoris, cholecystitis, colitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer and dysbiosis. In the treatment of neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis, chronic hepatitis, sinusitis, otitis and bronchitis, a curative such as Tenyls Altai is also used.Reviews testifies to its positive effect on nephritis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, cystitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and pleurisy. In addition, this tincture in a short time normalizes pressure, restores appetite, eliminates heartburn, provides an outflow of bile, cleanses the intestinal walls, stimulates metabolic processes, cleanses the urogenital system and normalizes the thyroid gland. "Ten-Altai" is also used as a prophylactic agent for joint and bone diseases, osteochondrosis, hernia, polyarthritis, arthrosis, gout, neurodermatitis, herpes, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. With a decrease in immunity and frequent catarrhal infections, you should pay attention to this miraculous tincture. In addition, "Tenth Altai" perfectly helps to restore vitality in the period after serious illness or surgery.

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