How to choose a tulle for the kitchen: tips. Window decoration kitchen

Often creating a trendy interior, we turn our attention to new products and unusual design solutions, sometimes forgetting that the time-tested options in the modern interpretation are often more practical and beautiful. This also applies in the kitchen, because it is curtains made of tulle that turn the kitchen into a cozy and comfortable tulle

What is a tulle

First, let's define what a curtain is tulle for the kitchen. This is a special mesh fabric. The mesh in this case can be both microscopic and barely noticeable, as well as large-knit.

Tulle on the kitchen window can be used in different colors, from linen, nylon, cotton and other fibers. The most important quality of such a fabric is translucency, lightness.

We define the difference between the curtains and the tulle curtain. In the first case, the material from which it is made can be very dense, even very bright light does not penetrate the room through it.In the second version, even very dense tulle will easily pass the necessary amount of natural light.

Tulle for kitchen creates a harmonious interior room. Having correctly picked up fabric, you receive curtains which will become the real decoration of the room.

Types of Tulle

Making the kitchen window, you can sew the curtain yourself or order it in the studio, you can buy the finished product. Recall that the tulle for the kitchen should fit harmoniously into the overall concept of room design, as well as be suitable for frequent washing.

The textile industry today offers a huge variety of tulle, which will satisfy the buyer with any possibilities and curtain curtains

Tulle can be:

  • smooth;
  • patterned.

The patterned tulle is organza, mesh, muslin and veil. These types of fabrics are widely used for the manufacture of curtains and curtains. For curtains, chemical threads (polyester and polyamide) or a mixture of such fibers are more often used. At the same time, kitchen tulle can consist only of cotton and even silk.

Making the window in the kitchen, you should consider the illumination of the room.When the kitchen window “looks” to the south, then more dense tulle is preferable. A kitchen located on the east or north side needs a more transparent fabric.

Practicality of the material

With such curtains your kitchen will undoubtedly be cozy and modern. Tulle in the kitchen is impregnated with a special anti-static and dustproof composition. Housewives, choosing curtains in the kitchen, often think about their practicality and ease of care for them. After all, in addition to traditional pollution in this room there is soot and grease. That is why the curtains in the kitchen get dirty faster than in another room.

All types of tulle, including organza with embroidery or printed pattern, are quite practical - they are perfectly washable in a typewriter, and modern washing powders easily cope with any contamination without harming the fabric. It is easy to dry such curtains - they can be hung on the window, you can even not iron (if the spin mode was turned off).modern tulle in the kitchen

We increase the space

Many housewives do not want to hang tulle in the kitchen because of the too small size of the room. It seems to them that curtained windows will further reduce the space.In fact, properly selected tulle will help to visually expand it.

You can choose a light veil or tulle with a vertical color transition from darker to light. To make the ceilings appear higher, you can buy tulle with a gradual saturation of color at the bottom of the curtains (the effect of degradation).

Length selection

Are you going to order a curtain in the studio, do you want to buy the finished product, or are you going to sew curtains with your own hands, first of all you should decide on the width and length of the product. There are several basic options.

Classic - in this case, the length of the product from the eaves to the floor. This option looks spectacular, but for a small kitchen, such tulle is impractical.

For the kitchen very rarely choose long curtains. And not because it is ugly or contrary to any direction in the design. Long curtains with massive lambrequins make it difficult to approach the window.

Another thing - shortened tulle for the kitchen. A short curtain is convenient for a standard window and for a window with a balcony door. Today, designers recommend using models that only reach the windowsill. This option is more convenient, and no less attractive than a long curtain.

Tulle selection rules

What can be the design of the tulle, so that it does not stand out from the overall design of the kitchen?

If you can't decide which color suits you best, feel free to choose bright neutral tones. Universal option - blind white. Tulle in the kitchen in this color version - the most common. You can also choose gray, beige or sand tint.tulle on the kitchen window

Consider both the color of the furniture and the finish in the kitchen. If the room is dominated by a warm undertone, then the curtains should be made in warm colors. The color of the tulle can be chosen not only in the color of the walls and furniture, but also in the color of kitchen textiles - tablecloths, pillows.

