How to choose the front door

All known information is that the entrance doors must perform certain functions: to protect an apartment, building or country house from dangerous and uninvited, so-called "guests", and also to be a wonderful interior decoration from both the external and the internal side of the design concept of the whole building .

Basics of Choice

In our time, innovative developments and technological progress, in the construction markets and trading platforms there is a wide alternative of products, but to acquire,that fit and fit properlyin the overall decor of the apartment,it can sometimes be very difficult, among a variety of offers from different manufacturers and the mass of suppliers.

 Each building, like the personality of its owner, is exclusive,andIt is also worth choosing according to individual requirements and characteristics.Some are guided by the appearance, others - by discounts and promotions, others - by the strength of materials and the quality of related fittings.Naturally, a lot depends on the financial budget.After all, in today's competitive market there are economy variations - the usual wooden doors and elite direction - with a metallic coating, as well as armored surfaces, for all taste preferences and wishes of the buyer.

Buying Tips

When purchasing a separator, never tell the seller that you need a regular size on a standard doorway. Accurately measure measurements, check fasteners and mechanisms, orient yourself through the main material and additional accessories (handles, peephole). The most common type of entrance maids for an apartment is the surface of steel with a thermo-coating. With such materials, variations and design experiments are also possible. You can buy them in building supermarkets, in the market or in a company that specializes in the production of the above elements.

Correctly calculated element volume and professionally made installation are two main points that must be observed during the installation process, and the entrance door itself, at the moment, must clearly meet the following requirements and have:

  • solid construction base;
  • anti-pins;
  • reinforced corners;
  • fireproof coating;
  • high-quality material, environmentally friendly, without harmful impurities;
  • accompanying documents and certificate from the manufacturer;
  • excellent accessories and mechanisms with protection against hacking.

Observing all the above tips when buying an input divider, you can buy a good door that will serve as a reliable protection from penetration into a dwelling or building, as well as turn the situation into a more cozy and comfortable.

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