Homemade oven for the garage: step by step instructions

Stove for the garage is sometimes indispensable when there is no possibility to use central heating. This design can be built independently by applying one of the following technologies. An electric heater may become unnecessarily uneconomic if the garage needs to be heated.

Features of the furnace for the garage

oven for garage

The design must have certain qualities. The furnace for the garage, above all, should be compact, because, as a rule, there is not too much space in it. In addition, the heater must be economical and not costly. Well even if it will be possible to heat different types of fuel. Ease of use is also extremely important. The self-made oven for the garage can be made of different materials, you will have to choose one of them, taking into account your skills when working with, for example, brick or steel. It must be remembered that the heating equipment must not only have the ability to generate heat for a long time, but also not reduce the amount of oxygen in the room.The operation of the furnace should not be accompanied by the release of harmful substances, in addition, it should not be flammable.

Making a brick oven

A self-made oven for a garage may have a brick at its base, but before starting work it must be remembered that the laying process requires the master to have certain skills and will be accompanied by difficulties. For such a design is to be prepared not so overall space. Work should be carried out using refractory bricks. While the solution must be mixed using sand, fireclay powder and refractory clay.

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When laying the firebox, it is recommended to use fireclay bricks, having it at the level of 2-4 rows. In height, such a brick oven will not be more than nine products. In order to ensure the removal of furnace gases, it is necessary to lay out a brick chimney, into the inner space of which it is necessary to install a sleeve made of stainless steel. The garage stove will exhaust smoke through a chimney built through the roof. Be sure to build a foundation, as the furnace will have an impressive mass.It can be made on the basis of a monolithic slab. Along the perimeter of the structure should be laid a steel sheet, which will protect the floor from sparks, because they can cause a fire.

Manufacturing technology potbelly stoves

If you need a stove for a garage, but you do not want to spend on it an excessive amount of effort and money, then it is preferable to make a stove that will be the simplest task. It is recommended to use steel in sheets for this, and a barrel, which is sometimes replaced with a steel pipe of the appropriate diameter, is perfect. If sheet steel is available, you will have to use a welding machine that allows you to create a rectangular installation. In any case, you need a metal whose minimum thickness is 5 mm or more. But if you decide to use a pipe, then its minimum diameter should be equal to 300 mm.

garage oven do it yourself

Such a stove for a garage will also have a chimney, which is usually arranged on top, but in some cases it is done from behind. In the latter case, it is necessary to ensure the slope of the pipe, whose angle is approximately equal to0. The most efficient exhaust gases will be diverted if a steel product with a diameter of 120 mm is used as a pipe; however, a more impressive diameter will do.

Manufacturing chimney

wood burning stoves

The first meters of exhaust gas should be made of thick material (about 3 millimeters). If we neglect this requirement, the thin metal will burn out after a while. Under the furnace must be equipped with a place that will be used to remove the ash. What is necessary to apply a steel plate, which is located horizontally and has slots. The dimensions of the latter can be determined from the calculation of the size of the furnace, as well as the type of fuel. If the unit is relatively small, and also functions at the expense of coal and small wood, the cuts should be equal to 12 mm, whereas if the garage is relatively large and the stove to be installed in it is large, then the cuts in the described element should be equal to 40 mm or even more .

Ashpot features

homemade oven for garage

When the masters make such furnaces for the garage, then under the partition they put a removable drawer, periodically cleaned as ash will accumulate in it. For the manufacture of this box should be used 3-mm sheet steel.Improve the efficiency of the furnace reception, which implies the need for attachment to the sides of steel plates, they should be based on steel 5 mm. This will significantly increase the area of ​​contact of the device with air. As a result, the inner space of the garage will begin to heat up much faster. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to correlate the thickness of sheet steel and suitable parameters of the grinder.

Homemade oven to work

If you need a stove for a garage, you can make one that is probably one of the most economical, as you can buy fuel for it for a song or even get it for free. Such furnaces function at the expense of waste oil, which you yourself, being a car enthusiast, throw away as unnecessary. Now you can reuse it. This oven involves more impressive labor costs compared with those that accompany the manufacture of the stove.

garage stove with oil

Making such furnaces for the garage with your own hands, it will be necessary to create two compartments, one of which is designed for combustion, while the second is for the combustion of gases previously mixed with oxygen.To create such a device, it is necessary to form an H-shaped apparatus, which will include a fuel tank, a chimney, an afterburner, and a temperature chamber. In the manufacture should be used all the same sheet steel. Whereas the bottom of the tank is permissible to form using a finished steel box. In order to ensure fire safety and proper functioning of the furnace, legs are welded to the bottom drawer.

The garage furnaces described above should be made with the hands taking into account the fact that the bottom compartment is to be provided with a hole with a steel flap. It is through it that the used oil-fuel will begin to be poured, but the valve is absolutely necessary in order to adjust the intensity of the intake of primary air.

Manufacturing of the upper compartment

The upper chamber must be made in such a way that it has a cylindrical shape. It will have to mate with the tank, using a pipe made of metal. In the last mentioned element of the furnace to make several holes Ø10 mm, they are necessary so that air can flow into the internal space.

Chimney stove supplement

The garage oven for oil should have a chimney that is attached only at the top. Its fixation should be completely leakproof, since otherwise the exhaust gases will flow into the room. This characteristic must be checked before you start the furnace to work. As a fuel, it is possible to apply not only mining, but also diesel oil, kerosene, fuel oil and transmission oil. But flammable substances like acetone, of course, have to be abandoned.

Making a wood stove

If you don’t like the stove for a garage to work out for the reason that you don’t use the garage for a car, but, for example, to store vegetables, you can make a stove that works with firewood. It is also economical, as it is not necessary to sometimes put firewood in it, sometimes up to 20 hours. For its manufacture it is recommended to use a steel barrel, the volume of which is 200 liters. It is necessary to prepare the barrel beforehand, for this its upper part is retracted in order to make it possible to make a hole for the flue pipe.In addition, you need to make a hole for a 100-mm pipe through which oxygen will flow.

Wood burning stoves work efficiently if the chimney has the right parameters. Thus, its diameter must be equal to 150 mm or more.oven for the garage to work

The design will have to provide a circle, which is made of sheet metal. To him you need to weld 2 pieces of channel. The circle must have such dimensions so that it can move freely in the inner space. After it is necessary to make a hole to which a 100-mm tube is attached. As an alternative solution, you can use a pipe that will replace the barrel.

Internal filling device

Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare a drawing of the furnace for the garage, there it should be indicated, for example, that the bottom of the structure will be a metal billet, which is welded for resistance to the edge of the housing. The load must be placed inside, and the top is covered with a lid. The tube for the entry of oxygen is inserted into the hole prepared in advance. Finally, it will be necessary to cut a couple of hatches through which the fuel will be loaded and ash will be removed. Hatches should be closed using steel covers.After the furnace is ready, you can prepare a foundation for it, which is made of brick. This will ensure fire safety. After all, this circumstance is the most important when working with heating equipment.

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