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Films with James Woods are popular all over the world. The actor has been acting in films for more than forty years, and during this time has won the hearts of millions of fans. Filmography Woods has more than two hundred films and TV shows. The article will tell about several projects that can be safely called the best of all the works of James.

Among the most famous films in which James starred are such films as “Once Upon a Time in America”, “Contract”, “Casino”, “John Q”. Also, the actor starred in the television series "Justice League", "Handsome", "Ambulance" and "Ray Donovan."


The film "Vampires" with James Woods has become something of a business card actor. The tape can be safely called the most famous film with the participation of James. He was even awarded the "Saturn" prize and named the best actor of the year.

The vampire film with James Woods introduces the audience to another world - a world in which terrifying creatures have ruled for many centuries. The actor got the role of Jack Crow.He is one of the few mortals who fight monsters and dream of freeing the world from this evil. Moreover, Jack is a hereditary vampire hunter. For many centuries, his ancestors fought against impure forces.

James Woods as Jack Crow

However, he sometimes makes mistakes. The group, led by Jack, failed the operation. They were supposed to kill Jan Valek - one of the most powerful vampires, but he manages to escape. In addition, a bloodsucker traces a team in one of the motels in New York and kills most of them. Only Jack and his best assistant Montoya can escape. Crow manages to learn that Valek arrived in America in search of an ancient magical relic. If he manages to find the artifact, then Yang will become practically invulnerable, and the sunlight will no longer act on the vampire.


Among the serials with James Woods is the project "Shark". The actor plays the role of a successful lawyer named Sebastian Stark.

The peculiarity of the hero is that the lawyer doesn’t really care too much about justice. He is ready to defend anyone, even the toughest criminal, the main thing is good payment for his labors. Stark hates losing.Repeatedly because of Sebastian, terrible bandits remained at large.

in the series "Shark"

The guy has to reconsider his principles after one of his clients, whom the lawyer managed to justify, commits an even more horrendous crime than before. Only then did Sebastian realize for the first time what consequences his love of money and victory could have. Now Stark is on the side of justice.

"The Story of a Girl"

The creators of the tape "The Story of a Girl" indulged the fans of the actor - one of the central roles played by James Woods. Films with his participation automatically become quite popular.

In the center of the story is a young girl named Luna. She makes a living making adult movies. Despite the nature of their activities, the heroine is a very soulful girl. She alone takes care of her father, who suffers from Parkinson's disease (James Woods).

"The Story of a Girl"

In addition, the Moon constantly faces condemnation, ridicule, not only from other people, but also from those whom she considers her friends.


Among the serials with James Woods there is a tape "Promise".For his work, the actor received the award "Golden Globe" as the best actor.

The tape tells about a man named Bob. In inheritance from the mother the guy gets the house. There he was born, grew up, but now does not want to go back there at all. The fact is that together with the inheritance the hero receives a great responsibility. Now he needs to take care of his younger brother, who has schizophrenia. This role was played by James Woods.

in the movie "The Promise"

For many years, Bob lived happily and almost never saw his relatives. Most of all, the hero wanted to forget about his brother. However, he can no longer avoid this man. Bob promised his mother to take care of him, but he had no idea that it would be so hard to keep his word.


Also in the list of the best films with James Woods is the picture "El Salvador". The actor appeared before the audience in the image of Richard Boyle. The guy devoted his life to the work of a journalist. He conducts reports in hot spots.

Work, constant stress, life in terrible conditions, constant dangers greatly affect Richard. The guy starts to drink a lot. Because of this, his beloved wife leaves him. Moreover, Boyle was eventually fired from his job.

in the role of Richard Boyle

Then the hero decides to go to Salvador. Once upon a time, Richard spent several months there. In the memory of the hero, the place forever remains a real paradise. There are many beautiful girls, alcohol, drugs and other pleasures.

Boyle persuades his friend to go together to El Salvador. However, the situation in the country has changed a lot since Richard visited it. There was a coup in El Salvador, and now there is chaos, panic. Hundreds of people die every day. The main characters have to fight for their lives. After all, it becomes almost impossible to leave there.

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