How to thin carrot? How to plant carrots, so as not to thin out?

Growing carrots is a fairly simple process. It does not require special hilling, spraying, rarely damaged by diseases and pests. But still it is not always possible to get a good harvest of these roots. Often gardeners are delayed with thinning, young carrots feel sorry and do not want to throw them away. And when they are convinced of the need for this operation, it does not help much. When and how to thin carrot?


The main condition for obtaining a good harvest is a sufficient number of shoots. And with this just there are problems. The further care for the carrot depends on how many shoots you get.

Most gardeners sow, not sparing the seeds. After all, the one who was once forced to replant it, will long be afraid that the carrot will not rise again.

how to thin carrot

That appears in the garden thickening brush, consisting of tens and hundreds of thin threads.If you leave them, then the whole crop died. But how to thin carrots so that the roots were big and beautiful?


Growing carrots, it is desirable to obtain the optimal number of shoots. To do this, when sowing need to take into account some points.

Due to the presence of essential oils in them, carrot seeds do not germinate for a very long time. To speed up this process, it is recommended to soak them for one, two, or even three days, often changing the water. Then the seeds are thoroughly washed several times. After that, you can tie them in a rag (not a film, because they need air access) and bury them in the ground to the depth of the bayonet. There the seeds can stay for several days, until the soil is ready for them. They dig it out, lightly dry it so that it is easier to sow the seeds and they do not clump together.

Another similar way is that carrots are not buried, but mixed with sand, moistened and covered with a damp cloth. So they sprout up to the time when they can be sown. Shoots in both cases will appear much faster.

How to plant carrots, so as not to thin out

This method is known for a long time, but few decide to apply it.

In winter or autumn, they take a narrow paper tape, you can use toilet paper, stick seeds on it, dry it, roll it up into a roll and leave it until spring. When the bed for carrots is ready, the tape is laid in the ground and sprinkled with damp earth. No more sprouts will grow than there were seeds. But will they ascend?

how to plant carrots so as not to thin out

When deciding how to sow carrots, so as not to thin out, you need to weigh the pros and cons well, so as not to be left without a crop.

An interesting method is to put the seeds in the salt shaker and “add some salt” to the soil in the grooves with seeds. But the holes in the salt shaker should be wide enough for them to fall out.

How to plant a carrot so as not to thin it, but so that it grows guaranteed? In order for the glued seeds to germinate, you can use the Moscow method of growing seedlings. To do this, the spring roll is placed in a bowl of water so that it does not cover the seeds. Paper hygroscopicity should be high. Moisture will come to the seeds, and they will germinate faster. But before planting, the tape needs to be dried so as not to tear it.

If you mix carrot seeds with sand in a ratio of 1: 5, germinate them, dry them a little before planting and sow, then the crops will be ungrown. It may be necessary to break through, but only slightly.

Sowing granulated seeds also increases the distance between plants. Plants grown this way need less thinning.

Some gardeners sow carrots with a special planter. Now it is very popular. To sow each seed, press the handle once.

Growing up

In order to grow a beautiful and high-quality carrots, you need to prepare well a bed. The soil in the area should be loose, fertile, well-pass air. It is desirable that its acidity was 5.5-7.1. In this case, the humus layer should be not less than 35 cm. Undesirable close standing of groundwater. If it is less than a meter, then they form high ridges on which carrots are grown. In the future, when weeding weeds, they are laid in the furrows (without seeds). They form a mulch.

how to sow carrots so as not to thin out

If the soil is clay, peat and sand are added to it, if sandy soil is sod, peat, humus or compost, mineral fertilizers. Fresh manure is not recommended.

The plot on which the carrots will grow should be lit all day by the sun. In the shade to get a high yield problematic.

Carrots are sown, introducing half a gram per square meter of area. The depth of the grooves on light soils is up to 2 cm, on peat soils is up to 3 cm.

If the soil is not wet enough, and in recent years it is like this, the grooves need to be watered from a watering can. Wait until the moisture is absorbed, loosen the soil. Superphosphate can be added to the grooves. Then sow the seeds and gently sprinkle with damp earth.

Some gardeners mulch a bed of humus and cover the area with a film. This does not allow the soil to dry up and allows you to get a friendly shoots. Covering lukrasilom does not give a positive result, as the soil dries quickly.

how to thin carrot photo

Shoots when sowing dry seeds appear in a month. During this time the site will be covered with weeds. In order not to lose the small shoots of carrots from the view, along with it lighthouse plants are sown - radishes, lettuce. They appear much earlier than carrots and indicate the directions of the rows. After they are well defined, you can start weeding and loosening the soil. Punch the ground between the rows and monitor the emergence of carrot seedlings. If they are thickened, then you need to start thinning after the appearance of one or two true leaves.How to thin carrot? The photo below clearly demonstrates this. The distance between the plants leave from 3 to 4 centimeters.

how to thin carrots and beets

Why need to thin carrot?

If this is not done on time, then the plants will interfere with each other's growth and development. Even if you are late with this operation, small carrots “drain”, that is, they lose their potential at the start, which will lead to a decrease in yield.

How to thin carrot?

Sometimes gardeners do not rush to break through the shoots to use the plucked young carrots for food in the spring. But they will have time to do it during the second weeding, which is carried out a month after the first. Then they break through the carrot through one, so that the distance between them increases to 6 cm.

carrot thinned as seedlings take root

Before thinning carrots and beets, plants are watered. It is good to thin out after rain, but not immediately, but when the moisture penetrates deep to the roots, and the soil dries out a little. Especially carefully pull out plants that are located close to each other. After thinning, the soil near the plants is primed, the remaining carrots are watered. Then the roots that have been broken will take root. If they are not watered, the carrots can dry out.

Root transplanting

Carrots, thinned as seedlings, will take root, but the quality of root crops from it will not work. They will have two or three processes. Another thing - beets. Usually it is planted next to the carrot. From one seed grows to three shoots. They can be transplanted. After all, beets do not need a long root. Plants are watered, gently pulled out of the ground, transferred to a new place. Once again watered and sprinkled with earth. If there is heat in the street, and the leaves of the beets are big enough, you can cut off the lower ones so that they do not pull moisture out of the ground and the plant does not dry out.

The distance between carrots

How to thin out carrots depends largely on the variety. If it is cylindrical, then it needs less space than conical. It is necessary that between plants there is a distance of about 2.5 cm. If you do not adhere to this norm, the roots can interbreed and even grow roots.

Ksak plant carrots so as not to thin out

How to thin carrot depends on its purpose. Plants intended for early forcing, enough distance of three centimeters between the roots. If you prepare them for storage for the winter, then you need to increase it to 6 cm.The distance between the rows in the first case is 20 cm, in the second - 25 cm.

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