How to wash a burnt pan with improvised means

Such a nuisance is familiar to many housewives, as the food burned to the bottom of the pot. As soon as this happens, the kitchen is filled with a terrible smell, and the dishes are covered with an extremely difficult brownish blot. In this article, you will learn how to clean a burnt pan easily and efficiently.

What not to do

As soon as the pan will burn, it immediately comes to mind that it should be scraped with a metal washcloth, but this is not recommended. The fact is that this washcloth is very hard, and this damages the surface of the dish.

how to wash a burnt pan

If the enamelware burned, then you should not heed the erroneous advice and immediately put it under cold water. It will not save from stuck carbon, but a change in temperature will cause the enamel to crack and break away.

If your pan is aluminum, then remember that this coating is quite delicate, therefore abrasives should not be used as cleaning agents.

If it is more convenient for you to clean the dishes with powder, then it is best to take a toothbrush, which is distinguished by very small and soft particles.

Solves the problem of salt

how to clean a burnt pot

The universal cleaning agent at all times was salt. If it is in the house, the problem with how to clean the burnt pan is quickly solved.

There are two ways to clean dishes from burnt food with salt - “dry” and “wet”. When using the first one, pour salt in a thick layer on the burned bottom of the pan and wait a couple of hours. Then, it is easy to clean the soot using a hard sponge.

The second method: in 1 liter of water you need to dilute 5-6 tbsp. tablespoons of salt, then pour the dish with this solution. Bring the mixture to a boil and remove from heat. After a few hours, the burnt food will begin to lag behind. It will be very easy to remove by adding any liquid detergent to the salt solution.

Universal soda

If you're still wondering how to wash a burnt pan, then pay attention to regular baking soda. This tool, available at hand at any hostess, copes with the burnt layer. Soda not only cleans soot, but better than any expensive powder whitens dishes, removes grease, and disinfects surfaces.

how to clean a burned enamel pot

Many housewives have already thrown away fashionable scouring powders and are only rejoicing at the result that soda demonstrates. How to clean a burnt enameled pan? It's very simple - use a natural remedy! The soda particles are very small, so they will not leave cracks and scratches on the surface of the dish.

If you make a slurry of soda and salt, you get a great tool for removing virtually any household pollution.

If you have pots that have a very old snuff, and you are desperate to clean them, cover the contamination with soda-salt mixture and leave for 24 hours. After this time, add water to the pot and let it simmer for a while. Then you can proceed to the final cleaning of dishes, using a sponge. Believe me, you will stop wondering how to clean a burnt pot, because it will be perfectly clean.

And once again about soda ...

There is an alternative way to clean dishes. You must take a pack of soda and dilute it in six liters of water. Pour the solution into a large container and lower the pan there.Next you need to boil the liquid along with the dishes and leave for 3-4 hours. You will be amazed how easily the cinder will move away from the walls.

Cleaning Burnt Dishes With Acid

Do not think that we suggest you use an industrial acid. For quick removal of soot, the products available in each kitchen are quite suitable.

Vinegar belongs to the most famous "kitchen" acid. If your problem is how to clean a burnt pan, consider that you have found an excellent means to eliminate pollution, as well as rust and scale.

For cleaning, you need to combine a couple of tablespoons of vinegar essence and a glass of water right in the pan with a burnt bottom. After you boil the solution several times, the cinder will easily go away.

how to clean burnt aluminum pan

Vinegar can be easily replaced with lemon juice or crystallized citric acid. It is safer, besides there will not be such unpleasant smell, as from vinegar. A few tablespoons of lemon juice or one packet of acid should be dissolved in a small volume of water.

It is necessary to pour the solution into the contaminated dishes, boil and leave for a couple of hours, after which you will stop worrying about how to wash the burnt pan, because the bottom of the dishes will shine.

Our grandmothers always knew how to clean a burnt enameled pan. For this, they used whey or clabber. These products are delicate and mild to clean easily deformable surfaces.

Unusual ways

wash the burnt pan from jam

If you don’t know how to clean a burnt aluminum pan, and you don’t have any cleaning products on hand, then potato cleansing can help you, which will perfectly cope with carbon deposits. Pour water into a saucepan, lower cleaning there and boil them until ready. Let the water cool down and wash the dishes with soap.

Probably, all housewives, without exception, are afraid of burning milk, as it is very poorly cleaned. In this case, the real assistant will be activated carbon. It is necessary to crush 10 tablets of this substance and cover them with the bottom of burnt dishes. After 40 minutes, add some water to the product, and after a couple of hours with a stiff sponge, you can easily remove the contamination. This method also helps to clean the burnt pan from jam.

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