How to learn notes?

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How to learn notes?

Learning to read musical notation is not so difficult,as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to have patience and perseverance. The basic notes are only seven, and hence there will not be much time to assimilate them. On how to learn the notes, read on in our article.

Training in musical literacy

To learn the notes, you will need

  • Synthesizer or pianoforte;
  • Notebook;
  • A simple pencil.

Instruction for teaching musical notation

  1. To start, allocate time for training,relax and carefully study the key layout on the piano or synthesizer. Upon closer examination of the instrument, you will find a series of repetitive keystrokes that are called "octaves". Octave - this is the seven basic notes that you will master.
  2. Press the first white key of any octave "before". Behind it on the right side is a note "re", then "mi", "fa", "salt", "la", "si". After the note "si" octave ends and a new octave begins, again with the note "before". To quickly memorize notes of the octave, play them several times and sing out loud.
  3. With a detailed study of the instrument, you alsocan detect black keys. Between the notes "to" and "re" there is a black key - a note "before-sharp" or "in flat." Thus, the same note has two names. Depending on the musical work, the names of the notes may vary. By analogy, try yourself to name the three following black keys.
  4. Now it's time to use the music notationNotebook in which lines of five horizontal stripes will be printed on clean white sheets. Draw a black circle under the bottom bar in the first line and cross it with a short horizontal line. You wrote the first note of the octave - "before". The note "re" looks like a black circle, located just below the bottom line of the line. The note "mi" is a circle, which is applied over the bottom line of the line. The note "fa" is located between the lower and the next lines. The note "salt" is on the second line from the bottom of the line. The note "la" - by analogy to the level above "salt". The "si" note is located on the third line. Above the lines begins a new octave, again with a note "before".
  5. Now we will learn to record "before-sharp". This note looks the same as "before". The only difference is the badge in front of the note, which looks very similar to the grille on the phone's keyboard. To record a note in "flat", before the note "before" you should put the "flat" sign, which looks like a Latin letter b. To fix the material, alternately assign icons to each note and simultaneously play them on the instrument.
  6. Now the last and the key exercise. Taking a notebook in your hands, write down any notes on the free lines. Then go to the piano or synthesizer and try to play them. When you can quickly, without hesitation to navigate in notes and play them on a musical instrument, you can safely say that you learned to read music. The main thing is a lot and zealously practice.

A few more tips to help you betterorient in notes, you will find in our article - How to read music. If you want to learn a musical notation for a guitar, it will be helpful for you to read another of our articles - How to read tablature for a guitar.

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