Intel Core i3 processor - 4340. Specifications, options and reviews

Nominally for mid-range processorsbelonged to Intel Core i3-4340. The characteristics of this chip are confirmed. It is this semiconductor solution from Intel that will be considered in the framework of this article.

intel core i3 4340 specs

Positioning. Possible delivery options

Intel's products are divided into groups as follows:

  • Budget and office systems were based onmicroprocessors of series Celeron or Pentium. They have very modest parameters, low frequencies and a reduced amount of cache memory. Therefore, their use in such budget computers is justified. The cost of these CPU models is quite affordable and democratic.
  • Mid-level microprocessors are based onCore i3. They also have 2 real code processing blocks, but they are able to process information already in 4 streams. In this case, the frequencies increase, and the cache becomes larger. This leads to the fact that the cost of these solutions increases. It is to this group of chips that the semiconductor product Intel Core i3-4340 belongs.
  • The most productive computer systems were based on i5 and i7. In this case, the characteristics were significantly improved, but the cost also increased significantly.

The model of the CPU could betwo possible types of equipment. One of them was called Trail, and the second was called Voh. The difference between them was that the second set included a proprietary cooling system with thermal paste. The specifications of the Intel Core i3-4340 are different from other brands' microprocessors.

Main parameters of the processor

Intel Core i3-4340 processor refers to 4generation architecture Core. It is designed to be installed in the LGA1150 socket. As it was already noted earlier, he has 2 physical blocks of instructions execution and 4 logical streams for their execution. Its clock frequency is fixed at 3.6 GHz. Change it is not possible. The frequency multiplier of the chip is blocked, and in the specifications there is no support for Turbo Boost. Each computing cluster can execute 4 instructions in one stroke of its operation, and in total this chip processes up to 8. Its thermal packet is 54 W and the maximum temperature is 66 ° C. Also on this semiconductor basis there is a graphics accelerator of the initial class - HD Graphics.

intel core i3 4340 price

Cache and RAM

The main feature is an impressive amount of cacheIntel Core i3-434. Its characteristics indicate the presence of 128 KB - on the first level, 512 MB - on the second and 4 MB - on the third. Quick memory for their needs in this case can use not only the computational blocks, but also the built-in graphics adapter. This important feature of this solution significantly increased the performance of the integrated video subsystem. Separately it is necessary to note the organization of a subsystem of operative memory. Within the framework of microprocessor architecture, codenamed Core, it underwent fundamental changes. The essence of the latter boils down to the fact that a controller that manages RAM is integrated into the semiconductor base of the CPU. This chip is aimed at working in conjunction with DDR3 modules. The frequency of the latter should be 1333 or 1600 MHz. The amount of RAM can reach 32 GB (4 modules of 8 GB).

intel core i3 4340 processor

Comparison with competing solutions

Quite good results in the testsshows Intel Core i3-4340. AMD FX - 6300 is his main opponent. According to technical specifications, the latter chip is more preferable, but here Intel's solution in practice gives a higher level of performance. This is achieved by optimizing the software exactly under the chips of the "blue" company. Theoretically, i3 can handle eight instructions per clock cycle. The AMD solution can execute twelve code instructions. But here the main problem in this case lies precisely in the organization of microprocessor architecture. Intel solutions have 2 independent units that are completely autonomous. In turn, FX-6300 has 6 integer modules and 3 data processing clusters, with floating point. It is the latter circumstance that leads to the fact that Intel chips show higher results in any modern software.

intel core i3 4340 amd fx 6300


Initially, an expensive solution isIntel Core i3-4340. The price for it in the Trail package was 149 dollars. But Vokh cost more expensive - 157 dollars. Now this model of CPU (central processing unit) is discontinued. Therefore on sale it is possible to meet only only stocks of Intel Core i3-4340. BPS-shop is now the second option for bundling this microprocessor at a price of 9,999 rubles or 171 dollars. Such an approach to pricing has real physical basis. The stock of processors is limited, and the demand for them is steadily growing. Therefore, their cost is still increasing.

Owner feedback

Only with a positive side of responding toMost of its owners are about the Intel Core i3-4340 processor. Its characteristics are really balanced and allow solving many tasks. More precisely, any software on such a CPU will go without problems. At the same time, energy efficiency is at a very high level. The disadvantages are the high cost of Intel Core i3-4340. This price is due to the fact that the chips are removed from production, and on sale you can only find their inventory. This makes its use in middle-level computing systems quite justified and justified.

intel core i3 4340 dns


This technical review is considered in detailmicroprocessor model Intel Core i3-4340. Characteristics of it are quite standard for an average device. But performance allows you to solve a wide range of tasks without special problems. There are no restrictions on the part of the software yet. Users get the perfect balance of price, ideal parameters and excellent performance.

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Intel Core i3 processor - 4340. Specifications, options and reviews Intel Core i3 processor - 4340. Specifications, options and reviews Intel Core i3 processor - 4340. Specifications, options and reviews Intel Core i3 processor - 4340. Specifications, options and reviews Intel Core i3 processor - 4340. Specifications, options and reviews Intel Core i3 processor - 4340. Specifications, options and reviews Intel Core i3 processor - 4340. Specifications, options and reviews Intel Core i3 processor - 4340. Specifications, options and reviews