How to make volume at the roots for the whole day

Of course, every girl dreams that she had healthy, lush and beautiful hair. But, unfortunately, nature has not endowed everyone with thick and voluminous strands. And so I want to go out with a fascinating looks hairstyle. What to do? You just need to know how to make the volume at the roots, which would be kept all day.

How to care for hair before styling?

If you have unruly and too thin hair that is not influenced by a variety of means to increase the volume of hair, then you need to know a few rules. How to add volume to the roots? Of course, we all wanted to just wave the comb and get curvaceous curls, but this is unlikely anyone will succeed. Therefore it is necessary to work hard. Long-term volume at the roots can be created if you prepare well for this hair. And you need to start with a special mask. How to do it? Take about 200 grams of sea salt and grind it in a coffee grinder to a state of powder. Warm the honey over the water bath.Combine the ingredients to form a homogeneous mass. Let it cool for 15 minutes. After that, apply the hair over the entire length, wear a plastic cap and walk like that for 20 minutes. Then thoroughly wash off the mask with shampoo. Dry your hair and start styling. This homemade mask helps thinner hair to become stronger and adds volume to it.

How to make volume at the roots

How to dry the head?

If you think you know how to use a hairdryer, then you are most likely deeply mistaken. To create volume at the roots for a long time, you need to dry your hair just as real professionals do. If you learn to do it right, then you can even create a real lion's mane from a seedy tail. Do not know where to learn? You can study our recommendations, and then also sign up for lessons to the masters in beauty salons.

How to create volume at the roots

Tricks to create volume of hair at home

If you do not know how to make the volume at the roots at home, then these rules will help you.

  1. Before turning on the hair dryer, apply a special foam on the hair, which serves to make the strands more lush. When dry, try to raise the hair at the roots with your fingers.
  2. If you are in a hurry, then you can just put your head down and dry it.
  3. By purchasing a special round brush (brushing) in the store, you can create volume at the roots for a long time while you are drying your hair. Choose better accessories with bristles from natural materials.
  4. To prevent the hair dryer from affecting your hair negatively, try to keep it at a sufficiently large distance (it is recommended to look at the instructions for the hair dryer before use).
  5. After you dry your hair, fix it with varnish and tilt it back.

Volume at the roots for a long time

Wool volume

If you do not know how to make the volume at the roots, without resorting to the help of a hair dryer, then you should think about a simple pile. This way you can quickly create enough pomp without damaging your hair. However, remember that you only need to do a bouffant after you have washed your hair thoroughly and dried it thoroughly. How to create volume at the roots using a pile? You will need a comb with fairly wide teeth for this. Divide hair into three equal parts. Bundle down from the top of the head. Move to the top of the crown, with non-working areas better to comb back.To keep the volume all day, fix the result with varnish.

How to straighten bouffant?

Of course, to build a pile - it’s a simple affair. But you also need to know how to straighten it properly, without damaging your hair. The following method will help you in this. Apply a special balm over the entire length of your hair and hold it there for 20 minutes. After that you will need to take two combs. One should have large, but rare teeth. The second, on the contrary, should have frequent fine teeth. Wash the balm with warm water. This will not break the hair structure. The balm will not only soak them, but also smooth out the scales.

How to add volume to the roots

Volume diffuser

What to do if the bouffant does not help you, but you still want to achieve volume? Use a special nozzle diffuser. It allows you to quickly achieve the desired result. Before creating a volume, use foam or mousse. This way the hair will not be damaged. How to make the volume at the roots using this nozzle? Divide the hair into three zones and lower the strands into the diffuser one by one. At the same time, make sure that they are placed around the ledges. Carefully lower your head down and begin to dry. The air flow from the dryer should come against growth.Then the strands will both dry and grow more luxuriously. After that, lift the hair with your fingers and just ruffle them. The roots will lock in this position for almost the whole day. To achieve better results, fix all varnish.

How to increase the volume at the roots

How to create volume with curlers?

For this fit or heated hair rollers, or simply large curlers. Just remember that the first can only be used if you have already dried hair. If you have already used them before, then without any problems you will be able to choose exactly those curlers that will be best suited exactly for your case. Before making the volume, apply mousse or foam on the hair. Large curlers need to keep about half an hour on the hair to get a visible result, then dry your head with a hairdryer and remove them.

How to create volume at the roots with the help of thermal rollers? Leave them on your head for 15 minutes, then gradually disassemble the curls and cool them with air from a hair dryer. Then beat the curls with your hands, fix with a strong varnish.

Ironing capacity

Interesting, but you can even create volume with the use of a flat iron, which was invented for straightening hair.This method is perfect for those who never have time, but wants to create a beautiful and fluffy hairstyle. If you think that the easiest way to wash your head, dry it and collect in the tail, than to make a magnificent hairstyle, it means that you do not know for sure that such an accessory is capable of working wonders. But in order to do this, you need to buy an iron with thin tongs. How to create volume at the roots in this case? First, divide the hair into separate zones. Must be 3 to 5 strands. Having grabbed one of them with an iron where you start curling (you can even near the roots), hold it down, while making another turn that will take place around the axis. With each strand it needs to be done separately. At the end you will get beautiful curls in the form of spirals. They need to be separated by fingers. Apply lacquer on them - and the hairstyle is ready. Hair looks fluffy and well-groomed.

Long-term root volume

Take care of your hair - and they will be more magnificent

Of course, all of the above methods will help you to make a beautiful and lush head of hair, but you need to take care of your hair every day, and then they themselves will begin to increase in volume. Try not to wash your hair too often, then they will look healthier. It is very important that the water is soft enough.To achieve a good result, add salt to ordinary water. How to increase the volume of the roots in a natural way? Make special masks that you can create at home. It is considered very good mask of kefir with yeast. Mix equal parts of ingredients and let them stand like this. Apply to hair and walk for about half an hour, then rinse. A mask with regular gelatin will help to achieve the desired pomp very quickly. It is advisable to dry the hair after the masks without a hair dryer.

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