How to understand what to do in life?

Each person sooner or later there is a need to answer the question, which is perhaps one of the most important in principle. This is, of course, a choice about the definition of its purpose.

Not everyone is able to decide what to do in life. He can be disturbed by doubts, sad experiences, obstacles, subconscious fear of failing and being broken, or even other people. But it all really does not matter.

what to do in life

Step # 1: Follow the Dream

Many people, trying to understand what to do in life and how to find themselves, approach this issue from the wrong side. They think - and what will bring more money? What is the most prestigious specialty? What to do to ensure a solid status in society? What profession to choose, so as not to strain? What to do to be approved by the community?

All these questions are irrelevant. We must begin to do what the soul is. This is what you really like, what you always wanted to do.

Is the approach appropriate?

Of course, many people will find the above words a thousand denials.Allegedly, not every “dream job” will provide stable earnings, status in society, significant connections, career growth, and so on.

Well, maybe. But is it worth spending your life, which does not last too long, for a job that does not bring any moral satisfaction and pleasure? Definitely not. In the end, everything will lead to a routine and hopeless boredom. A person will wake up already tired, and at work count minutes to the end of the shift. And so every day. Is there any sense in such a life?

 how to understand what to do in life

Step number 2: develop and improve

If a person, deciding what to do in life, has made a choice in favor of the dream business - he is already halfway to success. But another half is ahead. And it consists in continuous improvement and development.

No wonder they say that in any business there are successful people. And there is. Why? Because they are not limited to work on their favorite specialty. They think about how to develop this direction.

These people are puzzled by the question: what to do to attract other personalities who are enthusiastic in their work? And for them, such thoughts are not so much a start for a business plan, but rather a desire to find interested like-minded people and share their favorite business with them.

What is the result?

As a result, the time spent on the development of its activities begins to pay off. Often, these people really come to the idea of ​​setting up a business, which later brings a substantial income. And outsiders, watching such success, wonder: how could they make money on what, it would seem, cannot be profitable?

It's simple. They love their work, they know it far and wide, and still have a non-standard approach to its development. Therefore, it is so important to do what you want. Devoting time to his beloved work, a person does not want to stop there. He will be willing to develop further.

what to do in life how to find yourself

If there are no thoughts

Now it is worth talking about those cases where a person really does not know what to do in life. That is, he doesn't even have a favorite hobby.

Well, this is a more difficult case. As a rule, the life of such people goes on autopilot. They exist according to a pattern passed by millions of people — they go to school, go to college, find a job, get married. And they completely forget about the realization of the inner “I”, whose potential in the conditions of such a banal existence just goes out. But at one moment such people understand: their life is not at all what it would be desirable to see.

What to do then? You need to separate your thoughts from others and be alone with yourself.At such moments, a person understands: he does not know himself at all. He adheres to the views in which his parents / society / comrades convinced him. He lives as “necessary” (although there is no such thing). He simply does not feel the world around him, does not listen to the inner "I". And this needs to be fixed. How? About this - a little more.

Honesty to himself

It is most important. If a person does not know what to do in life, he needs to answer only one question. He must ask himself: “What do I want?” And act according to the answer. Which, of course, must be specified.

But usually the answer to one question leads to another. Usually it looks like this: “I want to be happy. Good, but what do I need for this? Probably freedom and money. How can I get both at the same time? Apparently, the only way out is remote work. But which one? What can I do? What can I do? ”

Yes, there are a lot of questions. But the consistent formation of specific answers to each of them will lead to the fact that a person is finally determined what to do in life for him is really worth it. No need to rush into this business.It is important to listen to your desires and not to compare them with the available opportunities, but to look for new ones for their realization.

 what to do for a woman in life

Goal setting

If a person does not know what to do in life, then he needs to start from the end. That is, decide what he wants to get in the end. In other words, set a goal.

