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began his journey to fame with admission to MGIMO. The parents of the young man insisted on the choice of this particular university and did not lose. He gave the young man not only a solid education, but also the opportunity to express himself creatively in KVN. In the future, Ivan Abramov won the stand-up just as the Club was cheerful and resourceful.

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First steps in KVN

After joining the economist at MGIMO, in 2003, Ivan headed the team of his university, Parapaparam. His creativity and talent, as well as the ability of the whole staff confidently put forward the team forward in the internal and inter-university competitions. The management of the university supported the students, and soon new horizons opened up for the children.

Triumph on television

In 2009, the success and brightness of the team led her straight to Channel One, to the program of Alexander Maslyakov. “Parapaparam” won the Premier League competition and since then has become one of the permanent favorites of KVN. Captain Ivan Abramov became the main decoration of the composition due to his amazing ability to parody.

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He copied the images of many famous people, accurately reproducing not only the voice, but also the smallest manners. The eminent jury and the audience did not hide their delight. The most popular are Abramov’s brilliant parodies of Vladimir Pozdner, Dmitry Guberniev, Dmitry Nagiyev and other celebrities and even politicians. All objects of parodies laughed heartily at Ivan’s performances - it is impossible to remain indifferent to his talent. This was noted, among other things, by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, who also graduated from the MGIMO. By his own admission, the bright kavenshchik, while still a little, he imitated his relatives and television. In the future, the public has opened not only a KVN player, but also a stand-up comedian - Ivan Abramov.

New career milestones

In 2014, Ivan was invited to the new Stand Up project, which started on TNT thanks to the idea of ​​the Comedy Club resident Ruslan Bely. The show is based on a new genre in humor - stand-up. Residents alternately come up with sparkling monologues, including Ivan Abramov. Ivan Stand - very thin and intelligent. He likes to refer to his language experience gained at MGIMO, uses foreign vocabulary and puns.

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His constant partners in the scene are musical instruments. Even in childhood, a comedian graduated from music school in piano. Ivan Abramov, whose stand-up is distinguished by melodic inserts, brought freshness and novelty to the show. He performs not only in the framework of the project, but also gives solo concerts.

The ability to independently choose a topic that excites is what Ivan Abramov appreciates as a stand-up. He carefully studies all performances, rehearses and tries to put the accents right. His appearance on the screen ensures the absence of rudeness, obscene language and "toilet" humor. Subtle musical hearing and taste, erudition, delicacy - this is what characterizes Ivan. He says that he would be boring to work in his specialty, and the stand-up allows not only to be creative, but also to feel connected with people on the other side of the stage. However, a variety of knowledge obtained for the student's bench, and fluent English and French help him now.

Personal life

The comedian zealously enjoys football, rooting for Spartak, and computer games. Loves to read and play the guitar. Ivan Abramov is happily married to Elvira Gismatullina.He met his future wife behind the scenes of the KVN show. The wedding ceremony was organized in romantic France. In 2014, Ivan became a father - a couple had a daughter. Parents so far prefer to keep the baby's name secret, protecting her from unnecessary attention from the public. They do not follow the example of other stars and do not post her photos in numerous social networks at all.

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Ivan Abramov is a stand-up lover who likes to diversify funny facts about his family life. It is evident that he is a very caring father and husband. Intelligence and high quality of humor - that’s what Ivan Abramov builds his stand-on. All issues with his participation are gaining a record number of views on video hosting sites. Ivan also leads an account on Instagram with the nickname abramov_ivan, where he shares events from the life and dates of new upcoming performances. Ivan is a very promising comedian. Perhaps in the future he will open his own show or try himself in the field of cinema.

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