How to order a movie?

Now, in order to enjoy viewingyour favorite movie, you do not need to buy a pile of CDs or movie tickets. It is enough to use the service Tricolor TV. You will be offered four cinemas, one on each channel. A separate cinema channel translates pictures of a certain genre:

  1. Melodrama, drama, historical film, detective
  2. Movies for children, comedy
  3. Fantasy and Action
  4. Thriller, horror, arthouse

The advantage of this service is the fact,that during the viewing you will not get advertising, as opposed to conventional television. Each week the repertoire of cinemas varies. Each film has an individual price, and only the subscriber Tricolor TV can enjoy movies of better quality.

The most popular question among Tricolor TV subscribers is how to order a movie.

In order to order a film, you needTricolor TV channels are added to their list of channels. Press the menu button on the remote control. In the list of commands that appears, select "Search for channels", and, following the prompts of the system, update the list of TV channels. Now all four cinemas are available to you. In order to order a film on Tricolor TV you need to perform a number of simple actions.

Check the balance

Check the subscriber's personal account. In case there is no necessary amount on the account, replenish the balance. This procedure can be done at payment terminals or a communication salon. You can learn about the amount of funds on your personal account using the phone. Operators of the company receive calls every day from ten in the morning until eight in the evening. You need to call to number 8 (812) 3323-498. The call is charged and its cost depends on the inter-city tariff. Also information about the balance can be obtained on the official website of the company, by going to your personal account.

Ordering a movie

In order to fulfill an order of a certainyou need to send sms from your mobile phone to number 1083. The message should contain the following text: CC Cinema (or TK Kino), then the identification number of your receiver should be indicated, and finally the room number where the movie you want to go .

Please note that each designation must beseparated by spaces. That is, for example, you decided to watch some horror film that is broadcast in Hall 4, and let's say your receiver has the number 0123456789. So you need to send a message with the text: TC Kino 0123456789 4. The price for the message itself usually does not happen more than three rubles, but if you are not sure, you can clarify this information from the carrier. After sending SMS from your personal account on the Tricolor TV network, the required amount will be debited and you will have access to your cinema until the end of the airtime. If the account lacks the required amount, you will receive a notification on this by SMS. That is, you need to replenish the account, and repeat the procedure for the order. From the time you withdraw funds from the account until you have access to the channel, it takes no more than an hour, and this must be taken into account so as not to miss the film. The order is possible only in the interval between 5: 00-2: 00.

Do not forget that after placing an order, you needleave the receiver switched on or in stand-by mode, otherwise it will take a longer time before opening access to the cinema. Now you know how to order a film.

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