How to choose a T-shaped machine for shaving: tips and reviews

Despite the many different commercials that demonstrate the advantages of cluster razors, a T-shaped shaving machine is rapidly gaining popularity. After all, the irreplaceable classic fits any consumer requirements, but modern cassette novelties often do not meet the requirements and desires of ordinary people.t shaped shaving machines for men

Special features

T-shaped shaving machine of Russian production is not inferior to foreign leaders in quality, therefore, the reasons for their popularity are the same:

  1. Efficiency.Operation of the product, as well as its cost, is an order of magnitude lower when compared with these indicators with cassette machines. After all, not every buyer is ready to overpay a considerable amount, but in the end get the same result.
  2. Regular improvements.With a long use of the blade, as a rule, dull. In this case, you do not need to immediately go to acquire a new T-shaped machine for shaving, you just need to replace the blades themselves.

Another important feature and the reason for popularity is the fact that the classic T-shaped razors symbolize brutality and masculinity, and cassette machines are used not only by the representatives of the stronger sex, but also by the thin female natures.t shaped shaving machine reviews

Differences from the cassette machine

In addition to the form and cost, there are a number of features that distinguish shaving T-shaped classic machine and cassette option. First of all, it should be noted that in the first machine there is only one blade, but this does not reduce the quality of shaving, but cassette razors, as a rule, have from 3 to 5 blades. The T-shaped machine does not harm the skin and does not scrape it several times, as a cassette machine constantly does. In addition, an equally important distinguishing feature is the fact that the blade of the T-shaped razor is easily removed and cleaned of excess dirt, while the cassette machine does not allow you to do the same procedure with you.


It seems to an unknown person that all T-shaped machines of modern production are very similar to each other, but in fact this is not so. There are three main types:

  1. T-shaped machine for shaving "Butterfly", which is almost instant loading of the blade without any extra effort. The only drawback is the lack of combination of different heads.
  2. A razor consisting of a handle and top cap. Key benefits include maximum blade calibration accuracy and durability. The disadvantages here are quite difficult to find.
  3. Razor, which consists of a handle, top cover and guard. With careless use, the blade may slightly twist, which will lead to small injuries in the form of cuts, although this happens quite rarely.

How to use

T-shaped shaving machine of Russian or foreign production requires special attention to yourself during shaving. This process involves the use of several important attributes (shaving brush, foam, and so on). Many people do not like this waste of time, so they prefer electric razors. But It is worth noting that no other razor can compare with the T-shaped and will not make a shave cleaner. In addition, the classic shave leaves behind a certain feeling of freshness and freedom, which cannot be replaced by anything.blade shaving t shaped machine

Young men who only learn the basics of this procedure are advised by professionals to use models with a closed comb, and when choosing a small brush it is better to pay attention to the option with a badger pile. Together with these accessories it is necessary to prepare regular soap or a special cream and container, where the foam will be whipped.

Experts strongly recommend not to use the foam in the cylinders, as its components can harm the skin.

The soap should be put in a prepared container, and then beat the foam with a brush. The finished foam should be gently applied to moisturized skin, and then you can begin to shave. The machine needs to be held at the very bottom of the handle, squeezing it with your thumb and forefinger.

Trying to remove all vegetation should not be immediately, as it must be done in several stages. If the bristles are very branchy, then you need to shave with minimal overlaps.

Use dull blades is prohibited. There are situations when the skin is a bit tight when shaving, which indicates the need to replace the blade. In addition, even if the razor is new and the blade is sharp, then they should not touch the skin,where there is no foam. Otherwise, microtrauma or unpleasant irritation may occur.shave t shaped classic machine

Machine care

Regular maintenance of a shaving machine guarantees a long time of its service, so you should not neglect the basic principles of care, which is not too many. Among them:

  • if the T-shaped shaving blades have not been used for a long time, then before shaving it is necessary to remove them from the machine, and then wash and dry them thoroughly;
  • after each shaving procedure, the machine must be washed;
  • the razor itself and the blades should be kept separate to avoid rust;
  • plaque on the surface of the machine can be easily removed with a weak solution of vinegar;
  • alcohol is perfect for disinfection.

rating of t-shaped shaving machines

Recommendations for selection

Undoubtedly, a good machine guarantees a beautiful appearance and the absence of cuts and minor scratches on the skin, so you should not save on it. Now the market can be found as a T-shaped machine for shaving made in Russia, and foreign models, but it is very difficult to choose from them. As a rule, the help is needed by beginners who have not tried a single machine yet.A few tips will help not to make a mistake with the choice and get the desired result:

  1. Be sure to secure it is necessary to have a packaging of disposable machines that will be useful in case of breakage of the main razor.
  2. Aggressiveness is determined by the size of the open part of the blade, as well as the angle of its location.
  3. For beginners, less aggressive models are best suited - with a closed comb.
  4. More experienced men are better to choose aggressive machines, but to use them very carefully.
  5. Models with grooved handles are much easier to hold.
  6. It is best to buy a machine not on the Internet, but in a real store, where you can come in person and hold it in your hand, choosing the most suitable one.

best t shaped shaving machines

Popular production

As you know, T-shaped shaving machines (male and female) are produced by many manufactures, but their quality and cost, of course, differ. The most popular and popular at the moment are the following companies:

  1. Muehle.Permanent leader, for many years now releasing hygiene items and shaving accessories to the world market.
  2. WeishiEveryone knows the production, the strategy of which is aimed at the quality of the products, as well as the regular introduction of innovative technologies.

