How to become a deputy? A few simple tips

How to become a deputy of the State Duma? It would seem a non-trivial question that does not have a definite answer. However, as is known, nothing is impossible in this world. Especially in our state.

How to become a deputyPrerequisites

So, how to become a deputy? First you need to perform a few simple conditions to meet the requirements of the candidate. First, for this you need to live in the country under permanent conditions and have Russian citizenship. Secondly, a person over the age of 21 can become a deputy. Thirdly, you should not have a criminal record. Fourthly, you should not be engaged in business or be in a public office. Combining the work of an official and a policy is prohibited by law. The exception is professional research or teaching. And finally, fifthly, remember: no one will tell you how to become a politician. To do this, you need to have enough good connections, be in the “political cage” and rotate in the appropriate elite environment. "Aliens" in politics do not like.

Become a deputyParty choice

If all the preliminary conditions are met, then the question of how to become a deputy smoothly passes into the legal plane. Before making a final decision, remember that a proportional system operates in Russia, only party candidates go to the State Duma. Therefore, you need to decide on whose behalf you will run. The point here is not only in ideological preferences (there are still a few to whom it is still important), but also in the probability of passing. “United Russia” dominates in the State Duma; therefore, passage from this organization is more likely. Moreover, it is not necessary to formally join the party, ONF membership is enough. Of course, you can choose the Communist Party or the Liberal Democratic Party, but here, as they say, is a matter of chance. You need a guarantee that you will be in the first 50 of the list managers.

And other procedural issues.How to become a deputy of the State Duma

Further, the problem of how to become a deputy rests on a purely intraparty bureaucratic work. First of all, you need to formulate the so-called Program Provisions, which will then go "into the furnace" in the preparation of a general party program. In parallel, you will have to go through the crucible of the primaries; at this stage, “worthy” candidates will be selected.This is a rather tough and nervous procedure, but it is necessary to weed out "random" people. In the meantime, you will be able to prove your ability to negotiate and play on interests, which, of course, will be useful in deputy work.

Selective activity

According to the results of the "primaries" it is necessary to achieve an official representative of the ONF or another party. Then the most interesting begins - the submission of documents to the CEC and the final approval of the list. At this stage, surprises are also possible, so you need to comply with all regulatory requirements and not to provoke conflict situations. Then the probability of passing through the "sieve" of the CEC will be quite high. If you passed it, you got the "good" to win.

At last

The above procedures, it seems, describe only a formal way of how to become a deputy. However, the informal part remains. Any party and even the EP - the structure is bureaucratic. Here you need to rotate, have a personal status and a lot of money. Still, the election campaign is not cheap.

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