How to dress up a girl for graduation in kindergarten?

In kindergarten every year passes several different matinees. Each child plays a specific role for which parents try to find the right outfit. Girls for the holidays wear beautiful outfits of snowflakes, leaves, snowballs, butterflies, sailors. But every little beauty wants to be a princess. This is only possible during the graduation ceremony in kindergarten.

The importance of the moment

Parents of girls in this period have a hard time. We need to find a beautiful dress, pick up shoes and accessories for it. Will have to run a lot, not to mention the cost of such beauty. But after all, your beloved daughter has completed a whole stage of her life, which she wants to remember forever. After all, for the first time in kindergarten, she was alone in a large team, without her mother's support. The guys and the teachers helped her to settle in, she found her first friends and girlfriends there, maybe even her first childish love appeared.

graduation in kindergarten

And of course, the girl wants to come to the prom in the kindergarten in the most beautiful dress, so that her mother would make her a fashionable hairstyle, wear shoes like Cinderella's in a fairy tale, and at least for a while turn into a real princess who will be admired by everyone. Parents should understand the hidden desires of their little beauty, because the memory of such a momentous day will remain for a long time, and any problems can always be resolved, if you really try.

Rules for choosing a dress

At the age of six, the girl already has an aesthetic taste, and she can understand what she likes and what is ugly about her. So it is necessary to choose a dress for graduation in kindergarten with your child. Mom can give unobtrusive advice to her daughter. For example, a very long dress will be inconvenient during a holiday, as during a dance or a sudden movement you can step on the edge and fall, and this will be completely superfluous.

Since the graduation ceremony in the kindergarten takes place either at the end of May or at the beginning of June, it will be already warm, and in the assembly hall it is generally hot because of the large number of guests. The best choice would be a dress made of lightweight airy material and sleeveless.It will also be a beautiful combination of the color of the material or accessories and the color of the child's eyes.

hairstyles for graduation in kindergarten

It is also necessary to take into account the color of the skin. If she has a pale shade, then a gentle light dress or pale green will not suit her at all. But tanned brunette gentle pastel colors will be to the face.

An important point in choosing a dress for girls for graduation in kindergarten is its convenience. Strong pomp of the skirt, cumbersome additional elements will hamper in movements, and experiencing constant discomfort, the child will not be happy, will quickly get tired and start to be capricious.

Classic dress

Absolutely all girls like the long dress. They feel that they are real princesses, and if the dress is white, then brides. Distinguishes such a style with a fitted simple top and a long, gathered or fluffy skirt. The belt is often wide, decorated with bouquets of flowers or a lush bow at the back. Such a wonderful accessory will be gentle pearl beads.

dress for graduation in kindergarten

Choosing the color of the dress, think about how your child somehow stands out from a large number of elegantly dressed girls in the group, so that it skillfully emphasizes the figure of the daughter.Stopping your choice on a long model, do not forget to teach your child to sit on the chair in it elegantly. Many mothers forget such an important moment, and the child sits awkwardly, the dress is lifted up, the underskirt is visible, attached to the hoop or fishing line. It looks unaesthetic.

Dress with asymmetry

For girls at graduation in the garden will be comfortable outfit with an asymmetrical skirt. Here are combined long and short hem. Keeping the image of a little princess, the child will feel more relaxed during the holiday, as it is much easier to perform dance steps when the front part of the legs is open. Yes, and all beautiful shoes will be able to carefully consider.

graduation in kindergarten

The skirt can be made of the same material as the dress, it can be fluffy, chiffon, openwork, with frills and without. Variants of such a model a large number. Additional elements and decorations are located mainly on the belt or bodice of the dress. Open bottom makes high demands on the selection of shoes. Shoes can be classic white, the same color with the dress material, the color of the bow.

Flower print

Recently, bright floral colors of materials for dresses and sundresses burst into fashion. Outside spring, nature blooms with bright colors. Girls in dresses with a floral print look very feminine and fresh in spring. Decorate such an outfit can only extra puffy skirts or plain belts. If the same shoes were not included in the dress set, then it is better to choose a model without a pattern that has shades of a dress or white.

girls at graduation in kindergarten

A wreath of flowers or an elegantly knotted bow of the same material as the belt will look beautiful on your head. The dress can be of different lengths and styles.

White dress

In such a snow-white outfit, every girl presents herself as a bride. A simple top and a fluffy multi-layered skirt give a soft and elegant look alongside. Decorate such a dress for graduation in the garden with additional color accents. These can be flowers and bows, gloves long and short, openwork and simple. The main thing is not to get involved and stick to good tone.

dresses for girls for graduation in kindergarten

As an additional element to the alongside there can be a light handbag to match. There is no special need for a holiday, it can even interfere with and hamper movement, but if you take it to a graduation party in a kindergarten, the photo will be very impressive. Then you can hang it on a chair.