Leading model

Quite often, one or another rating of T-shaped shaving machines demonstrates one interesting model that has been popular for quite a long time - WEISHI 9306-B. For beginners, it is not very suitable, since prior to its acquisition it is already necessary to at least a little master the technique of shaving with this type of machine. This machine has a fastening type "Butterfly", and its cost is about 1000 rubles, so this model will be affordable for everyone.t-shaped machine for shaving Russian


The machine comes on sale in a beautiful plastic box where it can be stored. In addition, this box contains blades, as well as special razor brushes. Another no less pleasant addition is the built-in mirror inside the box cover. It helps a lot when traveling, when there is no possibility to use a large mirror.

general information

The machine itself is made of metal, its weight is about 55 grams, and length - 88 millimeters. The razor also features a top chrome finish, which has been slipping for quite a while.

The blunted edge of the blade, which is not intended for shaving, protrudes slightly from one side.Some people do not like it in appearance, although this projection does not affect the shaving process and does not harm the skin.

Shave and blades

Despite all the other parameters and features of the machine, be sure to understand how it works and how to shave, so as not to get a microtrauma.

For a start it is worth saying that the main blade is clamped into the machine by twisting the end of the handle. At the same time, the petals are closed. The shaving process itself is quite similar to shaving with plastic machines, but the difference is that the T-shaped machine is lighter in weight, and the blade in it protrudes a little more.

As mentioned above, it is forbidden to drive on dry skin. First, you should thoroughly lather the area where there is bristle, and then begin to shave. Strongly press the machine and try to perform the procedure as soon as possible not.

This machine is not too aggressive and shaves very well. In addition, despite the small length of the handle, it is convenient to hold it in your hand.

Many more people like the ability to control the angle of attack of the blade. That is, the handle can be tightened either as far as it will go, or else it is not possible to tighten the last couple of turns, which will contribute to changing the angle of the blade.It seems to many that if the handle is not fully tightened, the machine will not do its job properly. In fact, this is a wrong opinion. On the contrary, the machine will work much better if the handle is not turned all the way down.

Dorco blades are ideal for this razor. They are not aggressive, but they keep sharpening much longer than products of this type of other popular industries. After 3 or 5 shaving procedures, the blade will not feel dull, so you can not change it for a long time.t-shaped machine for shaving Russian production


Of course, any T-shaped machine for shaving reviews has different, as people of different age categories use them. In this case, the buyers first of all note the right balance of price and quality. Indeed, it is now quite difficult to find a truly worthy razor at such a cost.

Of the main advantages, a good package is most often noted, in particular a special box for storage. It can be perfectly placed machine, a pair of blades, a brush for cleaning and other small accessories.

As a rule, for such a cost you can find only disposable machines,which use is obtained no more than two or three times, after which they break down and you have to spend money on a new razor. This model also serves its owners for a long time and never fails.

The cons of WEISHI 9306-B is almost none. The only thing that is not acceptable to all customers is a short pen. Although you can adapt to it very quickly.

Other models

In addition to the undoubted leader, other best T-shaped shaving machines should be considered:

  1. Muehle R 89.The safety razor handle has a grooved surface that helps hold the machine in your hand. A non-aggressive and quite pleasant to use razor is ideal for sensitive skin.
  2. Muehle R 106.This model has a great design and unique precision. The head is perfectly balanced, which contributes to the precise positioning of the blade. This shaver is not too aggressive, so it is perfect for both daily use and for various trips.
  3. Muehle R 101.A beautiful and multifunctional open-comb shaver is quite aggressive and effective. The handle is made of black acrylic, so it looks elegant and nice in the hand.
  4. Purist R 55 SR.First of all, buyers pay attention to durable material - Karelian birch, as well as to an interesting handle pattern. In addition, the combined blade destroys the stubble very well, without leaving cuts.
  5. Edwin Jagger DE89KN14BL.It has a classic style and consists of three parts. This model especially attracts lovers of classic shaving. Outwardly, it looks aristocratic and quite strictly, the head works as comfortably as possible, the machine is kept comfortably in a wet hand - these are the main advantages for which this model got into the list.

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