Jane Slalom Pro Stroller Review

Model Jane Slalom Pro began to be released in 2008. Currently, the first version is discontinued, but is still on sale in the secondary market. The manufacturer has slightly modified the design, equipped the stroller with a reversible pleasure seat with a modified hood. Novelty called Jane Slalom Pro Reverse.

Since both versions have a lot of fans, we will pay attention to each of them.


The model range of the Spanish brand includes a rather impressive number of wheelchairs - both modular and walking. You can talk about the style formed.

Model Jane Slalom Pro is made in the best traditions of the brand. The design combines classic and sporty features, the stroller looks light, but at the same time stable and spacious.

Jane Slalom Pro with Case

On the new model, the Reverse has a larger hood, but the cover for the legs is not as deep as on the first version. There are other differences: the handle of the novelty does not have a bend, the shape of the side sides is slightly changed, the bumper is located below.

Particular attention in the reviews, many owners pay colors. According to them, the new collections are very pleased with beautiful color combinations and unusual prints.

Materials and fabrics

According to the owners, the Jane Slalom Pro Reverse covers are sewn from a fabric that feels thin to the touch, but is actually quite durable. The material has water-repellent properties, does not get wet in the rain.

Fabrics made of synthetic fibers - wear-resistant, durable and completely safe.

Design features

Both models are tricycles. In reviews, owners often mention that the decision to do without the rear crossbar is very successful. When walking the legs do not fight about the stroller. The height of the handle is easily adjustable, it is convenient for an adult with any height to manage transport.

Jane Slalom Pro with carrycot

Reverse seat easily rearranged. Important point: both carriages are folded with a book along with a walking unit. On the first version of the model, the walking block is installed facing the road; it cannot be reinstalled. But you can put a cradle on the chassis on both models.

The width of the chassis is 60 cm, so that the stroller easily passes into the elevator. But before buying it is still worth measuring the doorways, wickets, aisles.

The Jane Slalom Pro 2 in 1 Reverse is sold with a bassinet. The manufacturer allows the buyer to choose one of the models of branded cradles, they are all compatible with the chassis.By the way, plastic cast cradles from this brand are suitable for use in the car (provided for fastening using belts).

Travel system

Stroller Jane Slalom Pro 3 in 1 Reverse is also equipped with a car seat. The manufacturer recommends to purchase a special base for installation in the car.

This option is very popular among parents who love to travel. A stroller, equipped with everything necessary, turns into a real mobile home in which the baby will be comfortable and cozy.

When folded, the frame is quite compact, it will fit under the shelf compartment and in the trunk of a car. But it should be noted that it will not be possible to carry it as hand luggage into the cabin of the aircraft, it will have to be checked in.

Jane Slalom Pro 3 in 1

Maneuverability and controllability

Fans of three-wheeled transport claim that this option is much more convenient than the classic four-wheel. Stroller Jane Slalom Pro is really very maneuverable. It can be easily rotated in place at 360 degrees with just one hand.

But the three-wheeled vehicle has its weak points. For example, it is not always convenient to step over an obstacle: the front wheel in the air can roll over and hang perpendicular to the road.

Jane slalom pro

Passability on a bad road is also not a strength of the model. Snow drifts, sand and gravel are not easy to overcome, but you can ease the control by locking the front wheel in the “just straight” position. But for walking around the city, as evidenced by reviews, this stroller is very convenient.

Pay attention to the brakes. They are reliable and convenient. There is a foot brake on wheels and manual, derived from the handle.


The model comes with a branded bag, a raincoat, a cover for the legs and a comfortable wind-proof cape. The updated Reverse stroller also comes with an insert for the walking unit and an additional raincoat for the cradle. In both models, the bumper is removable (by the way, this part is not interchangeable, the bumper from one model is not suitable for the other).

Stroller Jane Slalom Pro Reverse


The relatively high cost of many is called the only drawback of this model. But at the same time, the owners claim that the price is fully justified by great style, quality and functionality.

In the secondary market, the price of a used Jane Slalom Pro starts from 6,000 rubles (walk). The option with a cradle will cost several thousand more. Finding this model in stores is already very difficult, since it has not been produced for a long time.

The new version will cost an average of 20 to 42 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration, the presence of the car seat and the chosen model of the cradle.

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