If it makes you sick, what can you do?

Each of us once in my life wondered: "If it makes you sick, what should you do?" Of course, to begin with, you should find out why they began to disturb such unpleasant feelings. And there can be a lot of reasons. Nausea can be a consequence of various diseases, as well as evidence of problems not related to disease.toshnit what to do

Nausea and the subsequent gag reflex isA natural protective mechanism, through which the body is cleared of various poisonous substances. However, not always nausea occurs due to poisoning or some kind of ailment, it happens that from a sharp smell or bright light it makes you very sick. What to do in this case?

Causes of nausea

Such a phenomenon can accompany almost all inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract, besides this, characteristic pains in the stomach, burning sensation (heartburn) are felt.

Also, the cause of unpleasant sensations can be food poisoning or drinks. Poisoning, in addition to nausea, is usually accompanied by diarrhea, pain in the stomach, a decrease or increase in temperature.

Liver disease or biliary dysfunctiona bubble can also provoke nausea. If there is bitterness in the mouth, the skin has acquired a yellowish tinge, in the right upper quadrant there is a spasmodic pain, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible.strongly sick of what to do

Nausea almost always appears with migraines. This disease affects about 15% of the world's inhabitants. In this case, the ailment can also irritate extraneous sounds and bright light.

Similar unpleasant sensations can appear atinflammation of the appendix, with developing stomach ulcer, intestinal obstruction, heart failure, hypertension, hypothyroidism, problems with the vestibular apparatus.

If you are sick, what to do and how to fix the problem, only an experienced specialist will tell you.

In addition, nausea may accompanyan exciting period like pregnancy. This is a natural process, explained by physiological changes in the body of a woman, and in most cases is not dangerous. However, if you feel very sick during pregnancy, what to do and how to relieve the condition of a future mother, the attending physician will advise. As a rule, a sparing diet and herbal infusions help alleviate unpleasant sensations.

Nauseating, what to do and how to eliminate discomfort?

There are a number of specific medications,capable of eliminating nausea. Most of them are dispensed without a prescription. But medication is only a temporary measure that does not eliminate the cause of unpleasant sensations. Therefore, if nausea appears quite often, then do not delay the visit to the hospital.sick of pregnancy what to do

Also you should take care of the rest.Overwork can significantly worsen the situation. In addition, you need to comply with the drinking regime and prevent dehydration, the ideal option will be mineral water without gas. It should be possible to exclude from your menu too spicy and fatty foods, as this can also cause nausea and vomiting.

Although this is not the worst feeling, it is rather unpleasant. Therefore, if you feel sick, what to do and how to help yourself, everyone should know.

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