Internet provider Beeline: reviews, connection features and tariffs

Today, our attention will be presented to the reviews about the Internet provider "Beeline". This company is known throughout Russia. And therefore, it is safe to say that we will not be dealing with fraudsters. Are customers satisfied with the Internet access services offered? What are the pros and cons of "Beeline"? Should I use the services of this company? The answers to all this and not only will be presented below.

internet provider beeline reviews

About company

Reviews about ISP Beeline left different. And there are almost no single opinions. After all, any organization has its pros and cons. Especially when it comes to the provision of communication services.

Beeline is one of the largest mobile operators. Branches of the organization are in every region of Russia and not in a single copy. Therefore, problems with the conclusion of the contract should not be.

Beeline is not a scam.And the company is doing well with mobile services. But what reviews about the Internet provider "Beeline" are most common? Should I contact this company in order to go online with computers and tablets?

Available services

The first thing that interests potential customers is the tariff plans offered by the studied company. Offers from "Beeline" is more than enough. And for the tariff plans, the organization receives generally positive reviews.

Customers say that this provider can pick up the Internet for home for different purposes: there are packages with a low network speed at budget rates. There are also tariffs suitable for gamers, movie lovers and good music.

reviews about the ISP beeline

Reviews about the Internet provider "Beeline" emphasize that for several years the company has been luring users with attractive services: tariffs, which include access to the Internet and mobile TV.

Tariff Plans

What can be allocated for the Internet tariffs Beeline? Information, discussions and reviews about the services of the provider are presented to our attention.

It is worth remembering that the tariff plans depend on the region of residence of the client. But basically they are the same everywhere.The difference is mainly in the cost of serving citizens.

In addition, rates change from time to time. Old offers are sent to the archive (they can be used, but they cannot be connected separately), being replaced by new, more advanced and universal services.

Now popular are the offers "All in One" and "Home Internet and TV."

In the first case, you can get mobile Internet, home network with a router, as well as mobile TV with a prefix. Packages include a certain number of SMS and free minutes of conversation.

Beeline beeline how to connect the Internet

Customer reviews highlight the following All-in-One plans:

  • “All 2+” - 400 minutes, 12 GB of mobile Internet, 500 SMS per month, home Internet (40 MB / s) and 25 TV channels for only 600 rubles.
  • "All 3+" - 20 GB of Internet traffic, 1,200 minutes of calls, 500 SMS, 1 family number, 50 MB / s home Internet, 82 channels for TV for 900 rubles per month.
  • "All 4+" - 3 family rooms, 2,000 minutes of calls, 500 SMS, 30 GB of mobile traffic, home Internet up to 100 MB / s, Wi-Fi router, 139 TV channels for 1500 rubles.
  • “All 5+” - 5,000 minutes of calls, 30 GB of mobile Internet, 5 family numbers, 500 messages, home Internet 100 MB / s, 139 channels, Wi-Fi router, 2500 rubles.

If you connect only the home Internet, you can select the following suggestions:

  • "Internet for 450" - 450 rubles per month, connection speed up to 60 MB / s;
  • "Over 530" - 70 MB / s, 530 rubles per month;
  • "Over 550" - connection to the network at a speed of up to 100 MB / s with a subscription fee of 550 rubles / month.

Not so expensive. Especially given the fact that usually citizens are offered a free USB-modem or additional rental of a branded router.

Accordingly, the reviews about the Internet provider Beeline in terms of the choice of tariffs are encouraging. The company can really pick up something beneficial for themselves and their families.

About connecting

How to connect the Internet "Beeline"? Beeline is a large organization. And the connection of any options of this organization can be carried out in the salons of cellular operator.

This fact pleases customers. After all, there are a lot of offices at Beeline. There is no need to go to a remote point on the edge of the city just to connect to your home Internet!

The connection procedure is extremely simple. There are several possible scenarios. But the main thing is for the client to come of age. Otherwise, the service will be refused.


How to connect the Internet "Beeline"? You can act in different ways. For example:

  1. Come to any Beeline office.
  2. Buy USB-modem with a SIM-card for the Internet.
  3. Insert the modem into the computer.
  4. Install drivers for new hardware.

That's all. In fact, a person simply buys a USB modem with a special SIM card. But for such devices, the connection speed, if you believe the reviews, leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to the home Internet.

connect the Internet in Moscow from Beeline

Connecting home network

What does the provider "Beeline" offer? Home Internet, the conditions of use of which we have already studied in Moscow, is not connected in the same way as in the case of a USB modem.

The thing is that in order to accomplish the task, you will have to take your passport with you and conclude an agreement with Beeline for the provision of Internet access services.

