How to register a PI?

IP - individual entrepreneur - for thisThe moment is the most convenient form of registration for opening your own business. However, before registering a PI, you need to know a few simple things about which we now tell you.

Documents for IP registration

Before you go to the tax office directly for registration, it is desirable to clarify there, which documents are required in your case. Below is the standard package of documents:

  1. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  2. Copy of passport (all completed pages).
  3. Certificate of INN with a copy.
  4. Application for the opening of a PI, certified by a notary.
  5. Receipt of payment of state fee for the opening of the FE (800 rubles).

Actually, the list does not require specialcomments, with the exception of the application for registration (opening) of the FE, since there are no difficulties in filling out the receipt for payment of the state duty - now, in Sberbank, employees usually drive the necessary requisites themselves, and you only need to voice what you are paying for. With regard to the application for the opening of the IP, the application form you can either download from one of the sites on the Internet, or ask for a tax inspection. Now we turn to filling in the application for registration of the Individual Entrepreneur (IP) - the correct filling of this document is most important for how to register the IP independently.

First of all, you need to know that the statementOnly fill it with block letters - manually or on a computer. Next: each page should be printed without hyphenation on a separate sheet. After you fill out the application, specify the accuracy of its filling in the tax inspection before going to the notary to certify it. Of course, this should be done in the event that you are not sure that everything was done correctly. So, here is the procedure for completing the application for registration of IP ...

  1. We indicate the name and code of the registering authority (they can be found by contacting the tax authority directly or via the Internet).
  2. We fill in the boxes of the full name, date and place of birth, sex, citizenship, the actual place of residence in Russia and the contact phone number.
  3. The number of economic activities (how to fill this item, we will explain below).
  4. Passport data and TIN.
  5. Signature (put only in the presence of a notary!).

Number of economic activities (OKVED)

Now, directly about the types of economicactivities. To do this, download the directory OKVED (the so-called All-Russian classifier of the types of this most economic activity). Of course, the list of these species will surprise you a bit, because it contains more than one thousand items. But do not be scared, but just download such a program or list where the types of economic activity are grouped into categories so that they can be easily found.

We open a sheet with types of economicactivity and write the full name of the activity type (exactly as written in the directory) and its number (in squares). In this case it is desirable that you have a directory with a detailed explanation of activities. Remember that the first type of activity is indicated in the sheet. Also, before filling out an application, it is best to consult a tax inspector about the possibility to apply for a simplified taxation system. Many types of economic activity fall under the USN, which greatly facilitates the accounting.

Now, at your choice, specify one of the two items (ingraph taxable base): either income 6%, or income - expenses 15%. Well, that's all, you can certify the application to take it to the tax authority. Now, after you have completed the documents, you can open a settlement account in the bank, which will need to be notified to the tax office within 5 days.

IP registration via the Internet

Many users of the global network oftenthe question arises whether it is possible and how to register IP via the Internet? Yes, it can be done, since the Federal Tax Service of Russia provides such an opportunity. To do this, go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia - and read the rules for submitting documents for registering IP via the Internet. The cost of such a service at the moment is 2400 rubles, but be prepared for the fact that you still have to appear at least once in the tax authority for finalizing the documents. We think that now you have no questions about how to register the IP yourself - either personally or via the Internet. We wish you successful and profitable activity!

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