How to remove Webalta from browsers

At first glance it may seem that inof the modern Internet network, the main danger for users comes from various malicious programs known as viruses. However, in fact, everything is not so simple, and sometimes competition among manufacturers of software solutions leads to paradoxical situations. Today we will look at how to remove Webalta from the operating system and some browsers.

With the search engines (FS), eachInternet user - this is the famous Google, the ubiquitous Yandex with Rambler and others. There are a lot of analogues, but the above mentioned PCs predominate in the Russian-language segment of the Network. This area of ​​the market has long been divided between large "players", but this does not mean that there are no more willing to get their share of visitors traffic. After all, these are huge profits (we remember Google Android). A vivid representative of such an alternative PS is Webalta (Webalta). This Russian company was established in 2005. Five years later, seeing that the bulk of Internet users are reluctant to change their habits, Webalta SS begins to actively distribute, without the consent of users registering as a home line in operating systems and browsers. It's no surprise that people want to learn how to remove Webalta.

Alas, such popularization in the eyes of manyequated Webalta with viruses. By the way, some antiviruses are also attributed to Trojan programs. If an anti-virus package is installed on your computer, then there is no difficulty with how to remove Webalta. But what should other users do? How to remove Webalta from the system?

First of all, we note that "infection" most ofteninitiates the user himself, allowing the installation Toolbar Webalta (toolbar). After that, in all browsers the default search engine is Webalta, and the standard mechanisms for changing the start page are ineffective. Conclusion: do not install programs that are not immediately needed. If you still have to figure out how to remove Webalta, then we follow the following recommendations.

First of all, you need to remove the toolbar. Open the "Control Panel" and go to "Programs and Features" where you can uninstall. It is recommended to download the "Uninstall Tool" program and use it to remove the Weblal toolbar, because, unlike the standard uninstall method, in this case, the registry is scanned automatically for "leftovers".

But this is not the full answer to the question "How to removeWebalta? ". Next, you need to check the registry yourself. To do this, press the combination Win + R and in the line enter regedit. The editor opens. Press F3 and type the word Webalta. Specify the command "find" and delete all the found references to the Webal (button Del). Repeated search - button F3.

Users of the Firefox browser need to checkentries in the files user.js and prefs.js. The files are located in the folder DISK: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles. We open the files with any text editor, search for the lines with mentioning Webalta and delete them.

Opera also needs to adjust the operaprefs_default.ini file.

After that, you should specify in the browsers the desiredstart pages. In the Opera: press Ctrl + F12 and in the "Basic" tab we specify the home page. In Explorer: follow the settings in the "Tools" menu. But in Firefox: Settings - Basic - Initial. Finally, we must check the startup line in the desktop shortcuts (including the quick launch). For example, right-click on the Firefox shortcut and in the "Object" line, delete the added link to the annoying Webalta search engine.

After cleaning, two important features should be noted:

- As already indicated, one should always avoidInstall any third-party programs, if they do not have a direct need. If access to the desired information is only opened after downloading such a program, it is recommended to look for another source. Internet accelerators, computer scanners for mistakes and so on - usually all this is superfluous;

- Some anti-viruses block the Web. For example, the famous ESET NOD. It is recommended to update the database of the installed antivirus solution or completely change it.

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