When your kitchen is not large, your tulle design should be lighter and simpler. It is better if it does not have large patterns, glitter, draperies, volume, and it is desirable that the color be light (not necessarily white).

Visually make the ceiling above the curtains in a strip or muslin. The cornice in the kitchen with a low ceiling should be installed under the ceiling.

Quite often for the kitchen use a combined textile decor - tulle complement blinds, roller or Roman blinds, etc. From the point of view of design, such models look spectacular and richer, besides, it is important when it is necessary to shade the room.

Types of cornice

In addition to the problem of choosing tulle for modern kitchen interiors, the question of how to fasten it to the window often arises.

Today the following types of curtain rods are most popular:

  • Guide, which is made of metal or plastic and is regulated with the help of cords.
  • Round, often made of polymers, wood or aluminum. It can be attached to the ceiling or window. It happens single or double.
  • "String" is a budget design. It is invisible under the canvas.

Mounting selection

This is an important element in the design of the window. It depends on the method of fastening tulle. The curtain can be mounted:

  • on rings with clips;
  • on the braid;
  • using eyelets;
  • on the staves (large loops worn on the eaves).

The choice of attachment depends solely on your tulle short

Tulle on the grommet in the kitchen

This option on the kitchen window looks quite original. The stylish effect is achieved thanks to plastic or metal rings that are mounted on top of the curtain fabric. They perform a decorative and functional role. The grommets move freely along the eaves, creating beautiful tails.

Noodle tulle

This is another option for window design in the kitchen. The canvas of the threads can be of different widths (from 5 mm). Such a curtain for a long time retains a spectacular original appearance, is easily erased, does not need ironing. This kitchen tulle can decorate not only the window, but also a doorway or arch. If desired, such a curtain can be decorated with multi-colored beads.

Tulle arch for kitchen

The cut of such curtains has the form of arched vaults. Such curtains are considered classic and are very popular today. The combination of arched rounded shapes with a strict rectangle of the window looks original. Such tulle can be of different texture, quality - they are united by the same cut. Arched curtains are ideal for small kitchens. Using the game of forms, you can achieve a visual expansion of the space.grommet in the kitchen

Tulle for the kitchen in the form of an arch is a traditional solution for rooms made in the classical style or "country". When using their window sill remains open, it can be turned into an additional tabletop.

Tulle for large kitchen

For a spacious room in a large apartment or a private house, you can use a long curtain.This is especially true when the kitchen has two windows. The design of this tulle may be different. For a spacious room, it is important that there are no voids. In other words, thin and short, single-layer curtains will not give the kitchen the desired effect.

It will seem empty and unfinished. Long draped tulle will create a completely different effect. It is allowed to use whole sets in which, for example, Roman tulle and darker fabric are combined.


Tulle with lambrequin will certainly be preferred by lovers of complex lines. Ready-made curtains of this type are commercially available in several variations: with a soft or hard lambrequin. The hard option is a curly plank that adorns the window in the upper part, and the soft one is made of the main fabric, it is a magnificent folds and cascades, fixed in a certain way. Such a model is appropriate in the bright art-deco kitchen, where much attention is paid to luxury. Tulle with a lambrequin on the cornice is fastened with rings and clips.

Bay window

The bay window decorates any room, kitchen as well. With proper design it may well become a dining area.For this perfect tulle so-called Austrian style. These are gathered cuts, short curtains, which are gathered at a certain length from below. This model should be used on all halves of windows. In this case, your kitchen with a bay window will look stylish and original.

Summing up

In order to choose the perfect tulle, one should be guided by three main criteria:

  • type of material (fabric composition);
  • type of cornice;
  • design (mounting method).white tulle in the kitchen

As a result, you get the best solution that fits your kitchen in all respects. Note that the new products of 2015 are modern and classic samples of certain colors. For example, last season gray shades were leading. This trend continues in the current season. Although this year more colors appeared.

In any case, your choice of curtains, their attachment should emphasize the overall style of the interior. We are sure that the tulle curtains will make your kitchen very warm and cozy.

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