How to edit video at home

With the development of computer technology and mobile devices, many opportunities have appeared for shooting video and its subsequent editing. In this regard, the question arises how to edit video at home on a computer using a tablet or smartphone. There are plenty of applications for this today. It goes without saying that there are paid, shareware and completely free programs that differ only in basic features.

how to edit video

Video history

The history of video formats originates back in the days when the first video recorders with tapes appeared. Then nobody spoke about universal programs for video signal playback and processing.

Another thing - the emergence of powerful computers with operating systems. Now it was possible to talk about the conversion of formats that would be recognized not only at the program level, but also on consumer players.This is precisely due to the advent of CD players, and later DVD and Blu-ray. True, they could not edit the video. But many software products could process it and use almost the most real professional effects and editing schemes.

what program to edit video

Video editing software and their main features

What program to edit video, each user decides for himself. In principle, nonlinear editing applications for the most part have several basic standard functions built on the general principles of video signal processing. Such functions may differ only in names.

Using native Windows tools

The easiest solution to understand how to edit video is to use the built-in Windows operating system called Windows Movie Maker.

This application is designed mainly for novice users who do not pursue professional quality or numerous computer effects, but prefer the speed and ease of use of a software product. There is a small basic set of operations that will suit most users.

For example, the program allows you to cut video, remove some frames, “glue” the videos together, add sound, text and much more. All functions are simple and clear, so no one should have problems using the program.

how to edit videos on YouTube

Third-party video processing software

Along with this, the question of how to edit video can also be solved with the help of many software packages created by third-party developers. Only in this case, you need to see the difference between the simplest utilities and professional tools.

Among the simplest programs, Movavi can be noted, but in the professional aspect it is better to pay attention to Sony Vegas Pro. In principle, video processing in both cases is almost the same. But in terms of how to edit video with improved quality and different output formats, Sony Vegas Pro looks much better.

edit video online without downloading

In addition, there is the possibility of processing the signal at a quality level of 32 bits, creating an unlimited number of video and audio tracks, editing the audio material itself to produce 5.1 sound, and using professional effects.The application also supports the majority of modern cameras and allows digitizing from old video tapes.

In some cases, suitable and programs for processing audio with video support. These are Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, etc. They also have a lot of interesting things. You only need to open video files via the Open As command ... Next, by selecting the video track, you can apply the necessary processing tools.

Editing video on the fly

how to edit video

No less frequent is the question of how to edit video on YouTube (perhaps the most popular video hosting on the Web). This can be done on the site itself, after registering and logging in with your username.

In the user profile you will need to create a playlist and upload the necessary files into it. Now you can answer the question of how to edit videos online without downloading. First, you do not need to install anything on the computer. Secondly, there is no need to upload video files to the hard disk.

In the created list of videos you need to select the desired clip, and on the right use the “Edit” button. All available functions will be located in the list that appears. With their use, the video will be redone according to your desire.

No less interesting are some online services that help you understand how to edit videos. These are not even services as such, but full-fledged online programs with which you can work directly in a browser window. Of course, the list of functions here is quite limited, however, the main set is present in full.

Among applications of this type, JayCut, Stupeflix, Kaltura, One True Media, Cellsea, Animoto and others are especially worth noting.

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