How to connect bluetooth on a laptop: step by step instructions

Want to know how to connect bluetooth on a laptop? In fact, there are several ways. This article is devoted to their study.

Why do you need?

To begin with, let's look at why we need bluetooth on the computer. At first glance, it may seem an unnecessary and even outdated function. In fact, bluetooth on a laptop will help get rid of the numerous wires through which gadgets are connected.

So, for example, if you need to synchronize a mobile phone with a computer, you don’t have to “make a garden” in order to carry out the planned business. In addition, if you know how to connect bluetooth on a laptop, you can easily control your device remotely. And this is quite a useful feature that will greatly facilitate your life.

how to connect bluetooth on a laptop

First check

The first thing you need to do before you start connecting is to check if there is any Bluetooth on the laptop.As a rule, on modern models there is a similar opportunity. But on fairly old machines, you can not detect the bluetooth at all.

In order to find out about the presence of the necessary component, you can look at the characteristics of your laptop. If you are just buying an "iron friend", then you can see the corresponding inscription on the price tag with the characteristics.

In addition, you can see if the bluetooth program is installed on your laptop in the user guide for your computer And everything else, on each "laptop" there is a special indicator light that displays the presence and status of some of its functionality. As a rule, if the computer has Bluetooth, then it is “drawn” in the form of a proprietary Bluetooth icon. If you find one on your laptop, be sure you have it by default. Thus, you can easily and simply use it when needed.

bluetooth driver on laptop

Beginning of work

So, now it's time to figure out how to connect bluetooth on a laptop. Here there are several ways. We will consider each of them. Let's start with the simplest: on the laptop already have built-in bluetooth.

In this situation, especially if you have a licensed Windows, all you need to do is turn on the Bluetooth program (if it does not start automatically). Then you need to activate the function itself on the computer. This is done using the "Function" button on the keyboard ("fn" is its possible designation) and the corresponding key on the computer with the bluetooth icon. Look at the indicator light. If it caught fire, then everything is done correctly. Now you can safely enjoy all the functions that wireless device synchronization includes.

bluetooth program on laptop

If there is no built-in function

But it may be that the computer does not have a built-in bluetooth. Then you need to install it as an additional device to the usb-connector. First of all, go to the nearest computer shop and ask the consultant to help you with the search for bluetooth for a laptop. Usually such a device looks like a miniature flash drive. Buy it.

When you get home, turn on your laptop. Now let's deal with how to connect bluetooth on a laptop, if such a function is not provided by default in your computer model.Wait for the system to boot. After that you need to connect your new purchase via usb-connector. It is equipped with a special indicator light, which should flash at the very beginning. After that you will be able to connect.

Next, you need to install the driver for the bluetooth on the laptop. As a rule, it comes in a set with the connection gadget itself. Small cd-disks are quite popular, on which just one driver is placed and no more "garbage". Insert the CD into the laptop, then see what happens: the installer of the driver and the bluetooth program starts.

If you have a Windows 7 operating system, then most likely, even when connected to usb, the system will automatically search for the required driver package on the Internet. If there are any, then everything will be installed / downloaded automatically. You will only need to put a special program to work with a new opportunity. If the driver is not found, it is better to use the disk from the kit.

Bluetooth does not work on a laptop

Follow the instructions given by the bluetooth driver package installer. Select the installation path and click "Next."Wait until the end of the process, after which it is desirable to restart the computer. When you want to use bluetooth, just plug in the USB flash drive-bluetooth connector, then run the program. Now everything is ready for work.


Unfortunately, it may happen that such a situation does not work bluetooth on a laptop. He seems to be on your model, but for some reason he refused to start. Let's see what can be done in this situation:

  1. First, check if Bluetooth is turned on. Very often, users simply forget to run it before work. This will help the indicator light on the front of the laptop.
  2. Next, you need to check the drivers. Perhaps, for some reason, they "flew" or completely retired. If you are in the service manager noticed that there are no drivers, then you need to install them again. After that, everything should fall into place.
  3. Another reason our current function may not work is a technical breakdown. In this case, you need to go to the store and buy an additional gadget that allows you to put Bluetooth on the computer.

If you find that you do not have drivers, and there is no disk with them, you will need to download the necessary package on the Internet. You can find something suitable for the laptop model or the device itself, if it was purchased separately.

is there a bluetooth on the laptop


Now you know how to connect bluetooth on a laptop, and what to do if this function suddenly refused to work. Nevertheless, let's make some instructions that will help you in any situation:

  1. Checking the presence of built-in bluetooth: look at the specifications and the panel with lights on the front of the laptop. If you notice the Bluetooth icon, then you have it.
  2. The built-in bluetooth is activated using the "Fn" button in combination with the button that shows the bluetooth logo.
  3. Drivers better not to lose. If there is no disk, download the necessary driver and write it somewhere.
  4. If the bluetooth suddenly refused to work, check whether it is on and all the “firewood” are installed.

It is always better to have a usb flash drive on hand, giving you the opportunity to work with bluetooth, and drivers from it. This will help in case of unexpected breakdowns.

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