How to block a megaphone SIM card: 3 ways

The sim card on our phone is, in fact, the key to access each of us. Think for yourself: the phone number that we give to friends and acquaintances is identified with us, which is why other people know that we need to call “this way”.

This can explain the importance of a SIM card (or rather, a phone number) for each of us. We can contact with friends and close people with her, and they can also call us in the same way. Therefore, the obvious fact is that in case of loss of a SIM card for any reason, I really do not want it to fall into the hands of someone else. In addition, there is also a desire to restore your number so that your friends have the opportunity at any time to call us if necessary. And in this article we will describe how to block your phone number in case of its loss, as well as how to restore the SIM card. We will analyze these processes on the example of MegaFon, the largest mobile operator in Russia.

Why block a number?

Once again we will explain in more detail why the mobile services user needs to block the number to which the SIM card was attached.

how to unlock a locked sim card

So, there are two objective reasons for this. The first is that users are looking for the answer to the question of how to block the megaphone SIM card for the reason that it prevents other people from using their number. This is obvious: first, it is about private data that may be known to outsiders. Secondly, fraudsters can use your lost SIM card. In such a situation, there are plenty of options for how it can harm you: extortionate calls can be made from it, for example. Since the number is registered on your passport, jokes with this are bad and can end in an unpleasant story for you.

The second reason that people want to know how to block the Megafon SIM card is the possibility of further transfer of the number to another card. This reason is also very clear: to use the same number on the new card that you receive in the future, you need to block it on the old SIM card (after all, the operator cannot physically serve one number on two cards).Thus, there is a need for blocking, which we will describe in this article. Apparently, to answer the question: “Is it possible to block a SIM card?” Is not worth it - the answer is obvious: yes, it is possible. And now we will tell about it in more detail.

Block a sim card? Easily!

This is a common practice, which is that the operator simply disconnects the card that is necessary for technical purposes by technical means. As a rule, this is, of course, a loss. Other users may complain about the physical damage of the card and the desire to get a new one, but at the same time keep their number.

The result of blocking is a complete disconnection of the specified SIM card from the mobile network. Thus, the latter becomes an ordinary piece of plastic. This means that no one will be able to receive your phone calls, will not reach your messages and contacts stored on the card; as well as the fact that fraudsters will not turn their affairs with your "Sims". Yes, and access to some protected services so no one will receive. Very convenient, agree!

can i block my sim card

In practice, there are three generally accepted ways of blocking a Megafon SIM card.We will tell about them in detail.

Call operator

The first, most comfortable and simplest option is to call your operator. In fact, you just need to dial the number of the call center serving the subscribers. After providing certain information confirming that the owner of the lost card is you, you will receive an application for blocking. This operator has two numbers for communication of subscribers with operators. The first is 8-800-333-05-00, and the second is short: 0500. It is clear that to connect, you will need either another SIM card, or a completely different phone.

how to recover a locked sim card

Contact salon communication

The second way to block the Megafon SIM card is to contact the communications salon. The practice is quite normal. When you come to the salon, there you just have to serve you well. There, they will simply ask you for documents that confirm that the owner is you, and the whole procedure will be carried out as soon as possible. It is even faster than blocking a SIM card via the Internet (and this is also possible, but more on this method).

block the sim card via the Internet

Online client panel

Another option to block the card, as you already understood, is to use the subscriber’s Internet account.In it you will find all the interesting information about how blocking is carried out; In addition, on the operator’s website (in your account) you will have the opportunity to block the card personally.

To do this, you will need to go to your office. This task, in turn, is solved in two ways: visiting a personal page using your password (which was set earlier); as well as a call using the PUK code. The last option is appropriate in the case when the subscriber did not work with the cabinet earlier before the SIM card was lost.

In the interface of the resource to understand for you is not difficult. The site is extremely simple, it has an option that allows you to manage the number - that is what you need.


When choosing how to block the Megafon SIM card — via the Internet, in person in the communication salon, as well as with the help of an operator — you need to remember some things. We are going to talk about them in this chapter.

First, it is the cost of blocking. In order to suspend service by the SIM card operator, the subscriber must pay. MegaFon’s prices are as follows: the blocking week is free, and a month will cost 30 rubles.You should not expect that the work of the card will be terminated for free.

how to block a sim card megaphone over the Internet

In this case, it should be noted, your number will be stored for you.

Secondly, you have the right to refuse at all the number that was assigned to you, i.e. just to stop the card’s action. This service is free, but irrevocable, so it would be pointless to ask the question: “how to restore a locked SIM card?”. You will lose your Megafon number forever. This procedure is carried out through the termination of the subscription service agreement.

Room recovery

Within the article on blocking a phone number, it would also be advisable to mention the procedure, which, as a rule, follows blocking. True, there is one nuance. It consists in the purpose pursued by the user, conducting unlocking.

If a person has found his SIM card and wants to simply resume her work, he can contact the communication salon, go to the Megafon portal in his personal account or call the operator (the numbers are the same). Another option is when a subscriber wants to start working with his number using a new card.Then he needs to come to the communications salon (in any case) and write a statement. The service of transferring the number to a new SIM card is called.

Number Holder Confirmation

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What can a client want to know how to unlock a locked SIM card? As a rule, this is a document that can confirm your identity. So representatives of the operator company will know that you are the legal owner of the number, which means that only you have the opportunity to dispose of and manage it. Therefore, such a right will be granted to you, and you will receive your old number on a new card.

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