Interesting ideas for the balcony

It is no secret that the balconies in most of the apartments turned into a gathering place for rubbish and garden tools. But just imagine, if it is cleared of basins and cans, boxes and rakes, you will get additional space that can be turned into a pretty and comfortable place for recreation, work or children's games. Modern designers offer a lot of interesting options for the design of both open and glazed balconies.

Open type

Due to some climatic features, many believe that such a balcony is impractical. Yes, they can not be used all year round, but it can be turned into a real paradise for at least several months. In order to realize any ideas for a balcony, you first need to repair it. First of all, you need to order beautiful partitions. They can be wooden or wrought. After that you should take care of a beautiful high-quality floor covering.This may be decking, ceramic tile or modular garden flooring.

Folding light furniture that will be stored in the closet during the cold season will be perfect for an open balcony. For example, it can be a table with several chairs or puffs on the one hand, and also a small sofa on the other. You can decorate this small space with a beautiful blanket with pillows, candles in original candlesticks or garden lamps. Do not forget about the vibrant colors, as they can be used to translate great ideas for a balcony. Plants can be placed in wicker baskets, homemade pots or in decorated metal buckets.

ideas for the balcony

Closed balconies: decoration, interesting ideas for relaxation

Modern layout of apartments implies the presence of more space than before. Along with the increase in living space, the balconies themselves became larger. In this regard, it became possible to exploit this additional space with maximum efficiency.

For example, you can use the balcony as a lounge, where you want to relax, listen to music or sit with friends.It will be appropriate to put plastic or wicker furniture, a small sofa or rocking chair. A great addition to the interior will be soft pillows, stylish curtains and vases, as well as many colors that will constantly please the eye. In addition, you can place an electric barbecue on the balcony, and then there will be a wonderful reason to invite your friends and treat them to delicious food.

Balconies trim interesting ideas

Application concepts

There is a wide variety of options for how to use the balconies. Finishing, interesting ideas, as well as their implementation depends only on the owners, each of which has its own unique fantasy and taste. Here are just a few tips.

As mentioned above, the balcony can be used as a relaxation room, as well as a study, a creative workshop, a playroom for children, a gym, etc. It’s only worth a little imagination, and the idea of ​​designing this small space will come by itself. You will only have to bring it to life, and then enjoy the result of your work for many years.

Balcony in the "Khrushchev": ideas for repair

Everyone knows that in houses of this type are very small apartments. The size of the balconies will also suit them, so their decoration should not be cumbersome. For this reason, will have to abandon the plastic and MDF panels. The fact is that the listed materials are mounted on a wooden crate or frame, which selects several centimeters of space against the wall, and as a result about 1 m² of balcony area is “eaten”. As for the heat and sound insulation, it is better to place it outside.

Balcony design ideas

Experts recommend to produce glazing of small balconies, using exclusively sliding metal-plastic systems, since such windows do not create any problems when opening them. Naturally, in small spaces it would be inappropriate to use large curtains and curtains. In this case either blinds or roller blinds are usually used. They can open both horizontally and vertically. In addition, they can be easily removed and washed at any time.

To begin the implementation of the idea of ​​repairing a balcony in the “Khrushchev-style” it is necessary to thoroughly clean it of everything superfluous. After this comes the turn of the walls.They are treated with a primer with antifungal effect and puttyed, and after drying, water-based paint is applied. In order to give the wall the desired color, paint diluted with color schemes. In addition, it is strongly recommended to paint the surface in one run to avoid uneven shade. For a small balcony is better to choose light colors, for example, orange, yellow or pale pink. They visually increase the space of the room and add light.

Before you begin to finish the floor, you must first make a screed. And only after that you can think about the decorative coating. The floor of a small balcony should not be covered with carpets. The best option for flooring for such a small room can serve as a laminate, which also provides additional insulation. Also, innovative materials such as polymeric coatings are perfect for this purpose. They are very beautiful, light and easy to use. Their only drawback is the high cost. For finishing the floor on the balcony is also quite often used tiles with a matte surface.

Balcony repair ideas


The presence of flowers on the balcony is an important component of comfort and coziness in a city apartment. Recently, designers began to use climbing plants for vertical gardening of small rooms. Such ideas for the balcony contribute to the creation of a special atmosphere in a city apartment.

First of all, it is necessary to decide how the flowers will grow. There are two options. The first of these: plant the plant in hanging pots. For such weaving flowers need to stretch the twine down. The second option: plant the plant in a beautiful pot. To do this, you will have to purchase a special base in the form of a grid, on which flowers will trail, thereby wrapping all the walls of the room. For vertical gardening suitable plants such as azarin, bougainvillea, kalistegiya, dichondra and other vines.

Enough original ideas for a balcony are growing vegetables and greens on it. I must say that these plants here will feel no worse than any of the field beds. For your table you can easily gather onion, parsley, dill and lettuce on your small makeshift vegetable garden. In addition, you can provide yourself with organic vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bitter and sweet peppers, carrots, radishes, and even eggplants and zucchini!

Balcony in Khrushchev ideas

Design styles

Nowadays, taste is appreciated in the design of not only rooms and other rooms, but also balconies. Interior design in oriental style can be done quite easily. One has only to drape the windows with massive fabric curtains with characteristic accessories, put a low bed with silk pillows scattered over it and get a bedroom like the Arab sheikhs.

For lovers of eco-style, designers recommend decorating the balcony with natural stone, putting wooden furniture and decorating it with flowers. This interior will be in perfect harmony with the abundance of light, thus creating a certain island of wildlife surrounded by the “concrete jungle”.

Only you choose in what style your balcony will be decorated. Design ideas and current trends in fashion offer countless variety of options.

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