How to check the quality of wine at home?

Many people buy wine for a festive feast or dinner. It is very uplifting and helps to communicate. Today, there are many wine shops, and in the usual supermarket the range of wines is impressive. Everyone at least once wondered whether he had purchased a quality drink. How to check the wine, we will find out right now.

What determines the quality and taste of wine?

The quality of wine is influenced by a large number of factors. It often happens that from a single grape variety that grew in the same territory, completely different wines are obtained. This may be due to the fact that the composition of the soil could change or the sunlight fell at different angles, giving one part of the vineyard more light and the other less. Also of great importance are such important factors as:

  • the geographical location of the vineyard;
  • collection method (manual or mechanical);
  • harvest year;
  • the process of growing;
  • human factor.

Together, they all have a huge impact on the taste and quality of the wine produced. However, the grape variety remains the most important factor.

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How to determine the authenticity of the wine?

Many lovers of fine drink know by what criteria and in what ways the authenticity and quality of wine is determined. To check the wine, you must:

  • Pour a small amount of it into a small container and immerse it in water. If the wine begins to flow and mix with water, then it has the same density as it. This wine is forged and, most likely, powdered.
  • Pour 50 grams of wine into a glass and add 10 grams of glycerin, then mix well. If glycerin remains transparent and does not rise from the bottom, then the wine is of high quality. Poor grape drinks dye glycerin in its natural color.
  • In a glass of wine, add a small amount of soda. If the drink does not change its color, then it is unnatural. Good wine will change it due to the content in water-soluble pigments of the grapes - anthocyanins, which react with acids and alkalis.
  • Take an ordinary piece of chalk, drip wine on it and wait a bit. After it dries, you need to look at the color of the chalk.If the stain has not changed it, then in such a drink there are chemical dyes. If it is brightened, then the wine does not contain artificial additives.

The authenticity of the wine is verified, and there is no doubt left. But another question arises. How to check the quality of the drink at home?

how to check the quality of wine

How to check the quality of wine at home?

To do this, there is a time-tested way - organoleptic. To check the drink,its appearance, aroma and taste should be evaluated, while observing all the rules. In order to check the quality of the wine at home, you need:

  • Open the bottle and inspect the cork. It should not be dried, hard or damaged, and should not smell like mold.
  • Leave an open bottle to stand for a while so that the smell of alcohol disappears. Next you need to pour half a glass of wine and inhale the aroma. It is called a bouquet. The bouquet appears only after a long storage of wine. If it is not felt, but instead there is the smell of alcohol, it means that the wine was not sufficiently aged, and the bouquet did not have time to form.
  • Well make a bottle of wine and pour half a glass.If the foam lasts for a long time and is going closer to the center, it means that the drink is natural and has excellent quality.
  • Pour a small amount of wine into a glass and slowly rotate it so that it leaves its marks on its walls. If the wine begins to immediately drain from the walls of the glass, without leaving a trace, then this drink contains a large number of chemicals - dyes or flavors. The width of the tracks when checking this method shows the age of the wine. The thinner the track, the older the drink. Using this method to check the quality of wine, you need to know that in order for the wine to leave traces, you can add glycerin, and then any drink will seem to be of high quality. After all, thanks to glycerin, the wine will leave tracks on the walls of the glass.
  • Try a drink. After all, the most reliable way to check the wine - is tasting. But it is not suitable for everyone. To understand the aftertaste, you must have some knowledge of winemaking. A good drink has a rather pleasant taste and the same aftertaste. Bad wine has no aftertaste.

Such methods are used to test the quality of store-made grape wine.

how to check the quality of wine at home

How to check the quality of home wine?

Homemade wine is often found on sale in summer resorts. Who would not want to try this grape drink during a vacation on the sea? To check the wine made at home, you need:

  • Fill a two-thirds empty bottle with drink and shake well. Foam that appears on the surface should quickly settle. In this case, the wine is of good quality. If it stays on the surface for a long time, then the wine is spoiled.
  • In a glass filled with wine, put a small amount of juniper berries. If they do not sink, but remain on the surface, then the wine is of good quality. If they sink to the bottom, it means there is water in the drink.

To protect yourself on vacation, do not buy homemade wine from unfamiliar sellers. In resort places, many prepare wine at home, but for sale they can exhibit a low-quality product. Usually, owners of boarding houses or hotels know where to buy good and high-quality homemade wine. Here they have a better and ask.

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Red wine

How to check the quality of red wine? This question is of interest to many, because this particular product is chosen most often.

A wine-filled glass needs to be shaken and immediately stopped. The walls of the wine glass will be covered with a film. The quality of red wine depends on how long it remains on the walls of the dishes. The longer the film stays on them, the better the wine.

The color of the drink is important. This is an important indicator of good red wine. It may have the following colors: purple, burgundy, pink. But the brown color should not be. If the wine has this color, then it is not only poor quality, but also unsuitable for consumption.

Another important indicator of a quality grape drink is taste. Good wine from the first time can not be tasted. After the first sip, you can feel the aroma of the drink and the smell by which you can understand what quality it is. A good wine is different in that as the drink is drunk, its taste becomes more intense. A bad wine doesn't change its taste.

It is important to choose high-quality wine in order not to harm your health and enjoy the fine drink.

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Expert Tips: How to Purchase a Quality Wine?

To avoid the fact that the purchased wine turned out to be of poor quality, it is worth:

  • purchase it only in well-known supermarkets;
  • choose a famous brand;
  • do not buy wine in earthenware;
  • pay attention to traffic jam;
  • carefully inspect the label;
  • pay attention to the price, because a good wine can not be too cheap.

These simple tips will always come in handy when choosing and help you buy quality products.

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