How to change the ticket?

Sometimes it happens that your plans change, andyou have already booked tickets, but in the measure of the situation you need to exchange and hand over the ticket. Yes, almost all airlines, both foreign and domestic, provide for the possibility of handing over their tickets or changing the date to another. We will talk about this in our article, and more specifically about whether it is possible to change the ticket, we will consider two cases: a railway ticket and air.

Flight Exchange

It is necessary to know and remember that in the majoritythere are special penalties that can make it difficult for you to exchange your ticket. Therefore, we will try to explain how to change the ticket for the plane, so you are aware of the events, if suddenly this situation occurs.

So, let's start, we will summarize all the main provisions in the instruction:

  • If you want to exchange a cheap, discount ticket,then you need to remember that there is no exchange of such tickets. You can only pass the old ticket and buy a new one, sometimes a part of the cost of the old ticket will pass to the cost of the new one.
  • There is also a situation where you needchange only the date, and your flight remains the same. Here the exchange occurs also, to you pay only a difference in cost of tickets. Also, if you change the class, you will pay penalties.
  • If you need to learn how to change the electronicticket, then for this you need to see if there is such a function on the airline's website, then fill out a special form on the website and attach a scan-copy of your passport. Then you will be informed of the payment or additional payment.
  • You also need to remember that the more expensive you have purchasedticket, the easier it will be to exchange it. That is, the ticket you purchased at the full fare has the option of changing the flight, the date, the route of your trip to the entire action of the ticket.

Exchange of railway tickets

Also, we will shed light on how to change the ticket fora train. Throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, there is no exchange / exchange of railway tickets, but due to the situation you can only hand over the old ticket and purchase a new one. But before you take your ticket, you must fully check if there are tickets for the date you need and only after that you can exchange your ticket for a new one. It is clear that in order to exchange a ticket for a new one, you need to have with you the identity cards for which you bought your ticket.

If you have an electronic ticket, then as withdelivery of a similar for flights, and operates on railway tickets, you just need to fill out a form on the site, then go to the cashier and collect your money.

Now you know how to change the ticket, but remember that when you exchange tickets, you lose your money.

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