It should be as specific as possible. It is important to clearly formulate it and establish a certain framework. For example: “I want to become a successful businessman - open my online store of trending things. What do I need for this? Starting capital for the creation of the site, the purchase of the first batch of goods and advertising. I need for this the amount of 1,000,000 r. There are two ways: take a loan or save. Which one is better to use? Wait 2-3 years, accumulating an amount, or risk going into debt? "

This is just an example. The goal can be any less or more global. The most important thing in the process of its production is that a person begins to understand himself and his desires, to understand what exactly he wants and what things awaken in him the desire to live.

About prejudice

Often in the topic relating to the search for the meaning of its existence, there are questions formulated in the following way: “What is a woman to do in life?” Or “How to find yourself to a man?”

So, it is worth explaining something.People who ask questions precisely in this formulation must first of all understand: we live in a modern emancipated world where there are no purely feminine or purely male professions / hobbies. We are all first and foremost people. And a person, of whatever gender, is free to do what he wants.

Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of prejudices. And stop thinking about what people will think. The opinion of outsiders is the last thing that should worry a person, who decides what to do in life.

After all, all such questions arise because of groundless prejudices. The most popular is: "A man must choose a profession that could feed him and his family." Well, firstly, the primitive system, when the representatives of the strong half of humanity were considered to be the miners, the end has long been reached. And the fact that the second was described in the first paragraphs.

 take a healthy lifestyle

100% motivation

All of the above, for some people may not have exactly any value. They will consider it just words and meaningless reasoning. Well, such people decide what to do in life they really should be,can help the technique called "Six months to death."

Life is not eternal. Each of us will die. Death is not just a word. This is the disappearance of all reality. The meaning of this phrase is difficult to explain - everyone must pass through it. And to think: what if its end comes in a few months? After all, no one knows how much time is allotted to him. Every day a person is getting closer to death. His life is shortened. Is this not a reason to start looking for your destination right now?

Usually a person, having got rid of the illusion of the infinity of time, reveals his true values. He understands that it really matters to him, and what things he wouldn’t feel sorry for spending the remaining months. There are answers to many questions. And most importantly, a person realizes what kind of life he would have lived in the remaining days and what he would do.

Here it is, the solution! What remains? Just remove the pieces “from” to all of your answers and start living in such a way that, when dying, you do not have to have regret for wasted time.

I don't know what to do in life

Technique "Rich Life"

You can use it if a person is interested in the topic of how to understand what to do in life.

The technique is simple. First you need to relax as much as possible, close your eyes, and "go into yourself." And then turn on the imagination. It is necessary to present in details the “ideal future”, where a person has everything he could dream of - a beautiful big house, a modern apartment, cars, yachts ... anything can be on this list. There is no need to worry about money - a person is guaranteed no limit until the end of his days.

Realizing this, you need to think: what would you like to do in such conditions? How would begin, pass and end the day? What will a person spend his free time on? Many wrong beliefs usually go away.

By the way, you can still ask yourself some tricky questions. For example: “Would I become involved in my current activities if I were fabulously rich? Would I do this, stay with me a year before my death? Would I pay for the opportunity to engage in my current activities, be it necessary? ”Answers to such questions place a lot in places in the human mind.

what to do in life

No need to focus on work

This is another simple truth to remember. A person who is concerned about the question “What to do in life?” May not be limited to a businesslike approach.Yes, work takes a considerable part of life, but if it cannot or is not ready to change it yet, there is another way out!

It's about a hobby. For many people, life is divided into two parts. This is a job and a hobby. And the latter may include several types of activities. It is recommended to make a “Hobbies puzzle” - something like a visualization board. On the sheet you need to write at least 20 lessons that are really loved and bring pleasure. For example - cycling, parties until the morning, communication with foreigners, exercise, shopping, etc.

After the puzzle is completed, it is worthwhile to single out for yourself the type of activity in which any goals could be formulated. For example: "To master the Spanish language in full", or "Run on the track 10 km." Great if the hobby is useful. You can do a healthy lifestyle, or a new type of activity that is attractive to a person (who knows, maybe in the future it will become the main one?). The most important thing is not to limit yourself in anything. Each of us is worthy of happiness, and it can be achieved only by spending life on what brings pleasure.

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