In general, the algorithm of actions can be described as:

  1. Check whether it is possible to connect the Internet Beeline in this or that apartment.
  2. To apply with a passport to any office of the mobile operator.
  3. Inform employees about their intention to enter into an agreement to connect home Internet.
  4. Choose a suitable rate and sign the corresponding agreement.
  5. Install home router or modem.

That's all. Usually the last step is performed by Beeline employees. Clients can only turn on the router and connect to it from a computer or tablet. Reviews indicate that such an action algorithm is no different from connecting to the Internet from other providers. For example, Rostelecom.

Service prices

In St. Petersburg, the Internet provider Beeline receives mixed reviews. As in other regions of Russia. What do customers say about the cost of providing access to the network?

Approximate prices have already been presented to your attention. If you connect only the Internet without additional options, you can pick up a budget and profitable offer. But when using multiple services provider you need to pay more. And not always the final monthly fee pleases the population.

Some customers say that the cost of Internet services "Beeline" could be cheaper. Usually such opinions are found among people who work with packages “All in One” or “Internet and TV”.

Home Internet Kyivstar Ex Beeline

Beeline is one of the most expensive companies among mobile operators.And in the case of the home Internet, statistics do not change much. This is not to say that Beeline offers only budget services.

Connection speed

We figured out how to connect the Internet in Moscow from Beeline. The proposed action algorithms are relevant for any region of Russia.

Should I even contact Beeline to use home Internet? In this area, the reviews are seriously different. Some say that this provider should be avoided - access is offered at a low speed, and not from the one that was initially promised. And someone assures that it is “Beeline” that guarantees high-quality connection to the network.

The speed of the Internet at this company depends on many factors - in large cities there are more complaints about slow connection. Most often, users complain that the speed drops in the evening. This is normal, though not the most pleasant phenomenon. Similar complaints are found in almost every Internet provider.

Network quality

How good is the Internet provider Beeline? Rating of mobile operators emphasizes that this company is a leader. But in the area of ​​the home network, it is inferior to Rostelecom.

Recently, reviews of the Internet provider Beeline began to indicate not the best quality of the network. That speed drops, then the pages are not loaded, the connection is broken. Not often, but it happens.

ISP beeline rating

In addition, Beeline badly catches the Internet via USB modems in built-up areas or in areas with many trees. As we have said, the most complaints are observed in the evening.

But in bad weather, "Beeline" breaks the connection to the home Internet is quite rare. And this is good news. It is impossible to say for sure whether Beeline will work during a storm warning, for example, but the chances are high.

Work technical support

What else should be prepared if a person has thought about connecting the home Internet from Beeline? For example, to communicate with the technical support service.

This area of ​​the company's services earns the most negative reviews. People emphasize that calling the Beeline operators is problematic. But you can easily contact technical support on the official page of the operator.

Many employees of "support" do not answer basic questions. Individuals can be rude or constantly redirect the caller from the operator to the operator.

The company tries to respond quickly to complaints.Wizards sent by Beeline technical support are often well aware of their work. They give the impression of these professionals. But individuals are not distinguished by professionalism and friendliness.

Reviews about the Internet provider Beeline say that customers will have to prepare for decisive actions when dealing with technical support - some questions may remain unanswered. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say exactly in which city and which employees do their work properly. Therefore, it is not necessary to judge the provider only by technical support.

provider beeline home internet conditions

Tariff change

Home Internet Kyivstar CEN - Beeline (and not only it) is not a bad offer. But many customers say that "the connection is poor."

There are people who complain that Beeline independently changes the tariff plans of the home Internet, without warning about it. For example, some say that after connecting a particular tariff plan, after a while, a large amount is deducted from the balance of the personal account than provided by the contract. Contacting support does not help.

Fortunately, such complaints are rare. But they are quite real. In confirmation of this, clients attach screenshots of correspondence with technical support of the company to reviews.


We got acquainted with the reviews about the provider of home Internet "Beeline". This is not the worst company, but some drawbacks may seem significant.

Separate reviews highlight problems in case of refusal of the company's services - it is not always possible to return the leased equipment, you have to reimburse its cost (which is expensive). For the rest, there are no negative points in case of refusal from Beeline services. Especially if you use a USB modem. Simply block the SIM card and remove it from the mobile router.

Should I connect to my home Internet Beeline? This is not the worst provider. And it is clearly worth paying attention to it in view of reviews in the place of residence of a potential client. In small towns, the company studied works very well. The rest of the reviews in Moscow about the Internet provider Beeline will be similar to the opinions of customers in other regions of the Russian Federation.

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