Short dress with a fluffy skirt

This version of the dress is the most convenient for a girl at a holiday where it will be very hot. Do not forget that graduation in kindergarten is the longest celebration. After all, in addition to poems, dances and songs, the children are waited by the official part, where they will call each child separately, hand him a vignette, a memorable diploma, a gift, ribbons, etc. Then the head and tutor will give a speech. Then the representatives of the parent committee will say a few words of gratitude to the kindergarten workers. This will naturally take a long time. If the girl is wearing a long and fluffy dress with synthetic multi-layered petticoats, the child will quickly tire and may feel unwell. After all, the heat in the hall and nervous tension sooner or later will make themselves known.

graduation in kindergarten photo

A light and short dress will eliminate these problems. After all, most of the legs are open. And the beauty of such a dress is not inferior to the classic version.

Ball gown

The dress for the ball is, of course, long and lush. The upper part can be with straps, like a sundress, with a wide strap that covers one shoulder, or with open shoulders. The design of the bodice is also diverse.Use the sewn-on details, pasted pastes, beads, flowers from satin ribbons. A distinctive feature of any ball gown is a long and puffy skirt. It can be monophonic and color, with frills and without them. Be sure to support the bottom multi-layered petticoats.

hairstyles for girls at prom in kindergarten

It is advisable to choose a dress not to the floor, but to the girl’s ankle. Long dresses are very beautiful, but uncomfortable for a child. Indeed, in ordinary everyday life, a girl never puts on such things. Having bought or rented a dress of this style, it is recommended to wear it several times at home, walk around it in the room, preferably in shoes, try to sit on a high chair, learn how to lift it properly at the right moments. Then at the festival the child will feel more confident.

Hairstyles for the holiday

No less beautiful than dresses, look original hairstyles for girls at prom in kindergarten. To create a masterpiece of hair beauties have to get up early in the morning, when most of the boys are still sleeping, and sit without moving for a long time. Many mothers, conceiving an interesting composition, hire a professional hairdresser.Such hairstyles immediately attract the attention of guests of the holiday. Now the intricacies of the braids are fashionable, of which the craftsmen make figures of varying complexity. These are butterflies, flowers, geometric ornament. Some mothers can also show the skill of weaving and come up with something interesting, depending on the length of the child's hair.

hairstyles graduation in kindergarten long curls

Hair of short length can be braided on the forehead line in braids or folded with a pattern using thin elastic bands, and the rest of the piece can be screwed on curlers. On the one hand, you can decorate your head with a flower made of light ribbons, or pin a small decorative hat, matched to the color of the dress. The main thing in the manufacture of hairstyles for graduation in kindergarten is the convenience of the child. Nothing should pull, crush, prick. Otherwise, at the most crucial moment, the girl can pull the strand - and all the beauty will move to the side or fall apart completely.

How to make long hair?

If your daughter has thick and long hair, then it's time to show all their beauty to others. All the girls love loose curls falling on their shoulders. They agree all night to lie on the curlers pressing on the head. The quality of styling depends on the properties of the hair.All mothers understand approximately what kind of hair they will hold and which they will fall apart. If the hair is naughty, then you just need to collect them in a bun at the top of the head and decorate it with a beautiful bow or barrette.

Hairstyles for graduation in the garden of long hair are now fashionable to decorate with wreaths of flowers. Since ancient times, our ancestors wore this girl's accessory in the solemn moments of their lives. Now ethnic things and toilet details are in fashion. A wreath on the head, matched to the color of the dress, will refresh the face and give an image of femininity.

long hair hairstyle

Many clips and pins for hair, decorated with flowers from pebbles, ribbons, beads. They fit perfectly in the hairstyle of loose long hair. You can use soft hoops.

Beautifully look hairstyles, in which the upper part of the head is framed by weaving of braids, and the rest freely falls on the shoulders. Luck strong fixation is desirable not to use. Curls should look natural, so that a lightweight lacquer is suitable, allowing hair to move, but not to decay.

Extra hassle

If an elegant dress can be rented, then the remaining parts will have to be bought in advance.These are shoes, jewelry in the form of bracelets, a wreath or pins. At the final holiday in kindergarten it is not recommended to tie children's volume bows. Still, the girl is already 6 years old, and she wants to have a more adult look. And synthetic bows look very childish.

If you have not chosen a dress yet, and you already need to buy shoes, then choose classic colors that suit any outfit. It is white or beige. If you have beautiful weekend shoes for a child, you can then choose a dress to match the color of the shoes or take a white outfit, and choose accessories to match the color of the shoes.

In addition, you can additionally pick up gloves or openwork sleeves holding on one finger. If you decide to use beads, then select a not too bulky model. A thin thread around the neck will be quite enough.

The most important thing in any celebration is a festive mood. If the mother is not nervous and will sympathetically adjust her daughter to a positive, then the graduation will be the happiest day of childhood and will be remembered for a long time.

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