How to do namaz right?

There are five main pillars on which the religion of Islam is built.

1. Witnessing that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad is His slave and messenger.

2. Mandatory prayer as evidence of loyalty to Allah.

3. Paying zakiyata (donating a certain amount of acquired good in favor of the poor).

4. Observance of fasting in the month of Ramadan.

5. Pilgrimage (Haj to Mecca)

The most important pillar of Islam

It should be noted that if the last three obligations are to be fulfilled only from the moment the Muslim reaches the age of majority, then the two preceding paragraphs become fundamental in the life of the faithful since childhood. With regard to the ceremony of namaz, then its mandatory execution is prescribed from 15 to do namazHowever, in truly Muslim families, the prayer praising the Most High has been done by children since the age of seven. This approach is considered the most acceptable. The child not only quickly gives in to the teachings of the surams necessary for performing namaz, but also absorbs the importance of fulfilling the pillars of Islam from childhood, clearly presenting the canons of religion.But it often happens that the family does not pay enough attention to religious education. Some parents, especially those whose main years of life fell during the construction of communism, which completely denied the need for religious education, do not make due efforts to the process of forming the child’s personality as a righteous Muslim. And poor children have to independently fill such a gap already at a conscious age. In particular, they are most concerned about how to do to learn to do namaz

Important Terms of Salat

Each prayer, which is read five times a day at a strictly defined time, is preceded by the rite of ablution. Its essence lies in the fact that before doing namaz, it is necessary to rinse the following parts of the body and face with clean water: hands, feet, forearms, mouth, nose, ears and forehead. Moreover, the process of ablution should follow a strict procedure. The rite begins with the washing of hands. Next, you need to rinse the mouth and nose. The following in the process of ablution are face and ears. Hands should be washed, starting from the tips of the fingers of the right hand and conducting with water over the entire area of ​​the forearm, capturing the ulnar fold.The touch of water to the feet is preceded by the obligatory wetting of the hair roots above the forehead (the area of ​​the spring in an infant). All stages of ablution are accompanied by words that deny the existence of a deity, except Allah. In addition, each part of the body undergoing ablution should be rinsed three times. It is also necessary to avoid talking to strangers. There is also a full ablution, which must be carried out after a long illness, a long journey, marital intimacy, before the holy feasts and the Friday prayer.


learn to do namazYou should know that if you still did not have to pray, or for some reason you did not do it for a long time, then you should definitely make a “niyat”, which is a verbal confirmation of the intention to pray.

Learning to do namaz

So how to learn to do namaz yourself? Naturally, being surrounded by relatives and friends who are responsible for fulfilling the duty of a Muslim, the answer to the question of how to do namaz will be understood quickly enough. For a start, you can learn the correct order of action (reading sura, bow (arm), lifting, bow (saj), sitting), repeating everything for a righteous Muslim reading namaz.You should know that the implementation of these actions, completed with a sincere reading of the prayer addressed to Allah, who do not know how to do namaz, is considered a real rite of prayer. However, in order to perform a complete namaz, it is necessary to learn some of the suras from the Quran. In particular, the two main ones are Al-Fatiha and At-Tahiyat.

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