How to plant potatoes? How to plant potatoes to get a good harvest?

Potatoes are one of the most beloved vegetables on the dining table. A lot of literature has been written about his landing, but each time something new and unexpected is discovered in the process. If newly-minded summer residents and gardeners have not yet encountered such work, then you must first familiarize yourself with some subtleties. How to plant potatoes and grow a rich harvest, will be discussed in this article.

How to choose seeds for planting

Of course, the most important factor in order to grow a good harvest, are the correctly selected seeds. That is why you should not miss the moment and start harvesting the seeds at the time when harvesting takes place in the fall. This time of year is the most favorable for the selection of material for planting. It is better to take it from the bushes that gave the most harvest.Thus, it is necessary to select the tubers, the size of which is four to five centimeters. However, it is observed that if you plant larger potatoes, it ripens earlier and gives an excellent harvest. Some summer residents advise cutting large seeds in half. After that, they should be dried in the sun and sprinkle with ash the cut. Only for such a procedure should be warm and sunny weather. Otherwise, the entire planting material may simply rot in the rain.

how to plant potatoes

So, it becomes clear what the main guarantee of a successful crop harvest is, and how to plant potatoes in order to get a good harvest will be described below.

Land preparation

Land, as well as seeds, should also be prepared in autumn. For this you need to harvest, remove all weeds, tops and other debris. Then you need to dig up the ground well. The better you do it, the more useful it will be for the next harvest. Next, you need to fertilize the soil with lime (one or two glasses per square meter), namely - sprinkle it. Having prepared the ground in autumn, you should leave it in this form until spring; there is no need to level the soil.

how to plant potatoes

When spring comes, you can, at your discretion, choose mineral or organic fertilizers for the land in which the potatoes will be planted. Some gardeners believe that potatoes prefer to increase the acidity of the earth, but today it is proved that in such a soil, he, on the contrary, is prone to diseases and the effects of pests.

When is it best to plant potatoes

Asking about how to plant potatoes, many are not interested in when it is better to plant. But this is a very serious moment in this process. It is necessary to adapt the planting time so that the seeds start well. Accordingly, there should be appropriate weather conditions, and the earth should warm up to 7-8 degrees at a depth of 10-13 centimeters. If you plant potatoes too early, hoping to get an early harvest, you can simply destroy all the tubers. The fact is that if the land is frozen, the seeds will not be accepted. At the same time, a late landing can also play into the hands of summer residents. When picking up potatoes in the late fall, there is a risk to freeze it.

how to plant potatoes under straw

Thus, one should focus not on a specific date, but on weather conditions.In our climatic conditions, a more suitable period is the end of May. As a rule, at this time, many gardeners and gardeners begin planting the seeds of this wonderful vegetable.

How to plant potatoes

Having dealt with when and in what soil should be planted seeds, you should ask the most important - how to do it correctly. In fact, there are no difficulties. First of all, you need to dig up the ground so that you get even rows. Many gardeners ignore the fact that every year it is desirable to change the place for landing. This is explained by the fact that the earth tends to be depleted, and with time there are less and less nutrients in it. This negatively affects the quality of the crop.

So, how to plant potatoes? In the prepared soil it is necessary to place the tubers at a depth of 10 centimeters. It will not be superfluous to pour ash and humus into each well, so the seeds will be much better. The distance between the holes should be 80-90 centimeters. This arrangement is considered optimal for the growth and care of growing potatoes. After all the seeds are placed in the soil, it should be leveled.It is only important to ensure that the layer of surface soil is not too thick, otherwise the potato will sprout for a long time, it will not have time to ripen. Observing these simple tips, you can get a big harvest and then advise others how to plant potatoes.

how to plant potatoes to get a good harvest

You should not feel sorry for the place, doing the holes on each other, so no good will come of it. This vegetable loves a lot of light and heat. Having planted it in cramped spaces, you will be able to see that it will simply deteriorate or give small tubers.

Potatoes under straw - how to plant?

In addition to the traditional planting of potatoes, there are also quite interesting ways that give good results. One of these methods is potatoes under straw. How to plant it in this case, consider below. First I would like to list some advantages of such a fit:

  • There is no need for digging the earth in autumn and spring.
  • The soil becomes self-fertilizing - rotting straw will be the main fertilizer.
  • It should just sometimes sprinkle straw instead of hilling and loosening.
  • Fruits are less exposed to various diseases, and the Colorado potato beetle is almost never.
  • You can harvest without a shovel - just with your hands.
  • At the end of the season the plot turns out already ready for the next landing.
  • The most important thing is a great harvest!

So, how to plant potatoes in this way? It's very simple - just put the seeds of potatoes on the ground and cover them with straw. Periodically add it and water as necessary. The fact is that in too dry summer straw can burn out and, therefore, overheat the fruit. Watering it, you quickly get humus and useful fertilizers for best to plant potatoes

Useful tips

To say with certainty how best to plant potatoes, the ideal option would be to try different ways. So the summer resident will be able to decide for himself which option suits him better. The fact is that if the climatic conditions in one region make it possible to grow a good crop in one way, in another region nothing can grow at all. Thus, it is better to be guided by weather conditions, to observe simple requirements when landing, in order to get a good result in the fall.

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