How to draw an Adventure Time?

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How to draw an Adventure Time?

In our time there is great diversitycartoons. Characters from the cartoons you like draw, mold from plasticine or sew in the form of toys. We will tell you how to draw a pencil of heroes from the popular animated series "Time of Adventures" step by step.

Drawing Marceline

Marceline is the queen of vampires. She is a thousand years old, but she looks eighteen.

  1. We begin drawing the hero from the face. Draw an oval, two round eyes inside and a wide mouth. Eyes black in color.
  2. Next, we draw a part of the hair: on the right and left, the hair covers part of the forehead, in the middle is a straight parting. Draw hair with round lines. On the right we show the boundaries of the hair with the help of sharp ends.
  3. Draw a tongue, two sharp teeth in the form of fangs, neck.
  4. We draw a dress in the form of a trapezoid.
  5. Then draw the right hand with the shoulder, fromLeft hand, first draw only the shoulder. Both hands are up, so the left hand will be behind our hair. Therefore, we draw only the upper part of the arm above the head.
  6. Draw the top of the dress in the form of sharp teeth, belt.
  7. Next draw long legs, prisosovyvaem to them shoes.
  8. Dorisovyvayem hair, they must be below the knee.
  9. Draw on the right two vertical points on the neck.

Drawing Jake

Jake is an old and wise dog of yellow color with a kind heart.

  1. Draw an oval nose and paint it in black.
  2. Draw two big eyes. To the left of each eye, paint one third of the space in black.
  3. Draw a mouth, inside the tongue and three teeth from above.
  4. Next, draw the lower part of the body, then the top with two ears. In general, the body should resemble an oval.
  5. To the body we paint the legs and hands.

Draw Fina

Fin is a stupid kid who wants to become a hero.

  1. We start drawing also from the head. Draw an oval, eyes with dots and onFincloseup to them mouth in smile.
  2. Around the head we draw a body in the form of a rectangle. At the top of the body draw two small sharp ears.
  3. From the body draw the shorts to the hero, then the legs.
  4. Curve line divides the head from the body of the character.
  5. Draw sleeves and hands.
  6. Draw the top of the shoes. The lower part of the legs is painted black - these will be the shoes themselves.
  7. Dorisovyvaem hands. They are bent at the waist.

Drawing a Pumpkin

The Puppy is a spoiled princess of the Foul Kingdom. This character looks like a cloud with a star in his forehead.

  1. Draw the upper semicircle, then on the sides of the same size, and a little lowerPuppysemicircles a little larger.
  2. Then we draw another semicircle from two sides. We close the figure below with three small semicircles. It turned out a figure in the form of a cloud.
  3. Draw the eye in the form of dots, mouth in the form of an oval.
  4. Draw your hands and fingers.
  5. Above the eyes we draw eyebrows.
  6. On the right side of the mouth we draw a cheek.
  7. Draw a star on the forehead.

Look for more ideas for drawing in our Drawing section.

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