Hollywood styling - interesting ideas, features and recommendations

Hollywood-styled girl looks luxurious, feminine and elegant. Speaking about this hairstyle, we immediately imagine charming curls or waves, smoothly falling on the shoulders. The charm of amazing curls for several decades, excites the refined lady. After all, laying "Hollywood curls" is associated with a gorgeous evening dress and sophisticated stilettos. We will give you a few options for such styling for medium and long hair, show you what means it is better to carry out this hairstyle.Hollywood styling

Features of Hollywood waves and curls

What is the difference between Hollywood curls from the usual curls? First, they are larger. Secondly, they differ in the same size and thickness. Curls neatly placed on one or two sides. This hairstyle is lively and mobile.

It should be noted that there are curls, and there are waves in the Hollywood version. Now the waves are more popular.With the features of the performance of the waves and curls you will learn further in the article.

If you are already interested in this hairstyle, you noticed that sometimes there is a fashionable effect of lightness in it. A special charm to such waves will give a natural shine to the strands, because this styling is more like smooth, docile hair. Glitter will contribute special styling products.hollywood hair styling

Auxiliary devices and tools

The attribute of Hollywood styling on medium hair or long strands are the smooth soft lines that you can see in the photo above. For long curls fit larger curls, for medium ones, the size should be slightly reduced. So, what do you need to create a gorgeous image of a Hollywood star? We offer all kinds of aids and devices:

  • comb with rare teeth or a special brush for hair;
  • styling devices: foam, mousse or spray;
  • special clamps for strands;
  • heating devices: tongs, iron, styler, automatic device for curls.

Preparation stage

To hairstyle turned out spectacular and luxurious, pre-strands are prepared for this.Preparatory activities are approximately as follows:

  1. Take a shampoo that is suitable for the type of strands, wash the head, then apply a balm and wash it off. Towel thoroughly wipe their hair.
  2. On slightly damp hair put mousse for styling and spray for thermal protection.
  3. Dry hair strands with a round comb to give volume to the future hairstyle. Additional volume at the roots is simply necessary for beautiful and long styling. It can also be created with the help of the nozzle-corrugation, which is equipped with a curling iron. Strands, in this case, corrugate only near the roots.styling hollywood curls

How to make a Hollywood styling yourself?

We offer you a step-by-step instructions on how to perform hair in the style of Hollywood. This is the best option for Hollywood styling for long hair:

  • Strands are well combed and parted. It is best to make it from the side, so that the main part of the waves is on one side. Some girls prefer parting in the middle.
  • Begin laying with the upper strands, then go to the bottom.
  • Curling or ironing a strand, hold for a long time.
  • The resulting curl is wound on a finger up to the head and fixed with a clip.This is a very important stage in order for the curls to cool and fix.
  • Each curl is wound in one direction to curls neatly lay down.
  • The direction of curls should be on behalf of.
  • Thus, all strands on the head are twisted and clamped.
  • After cooling the curls, they are dismissed and combed with a comb with very rare teeth, you can just fingers.
  • Then the hair is fixed with lacquer.Hollywood styling for medium hair

Laying "Hollywood Wave"

Creating waves is a little different from curls in the final few moments. Often make one large drop wave on one side. Parting for this is done at the level of the middle of the eyebrow. Then they do everything in this order:

  • Hair combed, put on them thermoprotective and fixing means.
  • With the help of an ironing wound the same strands of a width of 2 cm. Make curls from the side parting in the direction where the wave will go.
  • Each strand is pulled perpendicularly to the head, the plates are pressed with an ironing plate and rotated 180 degrees. Make everything smooth movements, so as not to form creases.
  • Hot strand is fixed near the head with a clip parallel to the parting.
  • In a similar way wind all strands from a parietal site to temples.
  • Further curl the occipital zone. Here, the strands are winded upright only to the middle of the length.
  • After winding and fixing all the strands, they give chic, perform a Hollywood wave.
  • Perform it on one side, so the hair on the other side is fixed invisible at the level of the neck.
  • Remove the clips from the lower curls at the temple.
  • Very gently combing the strands with a brush and give them the effect of a light wave.
  • With each curl in order remove the clip, slightly combed them at the roots and laid on the relief of the waves.
  • After laying all the curls clips make a Hollywood wave. First, fix the curl in the face, sprayed with varnish.
  • Then make a fixation at the level of the chin, then even lower. The clamps, while guided in the opposite direction.
  • It is advisable to hold the clips for 10 minutes for better fixation, then spray hairspray.
  • At the last stage, the clips are removed and make small amendments.laying hollywood wave

We use automatic styler

The revolution in the market of hairdressing is a special machine for creating curls.This unique device will precisely make your image look like the appearance of a Hollywood movie star. Automatic styler quickly forms one lock after another. The tool itself pulls the strands inside the machine and lays it in a spiral in a special heating chamber. Curls are in the camera for 10-15 seconds.

The direction of cheating curl can be changed. You can also adjust the heating temperature. Styler perform soft curls and smooth waves, you need only change the mode. The camera for curls is made of ceramics, therefore does not harm the hair at all. The machine for curls makes very uniform curls and even gives a signal to release the rotor.

Having wound large curls or waves with an automatic styler, all you need to do is to lightly brush the strands with your fingers and fix them with varnish. Hair is completely not confused, and it turns out a stylish "star" styling. This procedure also makes the hair very shiny.Hollywood styling for long hair

Triple Curling Waves

A great tool for creating beautiful waves is a triple curling iron or tongs. You have not heard about this innovation? This tool is used by professionals in beauty salons.If you purchase such a device, you can make spectacular waves for all occasions, especially for festive events.

The working surface of the triple curling iron is covered with tourmaline, which provides excellent care for the strands. This device is suitable for all types of hair, because it has the ability to adjust the temperature.

Fashionable large tongs

We offer you the most effective ways to perform styling "Hollywood curls", as well as the most popular accessories and tools. One of them are forceps for large curls. They look like a regular curling iron, only the heating body has a large diameter. Curls turn out large.

If such a styler (as these nippers usually call it) to make curls all over the head, then you will get a very glamorous hairstyle. In order for such a Hollywood styling to last longer, curls can also be fixed for a while with clips near the head. The diameter of the tool allows you to make very fashionable and stylish waves.

how to make a hollywood styling

Good proven method on curlers

If you prefer all the above curler heating tools, then we will give you some tips.For Hollywood styling fit large curlers with velcro. Be sure to wash your hair, dry them. Wrap curlers on slightly wet strands. First start with the parting. Then, from the top of the parting, separate strand by strand and wind it on the curler. For medium and long hair will be enough 10-12 curlers.

Turn on the hair dryer and dry all hair on curlers. Then give your hair time to gain a foothold. It will be good if you walk with them for 1 hour. Remove the curlers. If you need Hollywood curls, then just comb the strands with your fingers. If you want to make waves, then fix curls with clips and spray varnish.

If you are the owner of gorgeous hair, then treat yourself to Hollywood styling. Use any of the above methods and get glamorous curls.

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