How to insult a man without a mat, beautiful, to tears

Of course, every person in everyday life has come across rudeness, hearing swear words and abuse in his address. Even if you accidentally step on someone's foot in a trolley bus, you may be offended. Agree, it is very disappointing when, because of a trifle, a rude person calls you indecent words. It would seem that it is necessary to answer him in the same form. However, do not rush. Profanity in this situation - a bad helper.

How to insult a man without a mat

Do not respond with rudeness to rudeness

Try to put in place a person in a "peace-loving" way, without humiliating him.

You do not know how to insult a person without a mat? Then this article is designed specifically for you.

There are often situations when after the words “You are the last beast!” Or “Oh, you are a bastard!” A person attacks on the offender with his fists. He does this because he simply has no idea how to behave in such a situation in a civilized manner.

Remember that the manifestation of aggression leads only to nervous depressions, poor health, and sometimes to thoughts of suicide.For this reason, everyone should have information about how to insult a person without a mat.

Know that arrogance and insolence must be answered with beautiful, worthy, and most importantly, wise phrases.

How to insult a person in an intelligent way

What is an insult

Before proceeding with the question of how to insult a person without a mat, let's define the very concept of insult. What it is? And this is nothing but an intentional insult, as a result of which honor and dignity of a citizen are humiliated, and this is often done in a cynical form. Even actions that have a negative color, for example, a slap in the face, spittle, push can in some situations be regarded as an insult.

Currently, there are a huge number of psychological methods by which the problem of how to offend a person without a mat is solved.

Your task is to find out why your abuser attacked you with an insult, and, of course, you should have a decent answer prepared for you in advance.

How to respond to an insult

How cleverly to offend a person if you are accidentally or intentionally cursed?

First of all, you do not need to interpret swearing literally and take words to heart. It is possible that your opponent just has a bad mood, and you caught him "under the hot hand." Perhaps he was badly brought up, but there is no fault of yours in this omission.

Remember that people with a flimsy and scandalous character often cannot cope with the suddenly overwhelming negative emotions, so they “break down” on others. Perhaps they also offended someone. And is it worth getting angry at these? In addition to pity, rude cause nothing.

The universal variant of behavior here is to ignore the offensive words and taunts of the opponent. Imagine that they are not addressed to you.

If you are rude to your manager or employee of the company in which you work, it is better not to provoke the development of a conflict situation, but to try to smooth it out. Well, and quarreling with the authorities does not make sense at all.

How cleverly to offend a person

How to respond to the abuser depending on the type of criticism

Before you parry the offender's phrases, you need to mentally analyze them and if they have a “rational grain”, then there is no need to dispute this fact.It is better to say: “Yes, you are absolutely right!” If after insults you get the impression that you are being negotiated, you have no idea how to insult a person with words, but in a civilized form, then ask him a clarifying question.

In particular, if we are talking about any flaws and mistakes that you are accused of, they know that you are not involved in their commission, but they are still trying to denigrate it in such a way, it’s better to ask the following: solving this problem? ”Believe me, this question often puts people in a stupor.

If constructive criticism is valid, but only partly, then, naturally, it should not be fully recognized. For example, if you rudely said: "You always do not come to work on time!", But at the same time you know that this is not so, then you can answer: "Yes, today I am late."

There is quite a logical question about how to insult a person with words, but it is delicate if his criticism is absolutely unfair. In this case, it is recommended to ask a response question relating directly to the specifics of rudeness. They may be different. Consider them in more detail.

How to insult a person with words


You can answer the attacks and taunts like this: “Why is it you who are interested in it?” What is the implication behind your words? Why do you think so? ”

These questions may simply discourage a person, but this does not always happen, and sometimes the interlocutors begin to give detailed answers to them.

How can you insult a person

The actual

Such questions provoke the offender to speak specific facts and give examples. These include, in particular, “Give an example” or “Name a concrete fact.” If the abuser responds as follows: "They can bring a huge amount ...", then you should not continue further dialogue - make a long pause.


Such questions are intended to help an opponent to express their true reasons for discontent. For example, you can ask him: “Are you annoyed by my lack of punctuality, or by what kind of clothes I come to work?” And believe me, the answer in most cases will be “sincere.”


These questions are asked so that the abusive person makes all his claims and does not bother you with them in the future.

These include, in particular, the following: “You are unhappy with the way I talk to customers,how I dress, how I make reports. What am I still doing wrong? "

How much to insult a person

General recommendations on how to respond to rudeness

Of course, each person begins to be tormented by the question of how much to insult a person after being cursed, and even in an obscene form. However, we emphasize once again that to answer with a curse on rudeness is not the way out. Believe that your abuser is waiting for you to pull your nerves and disrupt your mental balance. So do not give him such pleasure.

As a rule, in such situations one should show maximum calm and composure, and not think about how to insult a person to tears.

Often, hearing critical remarks in his address, a person begins to look for excuses: “No, I’m not like that. It's not about me. You are unjust to me, ”and so on. Of course, this model of behavior is wrong. Justifying, you thereby detract from themselves and put in the position of the guilty. In addition, in most cases your excuses are of almost no interest to anyone. It’s all the more foolish to “bleach” your honor before a person for whom to humiliate or insult someone — it's like drinking a cup of coffee in the early morning.

As already emphasized above, you must understand the true motives of the abuser’s behavior and determine why he is the one who scolds to insult a person to tears

How else to respond to an insult in an intelligent form

As a rule, in order to disappoint a person with a “word”, people use standard templates. If you do not want to be taken by surprise in this way, then you should have a basic idea of ​​how to insult a person in an intelligent way. At leisure, take a piece of paper and a pencil, then make an approximate list of these expressions. You will only have to think about "decent and polite" answers to them.

For example, if a rude man declares that after a merry revelry you look unpresentable, then you can suggest a solution to how to insult a person rationally, namely: “Surprisingly, you didn’t go to any party yesterday, but you still look” not like a cucumber "for some reason. Look at the bruises under your eyes. ”

You can fend off offensive words by translating negative qualities into virtues. Suppose you hear: "As always, you do not fall silent, rattling like forty." In response, you can say: "I'm just a sociable person, unlike some." Agree, a good example that demonstrates how to insult a person intelligently.

To calm the offender, you can remind him of the well-known expressions like “They don't judge by themselves” or “We are what we think about.” Even if a person does not understand the meaning of these statements, you must explain to him that, in trying to defile your personality, in fact he speak foul language.

In any case, there is no need to be rude in order to get out of meticulously with dignity

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