How to choose and take protein?

Protein is a popular supplement to the main rationan athlete who watches his muscle mass. It is taken in order to gain muscle mass, and also to keep muscles in case of weight loss.

Protein will be useful if you use appropriate supplements and comply with the rules of admission.

How to choose a protein: types of supplements

In sports stores and specializeddepartments of sports nutrition, you will find a large number of protein supplements of various types and volumes, which produce different firms. Buy protein better in popular and reputable stores. For example, Pani Pharmacy online store (go to the main page of the site and insert a link) offers a large selection of quality supplements - you can order any you like and be sure that you will get a quality product.

To make the right choice, special attention should be given to the type of protein:

  1. proteinEgg protein. One of the best additives, as egg white is perfectly absorbed by the body. It can be said that egg protein is a reference among such additives.
  2. Whey Protein. This additive has the highest rate of cleavage. Taking it, a person gets a high-quality protein, and already in the first hour in his blood the amount of peptides and amino acids increases.
  3. Casein is a complex protein that is digested slowly. Thanks to this, a long, but constant supply of the body with protein occurs.
  4. Soy protein is an alternative for people who do not tolerate dairy products, as well as those who are overweight.
  5. Vegetable protein. Despite its rich and useful composition, it is not easily digested, so it is rarely used in sports nutrition.

Choosing protein for yourself is better on the recommendationgood coach and taking into account their own characteristics. Learn more about the characteristics of protein supplements and seek help from a professional - he will choose the optimal combination of protein for you.

How to Take Protein: Basic Rules

  1. proteinFor the growth of muscles, everyone should take1.5-2 g protein per kg weight. The total amount of protein consumed depends on the food the person takes, and on the amount of protein supplements. Any protein supplement is not a 100% protein, on average it contains about 70%. There are supplements where the amount of protein is 90-95%. Example: Taking 100 grams of a 75 percent protein, you get 75 grams of protein. The more weight, the more protein should be consumed.
  2. For reception, the protein is mixed with milk, water or juice, the amount of liquid can be any. The drink should not be hot, since high temperatures help to clot the protein.
  3. For better assimilation, the dose should be divided intoa few tricks. Do not take the entire daily dose at a time - there is a high probability that the protein will not fully digest. For example, it is better to drink protein in a break between breakfast and lunch and before dinner. If training is planned, then immediately after training.
  4. If the protein is taken for weight loss, then they need to completely replace one of the meals. For example, it can replace the snack between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner.
  5. In the morning in the body there is a deficiency of protein,so whey protein is most suitable at this time. In the daytime it is necessary to maintain the level of protein, so casein will be especially useful, it is also good for taking overnight. After exercise, the best is whey protein.
  6. The effectiveness of the protein taken also depends on theother substances. For better digestion, you should also take carbohydrates, minerals vitamins, necessary, including zinc and chromium, biotin, vitamins B3, B6 and B12.

Protein will do you good, if you choose the right combination of supplements for yourself and will take it regularly - if all conditions are met, you will have a qualitative and healthy growth of muscles.

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