How to plant a rose?

Roses are mostly propagated by vaccinating(budding) of cultivars on wild rose. Thanks to this method, the gardener can get roses of valuable varieties with minimal physical, temporary, and most important material costs. However, many beginning gardeners do not know the technology how to plant a rose and consider this operation very difficult. In fact, this is far from the case.

How to plant a rose

Cuttings can be harvested during the autumn pruning of rose bushes. If you did not save the autumn cuttings, then the vaccine material can always be bought in greenhouses.

Some gardeners prefer to spend winterInoculation of roses. In this case, a full-fledged rose bush is already formed by autumn. But most often the grafting is carried out from May to August. The kidneys grafted during this period are called "sleeping" and they will begin to grow actively only next spring.

Eyes (kidneys) should be inoculated on each rootstock by two and placed at a distance of four centimeters from each other.

It is recommended to vaccinate in the morning. Be sure to clean the dirt, both the graft and the stock.

Inoculate with a pair of tweezers. Do not touch the cut-off points of the eye and graft with your hands.

How to plant a rose on a dog rose

On the bark of the stock with a sharp garden knife is donesmall T-shaped incision. Doing it, you should try to avoid damage to the wood. The corners of the cut are bent to form a pocket. A well-prepared peephole is put into it.

Part of the dog rose, located above the place of inoculation, is cut off. Privoj is fixed with the tapes cut from a polyethylene film, but thus, not closing the vaccinated kidney.

Did the inoculation of the rose or not, it becomes cleara few weeks later. If the grafted eye has not caught on for some reason, try again. At the same time, a new grafting should be performed somewhat below the place of the failed vaccination.

Summer grafted roses should be carefully prepared for winter, protecting them from the cold.

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