How to install the equalizer on the rear window of the car?

Which car owner does not dream of having itthe machine looked unique and spectacular? Some focus on the technical component - do the tuning of the power section, change the characteristics of engines, transmissions. Others are trying to improve their patency. Recently began to appear a new direction of tuning - facelift. The body is made unique by replacing the regular bumpers, fitting the body kit, sticking the body with film. A special place in this external tuning is the equipment of the machine with additional light devices. But the illumination of the bottom is no surprise. But the equalizer on the rear window of the car is something new.the rear window of the car EQ This device is a technological novelty,which the owner of the car offers a modern market. This innovation is always needed when driving an auto. This lighting equipment will add to the car refinement and elegance.

What is it and why is it necessary?

Equalizers, or timbres, this is a specialprogram that is installed in the on-board computer of cars. It is designed to regulate the quality and parameters of sound, as well as the volume of sound. This completely affects the overall sound quality of the music tracks in the cabin.

Parametric equalizers work in automatic mode and are very easy to operate. These systems allow you to visually display the dynamic characteristics of the reproduced sounds.lazer on the rear window of the car photoPulsating panel, or equalizer, in the rearthe glass of the car will force passers-by to literally turn their heads. In addition, the distance at which the car will be noticeable in the dark by other road users significantly increases, this also has a positive effect on traffic safety.

Functional features

Equalizer, on the rear window of the carinstalled, can have three basic colors. This is a neon variation, red and bright green. It is also possible to create custom color combinations - this is done under individual order. Also, if desired, the device can reproduce other visual effects. These can be drawings or inscriptions.

The shape of the image may vary. These are columns, each of which is responsible for its frequency. Such equalizers on the rear window of the car can increase or decrease in height during operation. The columns are monochrome and divided into segments.EQ setting on the rear window of the car In multi-colored models, each individual elementcan be painted in different colors. The shade is responsible for its sound frequency. So, the low frequencies are colored red, the middle frequency is green. The high ones are highlighted in blue. In expensive models there can be several types of light images, for example, in the center of the glass - columns, and on the sides - round indicators.

The dimensions of the device may vary fromdepending on the value and model. Some differ in their small overall dimensions and are suitable for mounting even on the side window. Others are larger ones and will fit only on the rear window.

Operating principle

Equalizer mounted on the rear windowcar, has a very simple design. This is a special LED strip that forms columns or circles. In this case, the tape and LEDs are completely transparent. The design does not violate the visibility during the day. The number of simultaneously burning segments depends on the voltage parameters, which will fall on the system control unit. The latter is equipped with a sensitive microphone, which analyzes the frequencies of sound in the cabin.

With this microphone are regulatedvoltage and amperage, which will then be fed to the LEDs. If some frequencies sound weak, then, accordingly, the voltage will not be high. Burn only the lower parts on the columns. When the volume and frequencies are increased, the microphone will produce higher voltages. So will start flashing and other segments.Equalizer on the rear window of the car with your own hands The microphone (if the device is turned on) will react to the music, and if nothing is reproduced in the car's interior, but the conversation is going on, the equalizer will react to it, which does not look too impressive.

Device and equipment

The design is a tape on whichfixed LEDs, a set of connecting wires, a control unit with a start button and microphone sensitivity adjustment. Also included is a special adapter through which the device is connected to the vehicle's on-board network. Equalizer, mounted on the rear window of the car, does not require connection to a multimedia system. The device operates on the basis of a microphone.

Electroluminescent equalizers

Some models are equipped with electroluminescentplates - similar are used in the advertising business to highlight the inscriptions and drawings. The luminescence is carried out by means of a phosphor paint. It is radiated by electricity. The thickness of the plate can be very small and is usually no more than one millimeter. The plate has thin conductive paths.

Neon EQ on the rear window of the carhas a viewing angle of 160 degrees. This is a good indicator - an accessory will be visible not only to drivers who move behind, but also to those who are on the neighboring bands. Also, such a highlight will attract the attention of pedestrians. The service life of the neon device is more than 20 thousand hours. It is enough to replace the car and even more.


It's not difficult to install an equalizer on the rear window of the car with your own hands. With this procedure can cope with any motorist.

How to glue the tape to the glass? On most sets, the tape is equipped with a special adhesive strip. To install it, just remove the protective film and glue the element to the glass behind. You need to glue on the inside. Stick until the part clings to the glass. Sometimes it is not possible to glue it well and reliably from the first time.neon equalizer on the rear window of the carBefore installation, it is better to mark in advance the extremeplace, so that the structure is placed in the center of the glass. To do this, use the marker. To remove the device, it's enough just to unfasten the tape - it's not difficult to do this. And on the glass there will be no trace.


When setting the EQ on the rear windowcar is completed, you need to connect the device. To do this, there is a special connector in the lower part (in one of the corners on the plate). One end of the complete cable is connected to the tape connector, the other end to the power unit of the device. The latter is connected to the cigarette lighter socket. Apparently, everything is extremely to set the equalizer on the rear window of the car But there is a problem - as long as the devicethe cigarette lighter plug will be busy. This can cause some inconvenience. If this is critical, then the equalizer can be connected directly to the wiring.

When everything is connected and is in place,you can turn on your favorite track, and with the help of the control block of the equalizer - adjust the sensitivity parameters of the microphone. After setup, you can start and enjoy the result. The photo of the equalizer on the rear window of the car is given below.rear window equalizer

Precautionary measures

The plate is not protected from all kinds of bends -Deformations can lead to damage to current-carrying tracks. The recovery process is very laborious and requires the use of special conductive paints and adhesives.

Also one of the moments - spontaneousSwitch on the power supply unit when it is plugged into the on-board network. Those who understand electronics will be able to solve this problem - a capacitor is added to the chip. You also need to remember that no matter how sensitive the microphone is, it will react only to frequencies in a certain range.


Now you know how to set the equalizer tothe rear window of the car with your own hands. It not only helps to isolate the machine from the stream, but also increases the visibility of the car at night, when visibility is limited. And this element costs not more than 10 dollars.

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