Interactive doll "Nastya": description, instructions, reviews

Interactive doll "Nastya" is an unusual toy. Outwardly, she looks like a living girl, loves to chat with her mistress, knows how to laugh and cry. She perfectly understands the Russian language, can answer the questions asked, read funny poems, tell tales, riddles. To make the game more interesting, Nastya can be managed through a mobile application installed on a phone or tablet. You can also play with the doll in the usual way: comb, braid braids, change into new dresses, put to sleep.


Interactive doll "Nastya" is made in China, but strong details and careful assembly will please the parents with good quality. It is made of soft, pleasant to the touch plastic, and some parts of the body are covered with textiles to hide the internal structure of the toy from a curious baby. The height of the pupa depends on the model: there are options with a height of 41 and 60 cm.However, they differ not only in height: a doll 41 cm in height can be controlled via a mobile phone, walking and even dancing. The application for the Nastya interactive doll can be downloaded for free on the App Store or the Play Market.

What can interactive doll

A pupa 60 cm tall does not have such abilities, she can stand and sit, control with a mobile is impossible, but she perfectly understands Russian speech and can have an interesting dialogue with her mistress. Nastya knows more than 100 phrases in Russian, understands and executes voice commands. For example, if you ask a pupa whether it knows riddles, the toy will guess the riddle and wait for the correct answer. Nastya also knows the names of the months, the seasons, can count to ten, and is very offended if she is called "Stupid."

Nastya doll

Thanks to Nastya, the baby expands her horizons, develops imagination and speech skills, she learns to count, she remembers the names of the months. All the girls dream of living doll, and Nastya can fulfill this dream. The doll works from ordinary batteries and will become for its hostess a favorite girlfriend who is always there.

How to play

The instruction to an interactive doll "Nastya" is extremely simple.To turn on the doll, press the "On" button located on the back, and then click on the left hand of the toy. After that, you can start a conversation. To do this, say the phrase from the available list and wait for the answer. If nobody talks to Nastya for 45 seconds, she automatically goes into sleep mode. Also, this mode can be turned on forcibly if you squeeze your right hand for 5 seconds. Pressing the right hand again activates the doll, and she is ready to talk again! When “Nastya” asks her mistress a question, you need to answer “Yes” or “No” to her, in which case the conversation will continue.

Instructions for Nastya dolls

It is important to know

Interactive doll "Nastya" is intended for children who have already turned 3 years old. It is not recommended to give a toy to younger girls. Since Nasty's main purpose is to conduct a conversation, the child must clearly and clearly pronounce the words, and if the baby has not yet learned to speak well, then the doll will not be able to understand the command and will not react to its owner. Such a game will only upset the girl.

It is also necessary to take into account that “Nastya” is forbidden to be bathed, since the ingress of moisture into the mechanism will disable it.If the toy needs to be washed, use a clean, damp cloth or cloth to gently remove contaminants.


Reviews of the interactive Nastya doll are rather contradictory. However, dissatisfaction with parents was caused, rather, by improper use, and not by the quality of the toy. Often, the doll is presented to too young children who are not yet able to clearly pronounce the words and therefore cannot conduct a conversation with the doll. In this case, the baby can play with her new girlfriend only in the usual way: comb, put to sleep, put on a chair, change into new outfits.

Also, some mothers quickly get bored of listening to the monotonous children's dialogue, but the girls are usually delighted with him. In all other cases, reviews of the new toy are full of enthusiasm: the revived doll itself blinks, laughs, wiggles its lips and talks on various topics.

Interactive doll management

Interactive doll "Nastya" is a perfect gift for girls over 3 years old. In this case, the toy is not only fun entertainment, but also teaches its little owner new knowledge and skills.

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