How to cook chicken noodle soup?

Chicken Noodle Soup- This is a tasty dish of traditional Russian cuisine. In the presence of ingredients, it is prepared very quickly and easily To cook this dish, we needbroth from bird of average fat content and house noodles.

chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup. Homemade noodle recipe

We will prepare the dough, taking into account the fact that the total volume of the dish is 5 liters.

For the test, we need the following products:

- chicken egg (2 pieces);

- high-grade flour;

- salt.

Noodle Tools:

- big rolling pin (not less than 40 cm long);

- knife;

- a towel.

Chicken Noodle SoupKnead the dough

We use flour of the highest grade so that the finished noodles do not become gray. On a clean, dry table, sift flour in the shape of a slide. At the top we make a depression, similar to a crater of a volcano. Separately, in a bowl, beat two eggs. Better if they are home. In them the yolk is more bright color, and therefore chicken noodle soupwill be brighter and more appetizing. Add a pinch of salt. Pour the egg mass into the flour hole.And gradually, grabbing a little flour with two fingers, mix it with the egg. Finger movements - small, clockwise. When the middle area has become non-liquid, remove the stuck pot from the fingers and start kneading the dough. Here you need to be careful not to knead the hard dough - it will be impossible to roll it into a layer. In this case, chicken noodle soup will not work. If the dough is already cool, then the easiest way is to throw it away and start over. From the second time, it will definitely work out! When kneading dough, sprinkle the table with a very small amount of flour, spreading it in a thin layer. Large portions of milled wheat should not immediately fall into the batch. First, you can not reliably assess the consistency of the test. Secondly, the flour simply forms lumps that are hard to soften.

Roll out, dry noodles

When the dough turned out to be medium-high, roll it into a thin layer. Despite the fact that the dough is not hard, it will have to roll out for a long time, because it is necessary to achieve a plate thickness of about 2 mm. From this amount of products (we are guided by 2 eggs) the formation should turn out in the form of a circle with jagged edges with a diameter of about 45 cm.The billet must be dried. To do this, lay out a circle of dough on a clean and dry towel, periodically turning from one side to another. To accelerate the drying of the dough, I propose to cover the wooden stool with a natural fiber cloth and hang a wheat plate on one of the edges. Every 15-20 minutes change the location of the workpiece. After about two hours, the dough will be ready for further action.

Chicken Noodle Soup RecipeChop noodles

The resulting plate is cut into two semicircles. Each roll up into a straw with a diameter of about 4 cm and, spread out, put on a chopping board. Cut the noodles diagonally with very thin and short strips. Ideally, they should be crushed to a size of 2-3 mm by 4 cm. Do not be afraid that the noodles will be shallow! First, in length, it almost turns out to be double folded, that is, its size will be 8 cm by 2-3 mm. And the thickness of homemade pasta during cooking increases about 3-4 times. Therefore, slicing dough larger, you risk getting very large and uncomfortable pieces of boiled dough. Although someone likes the noodles to be thin and wide. But it looks more like a dish of Italian cuisine. Separate the noodles from one another.

Chicken noodle soup is easy to cook

Put the homemade noodles into the already cooked boiling broth and boil for 7-15 minutes after boiling. Readiness depends solely on its size. Serving Chicken Noodle Soupin deep plates, sprinkled with fresh chopped greens. This is the traditional Russian way of making homemade noodles, but you can add potatoes and carrots to it, and something else to your taste.

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