How to choose a coffee set?

Coffee is the world's favorite drink. To use this beautiful drink was a pleasure, you must have a coffee service. Its use will make more beautiful weekdays and holidays. It is also useful during the arrival of guests.


What does the coffee service include? The classic set consists of items such as:

  • cups;
  • saucers;
  • coffee pot;
  • tray;
  • the Turks;
  • spoons;
  • milkman;
  • sugar bowl.

It is advisable to choose sets with a casket designed for whole or ground grains. They will emit a pleasant aroma, making the procedure of drinking a drink unforgettable. Depending on the type, the kit may include fewer or more items. But this list of dishes will be suitable for various celebrations.

coffee set

How does a coffee pot differ from a teapot? The spout on the coffee pot is high, so that there is no sediment from the bottom. In chocolate, it does not matter where it will be located. Chocolate is stirred before pouring, so there is a hole for the spoon on the lids.There are coffee pots without a nose, but they have a drain hole. In the old samples, the production was determined by the spout: in the English the dishes have this detail, and in the European ones there are drain holes. In comparison with teapots, coffee pots have an elongated body and a long spout.

Glass sets

What are the advantages of such dishes? It differs affordable cost, although in appearance such products are not worse than porcelain. The coffee service for 6 persons is classic, but other types of them are also available.

coffee set for 6 persons

When you purchase you need to check the quality of the material. You just need to knock on the subject with a pencil. If the echo is ringing, then there are no defects. Such a set can be bought safely. If the sound is deaf, then there may be internal and external flaws.


From this material, you can also choose a coffee set for 6 people. Porcelain is an attractive material. Cups from it weightless, thin and elegant. The material retains heat well, it is slightly heated, so the person does not burn.

When choosing, you need to check the quality of the material. Dishes should be smooth, without cracks and roughness.With a tapping, a melodic chime appears. There is a demand for a coffee service for 6 persons (china, Japan) Narumi, which is perfect for holidays and everyday life. Known dishes Czech manufacturer Leander. The German service Madonna is appreciated. The sets have all the necessary utensils to drink drinking was enjoyable.

Silver sets

Silver coffee set looks noble. Such sets have an attractive appearance, besides they are durable, practical, easy to clean. The downside of the product is the high price. But you can buy one cup with a saucer.

coffee service for 6 persons porcelain

When choosing a service, you should familiarize yourself with the composition of the material, check the presence of double walls. The second property allows you to not burn your hands. A fine choice is a set of stainless steel, which is coated with silver. The purchase will be cheaper, but the type of products will be attractive.


A ceramic coffee set is considered quite practical. Although many sets do not have the elegance, which is in silver or chinaware. But the advantage is practicality, so the sets are suitable for different occasions.

Ceramic sets have different designs, so buyers have the opportunity to choose the dishes in accordance with the interior of the kitchen or living room.When you purchase should take into account the quality. There should be no glaze on the rims of the products, since this is a confirmation of the use of a low-quality base.

Cost of

The price of simple sets is in the range of 2500-3000 rubles. Porcelain products are 2-3 times more expensive. The price of silver services is much higher. The cost is affected by the number of items. Each manufacturer may be different.

coffee service for 6 persons porcelain japan


Cookware is available in several stylistic solutions. Commonly used classic style or avant-garde. The first one uses calm tones and concise forms. Services in avant-garde style are perfect for lovers of all original, bright. There may be different patterns on the dishes.

Before you buy a set, you should determine whether it is suitable for the material, design and design. After all, the set must be aesthetic. Suitable dishes will delight with every use of coffee.

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